The Raiders (and Chargers) Could End Up in Position to Give the NFL the Ultimate ‘Middle Finger’ on Sunday Night

After the “hit job” on Jon Gruden and the Raiders in October, who would have thought that the Raiders could be in a position to return the favor to the NFL so soon?

Here’s how it could happen…

Depending on how the early games play out on Sunday, the Raiders and Chargers could be in a position on Sunday night where both teams would get into the playoffs with a tie.

The scenario would involve only the Jaguars beating the Colts. If the Steelers, Chargers, and Raiders all end the season with a 9-7-1 record, the Raiders and Chargers would both be in the playoffs – as opposed to only the winning team making it in.

If the Raiders and Chargers agreed to kneel the ball and tie, they would both make the playoffs (assuming JAX beats IND) and avoid any risk of injuries in the process.

It would be the ultimate middle finger to the NFL after the Gruden fiasco. Television ratings would tank on Sunday night and the NFL would take a huge hit.

But the decision wouldn’t come without consequences.

Fans who paid a premium to be at the stadium would be upset and the NFL would undoubtedly refuse to put the Raiders (and Chargers) in a prime time situation like this again. Both teams would be on the NFL’s eternal black list… which for the Raiders wouldn’t necessarily be anything new.

Neither team would have the guts to try it, but the thought of the NFL getting hosed by the Raiders sure is a good time to imagine.

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14 thoughts on “The Raiders (and Chargers) Could End Up in Position to Give the NFL the Ultimate ‘Middle Finger’ on Sunday Night

  1. Coach Madden would turn in his grave. He could have rested players in the final game of the 76 season against the Bengals, if the Raiders lost it would have knocked the hated and dangerous Steelers out of the playoffs. Madden would have none of that, and his team played with their hair on fire and won. He said he was as proud of that win as any win short of the Super Bowl.

    It’s a fun topic to discuss but wouldn’t sit right with me.


  2. Show up, lace em up, and go out there and play like at any time one play could end your season. The worst feeling is to dominate most of the game and let one lapse of focus cause you to be watching as a member of the opposing team is breaking away for a score. That is why the Raiders have to be front runners and try to score on every play. That is Derek Carr’s responsibility as quarterback to set the tone of constant attack.

    1. Es un juego de orgullo de rivalidad a salir a ganar raiders a patearles el trasero alos chargers

  3. This has to be the dumbest idea I have ever seen proposed in all of sports . Whoever wrote this article must really be desperate to find a subject of interest. This article goes against everything that the Raiders are about.

  4. Yeah, sure. Caise the league won’t call the hame a double forfeiture getting both teams out of the playoffs. Come on! Let’s not try to get cute ideas like this and, as Mr. Davis would have said, “Just win baby!”

  5. I love the idea of a couple of the “slaves” revolting against the Billionaire Master-Owners, wrecking the illusion that they hold ultimate control and manipulate everything about every team, game and thereby season. Upset about paying for tickets to an historic revolt like that? Personally, I would revel in it. But, they do, in fact, hold ultimate control and manipulate all too much. Why else do you think so considerable a percentage find this scenario, intriguing?

  6. I know it’s as silly to comment on this topic as it is to dream it up but for starters there’s no way the colts lose to jaxonville, secondly, division rivals like these two teams would never even dream about a tie when the have a chance to knock out their division rival !!!

  7. No way in hell. The Chargers are our enemy. We potentially could have to face them again. Let’s beat them once and turn our sites on the next opponent. AL Davis and John Madden would both turn over in their graves if we even entertained this idea.

  8. Screw the NFL for what they did to Gruden and that witch hunt a decade later. As a Raiders fan I am fine with it.

    Just that the Chargers might not agree to the same agreement.

  9. I would be proud for my raiders to kick the **** out of chargers but as much as nfl rule changes on covid that teams play against us we should do a tie to screw goodell over small hit in the money wallet for great game being played to settle for a tie I’m good with it go raiders

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