Raider Cody Podcast EP.115: Raiders vs. Chargers Post-Game Show

Episode 115 – Raiders vs. Chargers Post-Game Show

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Post Game Show discussing the results from the #LasVegasRaiders & #LasVegasRaiders game. The #Raiders Week 9 matchup takes place on the road. #Chargers#RaiderNation

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1 thought on “Raider Cody Podcast EP.115: Raiders vs. Chargers Post-Game Show

  1. Still don’t understand why Gruden handicaps his defense with Geunther and a desperate need for a pass rusher and safety; while Vic Beasley and Eric Reid are still out there fir cheap! Makes no **** sense to keep total pressure on the offense, while the defense is 2-3 players off from becoming very serviceable to strengthen our team.
    Mayock loves Clemson players and Vic Beasley is the perfect rehab candidate, Eric Reid is the big brother and killer hitter that Abraham desperately needs to achieve greatness and sure up the defensive backfield. We’re doing ok inside but nothing on the ends but occasionally Maxx. Beasley on the other end would be really nice. Play Hankins and Ferrell inside with frequent rotations at every position with Irving, Hurst, others; to stay strong and fresh.
    Gruden and Mayock should be ashamed of themselves fir torturing this team and the Nation, while paying more in COVID fines; than it would cost to bring in Reid and Beasley. Cone on Mark Davis and become a strong owner like your Dad, and put your foot up Gruden and Mayock ***; to do you, the team, and the Nation right, and respect your financial and team commitment to excellence!
    Get them in line Mark…go Raiders…just win baby!
    Coach L

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