Report: Raiders to be Without Trent Brown For at Least Another Month

Trent Brown will make $21.5 million from the Raiders in 2020, but most of that money will be earned from the sideline.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Brown is expected to be out at least another month because of COVID-19 complications.

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The #Raiders placed OT Trent Brown on the reserve/COVID-19 list again this week & I’m told he’s expected to miss at least a month. LV said his placement on the list is related to COVID complications, but he also recently had a pre-game IV mishap that left him in the hospital.


That would mean Brown could potentially return week 13 against the Jets, but good luck finding anyone that expects Brown to play again this year. It’s been one issue after another for Brown – some of which were compounded by his poor conditioning when he showed up to training camp.

Not only has Brown been absent from the field, it was his negligence in contact tracing that led to the Raiders losing a sixth-round pick in next year’s draft (via league discipline from the league).

Safe to say, the Raiders have a big decision coming up on Brown’s contract after the season. Many were questioning his desire to play all the way back in August. Now it’s possible that the $21.5 million he will make this year will be in exchange for just four full quarters of football.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Raiders to be Without Trent Brown For at Least Another Month

  1. As dominate as he can be, is he a locker room cancer? Would like to pay him 10m vs 21m. Guess we need to draft another OT because the RA’s are suspect.
    Would like to have T.Williams back for 1 yr and 7m. That WR group would be best in the league!

  2. Cut the big man some slack regarding the IV mishap. That’s all on the medical and training staff for being inattentive. If you’re wanting the Raiders to recover some of that $21.5M, start there by firing the one who was handling his IV. About the contact tracking device, that is nothing more than a glorified Fit-Bit type device that’s only worn at the team facility.

  3. This young man doesn’t appear to be interested in the immediate future of the raiders or his own. Serious consideration should be given to getting him on track to play or helping him with life other than as a Las Vegas Raider.

  4. I make no comment or assumption about overall Trent Brown’s character, but at this point he has been little but an expensive ornament with a poor work ethic.

    The Raiders just need to move on.

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