Raiders A Team To “Keep An Eye On” For Muhammad Wilkerson

UPDATE: Muhammad Wilkerson is visiting the Chiefs on Saturday, but the Raiders have apparently entered the mix.

Adam Schefter is reporting the Raiders have interest in Wilkerson and the former “son of anarchy” could be visiting Oakland next.

It’s worth noting that since Wilkerson was cut by the Jets, he wouldn’t effect next year’s compensatory picks – a formula that’s obviously very near and dear to Reggie McKenzie’s heart.

UPDATE: According to reports, Muhammad Wilkerson has left Green Bay without a contract.

His next visit will reportedly be with the Saints and Chiefs, according to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora.

Raiders anywhere down the list?


Add another name to the list of high profile free agents presently being linked to the Raiders.

Mo Wilkerson.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Wilkerson is expected to visit the Packers, but Rapoport said to “keep an eye on the Oakland Raiders” to be another option for the 28 year-old defensive tackle.

Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie was said to have been interested in Wilkerson going all the way back to 2015 when it was believed the Jets were trying to trade him – or maybe more accurately, when Wilkerson’s agent was trying to get the Jets to trade him.

Wilkerson isn’t expected to command anywhere near the money he was paid by the Jets and it’s likely that he’ll end up weighing a handful on one or two-year “prove-it” deals.

For what it’s worth, defensive tackle is arguably the weakest position group on the Raiders roster. As of now, the only defensive tackles under contract in Oakland are Darius Latham, Treyvon Hester, and Eddie Vanderdoes, who is recovering from an ACL tear suffered in the final game of the season.

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9 thoughts on “Raiders A Team To “Keep An Eye On” For Muhammad Wilkerson

  1. Wilkerson’s history tells it all. After getting his sizeable contract he went to play-land as his efforts and results diminished. He is not worth the risk with a a high contract. it is in this case more about his motivation and character than his ability to play. Buyer beware!

    1. I agree 100% Rick but doesn’t his history indicate a decline in effort in the immediate aftermath of landing a big payday? If the rumours are at all accurate, then Wilkerson will likely be signed to a one-year “prove-it” contract with the objective of landing another lucrative long-term deal thereafter. Hence, with the issue obviously not a talent-based one isn’t this therefore the IDEAL time for the Raiders to recruit Mo Wilkerson? All they’d need to do is outbid the handful of other prospective suitor ps and they have their defensive tackle position sewn up for at least the 2018 campaign! Furthermore, it’s also been long rumoured that Mo was extremely unhappy with the Jets for a variety of reasons & may have simply given up on the program. Either way, the dude is a monster with mad skills still very much in his prime; the Raiders would be crazy not to take out a flyer on this long coveted target!

  2. Not ready to throw big money at Mo W. If the price is right sure, but I am sure a team with the right salary cap situation will be able to afford him.

    Still believe a QB will drop and Buffalo will come knocking with their two 1st rounders. We can get an OT and DT with that haul.

    Raiders not going to jack up the salary cap when they know they need to save money for Big Mack.

  3. Try to sign Mo to a 1 year prove it deal. If things work out Reggie knows how to structure deals to be team friendly,and still make players happy.

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