Raiders Admit They Aren’t Happy With Antonio Brown. Now What?

With the Raiders statement on Antonio Brown this afternoon, we learned a little more about what’s becoming a big problem in Napa. Or more accurately, maybe we’re learning that we really know less about a big problem in Napa.

What’s going on now with Brown and when will he be back this time?

A few thoughts on that…

AB wasn’t as content with the league’s determination on his grievance as he let on in his statement.

AB on Twitter

While I disagree with the arbitrator’s decision, I’m working on getting back to full health and looking forward to rejoining my teammates on the field. I’m excited about this season appreciate all the concerns about my feet 🦶!” #AlwaysAFight #Represent #itsbiggerthanme

The irony of Brown’s statement was the #itsbiggerthanme hashtag at the end. Unless he was talking about fighting an issue that involves more than just himself, this hashtag no longer really applies.

What AB maybe should have done was keep his plan to snag a nine year-old helmet a little quieter. It seems like the league got a good look at his cards and found a way to beat him to the punch.

ProFootballTalk on Twitter

Antonio Brown has every right to be upset about the helmet situation. At best, the communication between the NFL, the Raiders, and Brown’s camp has been horrendous. At worst, the league is deliberately sticking it to him.

The Raiders aren’t happy. At all.

For general manager Mike Mayock to speak publicly on Brown’s latest issue, it means there is definitely a problem. In fact, team’s PR department actually called it an official “statement” from Mayock on Brown – not the GM’s “sentiment” or “comments” on the situation. This was a planned message and it’s the official position of the organization.

Given how quickly agitated Brown can become, the Raiders realize things could get worse. The team has tried to downplay reports to this point, but that ship has sailed.

It’s obvious that Mayock isn’t interested in dancing around AB’s feelings anymore.

Maybe Brown did leave the team two weeks ago over the helmet.

If he has now gone absent from the team over the helmet (which is what Mayock implied), it gives more credence to the idea that Brown left the team over the helmet the first time.

Brown isn’t putting the team first with many of his decisions of late. In hindsight, maybe we should have been asking why he didn’t find laser treatments on his feet closer to training camp in the first place.

Maybe AB just doesn’t want to do training camp.

There are few things more insufferable than offering Eddie Borsilli credit for a good idea. Everyone knows Brown isn’t going to throw away $30 million guaranteed and everyone knows the Raiders aren’t going to cut him.

Maybe Brown just doesn’t want to do camp. It’s not a good reason for the foolishness, but maybe that’s what is going on in AB’s mind – his very, very unpredictable mind.

And last but not least…

Ignore the #FakeNews assertions you read on here the past couple of weeks. There’s a little something going on in Napa, but there’s still time to sort it out and win real games in September.

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