Report: Antonio Brown Not Done Fighting For His Helmet

Antonio Brown was apparently able to find a 2014 model of the helmet he wants, but according to multiple reports, he didn’t find the helmet in time.

Or more accurately, in the couple of days that it took AB to find the helmet, the league saw an opportunity and changed their policy on re-certifying older helmets.

ProFootballTalk on Twitter

Per source . . . . Good news: Antonio Brown found a Schutt AiR Advantage made in 2014. Bad news: The NFL changed its position, requiring the helmet to be tested. Expected news: The helmet failed.

But the fight isn’t over yet.

Brown has been wearing the Schutt AiR Advantage for most of his career and according to ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio, he has no intentions of giving up the fight to wear his preferred helmet.

Meanwhile, AB continues to draw criticism from the peanut gallery – some of whom seem to have as much invested in his helmet as Brown does.

Pete Prisco on Twitter

The Antonio Brown helmet situation is out of control. Just pick a new helmet. The technology is so much better now. It’s absurd — but, of course, it keeps him in the news.

It’s worth noting that Brown didn’t take any of his helmet situation public while he was away from training camp, which would generally be considered the opposite of trying to stay in the news.

So who’s really keeping AB in the national headlines? At this point, mainly the ones complaining about him most.

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1 thought on “Report: Antonio Brown Not Done Fighting For His Helmet

  1. The question becomes, is the NFL testing every players helmet, or just AB’s? By changing the rule, at the last minute, to prevent him from wearing his preferred helmet suggests they’re interested in something other than safety when it comes to AB.

    And, the notion the NFL “supports” the best science available is nonsense when they couldn’t get the science of proper inflation of a football in cold weather correct.

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