Radio Host Makes Plea to Raiders’ Fans to Not Sell Their Tickets This Week

The Raiders will play the biggest game in the short history of Allegiant Stadium on Sunday and with the rival Chargers traveling such a short distance, there figures to be a few Charger fans in the building. Allegiant Stadium, after all, has been one of the most popular road destinations for NFL fans this year.

But with so much on the line this week, the Raiders could really use a strong home crowd.

One local Vegas radio host, who happens to work for the Raiders, made a plea this week for Raiders’ season ticket holders to not sell their tickets – at least not to Charger fans.

“Take a couple days off from work, get down to the stadium. Buy some new Raiders gear and God forbid you sell your tickets to anyone other than a Raider fan,” JT The Brick said on his 920 AM Raider Nation Radio show. “That’s despicable. You make sure you go to this game. I’ve heard enough crap about people selling tickets this year… the hell with that. I’ve heard enough of that this year. You go to the game.”

Ideally, season tickets holders will show up, but the secondary market for tickets at Allegiant Stadium is among the highest in the league. As of now, the cheapest tickets on NFL Ticket Exchange are around $300 per seat, but there are plenty of tickets available. The days of having trouble finding tickets to a football game are generally extinct.

The good news for the Raiders, though, is that Charger fans are nearly extinct, too.

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8 thoughts on “Radio Host Makes Plea to Raiders’ Fans to Not Sell Their Tickets This Week

  1. We are the hottest and highest priced ticket in the NFL so most games. Maybe people have a funeral or some reason they can’t go

  2. The fact that anyone has to say that is ridiculous because this craphole city and stadium they now play in is for tourists and not real fans. It’s Oakland or nothing f*ck this team and their joke stadium

  3. I think that the importance of the game against the Chargers this week will make it a valuable item. Still ticket holders may be less dedicated fans than RaiderNation. Whatever their motivation we will continue to be watching this game ticket or not on Sunday Night Football.

  4. Amazing in the time of COVID & Omicron Variant, that Fans will be in the Stadium. That said as a Lifelong Raider Fan, Selling my Seat to a Fan of the opposite team Would be out of the Question. If you can’t be there give IT to a Raider Fan, who otherwise could never afford the ticket. Karma will take care of the rest.. Blackout the Stadium!!! #RFFR and for the Hater’s Kiss My Arse I am A RaiderFan! ☠️

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