Raiders 2020 First-Round Pick Damon Arnette “Almost An After-Thought”

Damon Arnette was one of the most controversial first-round picks in the NFL draft a year ago and his rookie season didn’t do much to silence his critics.

As it turns out, Arnette actually gained a few critics over the last 12 months and some of them seem to be among the Raiders’ coaching staff.

“After watching minicamp practices Tuesday and Wednesday and talking to people in the building, Arnette has become almost an after-thought,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur reported on Friday. “The Raiders signed veteran Casey Hayward in May and all but handed him Arnette’s starting job opposite Trayvon Mullen. There was some speculation that one might move to slot corner but neither has practiced there yet.”

According to his trainer on Instagram, Arnette lost around 20 pounds during the season last year and spent a good portion of the 2021 offseason getting back to his combine weight of around 195 pounds. Arnette also spent portions of his offseason posting his own music videos on social media and, predictably, the reviews have been mixed.

Arnette responded to the feedback in February via his verified twitter page.

Damon Arnette on Twitter: “Jus cus I post rapping don’t mean I don’t work on what I love most lol.. y’all wanna see me brush my teeth everyday too? FOH🤡 / Twitter”

Jus cus I post rapping don’t mean I don’t work on what I love most lol.. y’all wanna see me brush my teeth everyday too? FOH🤡

It seems a little early to throw in the towel on Arnette, but there’s no question that his starting job is at risk. At this point, it sounds like Hayward (who has a good history with defensive coordinator Gus Bradley) is a presumed starter at cornerback and Arnette might be on the outside looking in.

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6 thoughts on “Raiders 2020 First-Round Pick Damon Arnette “Almost An After-Thought”

    1. The only true moron was Guenther for wanting him in the 1st round. Then again the scouting reports say that Arnette plays well in cover 3, so who knows why he’s on the sidelines during minicamp.

  1. He played with a broken thumb most of the season, so how can you judge him. He could not even work out with weights probably into the off season as well.

  2. Arnette is really good,I bet he takes over for Joyner as slot corner. He was hurt with that hand injury played thru it until he needed surgery. These stupid reporters drum up the stupidest crap when theres nothing there.Plus it’s the nfl guys get hurt all the time so arnette will be fine. Stop reading all this clickbait crap people,if there was a issue mayock would speak on it,20 was a full part. At minicamp,plus vic is in the bay area not here in vegas so

  3. Does anyone know why Gruden won’t bring in Justin Houston for a tryout? His numbers are better than anyone currently on the Raiders and a one year prove it deal shouldn’t be out of the question. IMO, he would definitely be an asset.

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