Raiders and Josh Jacobs “Inching Towards a Deal” According to Insider

The headlines around the Raiders for the next several weeks are mostly going to revolve around their quarterback situation, but one of the team’s biggest decisions outside of the QB room is going to involve Josh Jacobs, who is less than two weeks from hitting free agency.

Jacobs has become one of the faces of the franchise and has said he wants to return to the team next year. Antonio Pierce and Tom Telesco have both talked about wanting to bring Jacobs back, but as of last week the sides had not yet engaged in contract discussions.

That dynamic appears to have changed, however.

According to NFL insider Tony Pauline, the sides are starting to make some level of progress on a new deal.

“Word late Tuesday night was the Las Vegas Raiders and running back Josh Jacobs were inching their way towards a deal which will keep the former first-round pick with the team,” Pauline reported this week. “Nothing is imminent but there’s a lot riding on the line – not only for the Raiders and Jacobs but also for the rest of the class of potential free-agent running backs.”

For now, the Raiders and Jacobs are limited in how much progress they can make on a deal because the free agent market is ultimately going to determine his value.

Unfortunately for Jacobs, it’s not a great year to enter free agency because the free agent market is loaded with higher-tier running backs. Yahoo Sports and Fox Sports Radio host Jason Fitz talked about that dynamic this week…

“Is anybody in the NFL this year going to give Josh Jacobs long-[term] big money?” Jason Fitz said on Raider Nation Radio’s Morning Tailgate. “I don’t know the answer to that. I don’t think the answer to that is a glowing ‘yes.'”

“Because of the way the position runs, and because there are big names [entering free agency]. If you need a running back for one year this year, Derrick Henry is probably at or near the top of your list because he absolutely crushed it behind an offensive line that makes the Raiders offensive line looks like ‘The Hogs’ of the ’80s,” Fitz continued. “Outside of that, Saquon [Barkley], Josh Jacobs, Tony Pollard, these are all guys that are basically competing against second or third-round draft picks and it’s no fair, but it’s the way that it works. The reason I think there’s a chance he comes back is because the Raiders might be willing to overpay a little bit for him out of loyalty… compared to what the market throws out, but not compared to the franchise tag. I don’ think there’s anybody out there that is going to offer him three years and it average $13 million a year.”

Free agency officially begins on March 13 and it will be interesting to see which running back signs first.

The best move for Jacobs would probably be to allow Barkley to sign first and negotiate off the parameters of that deal, but with so many running backs hitting the market, there’s also a chance the offers will dry up a little more quickly than they have in previous years.

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8 thoughts on “Raiders and Josh Jacobs “Inching Towards a Deal” According to Insider

  1. Yes, Please keep Josh Jacobs. No only out of loyalty but production value. I would be willing to take a chance with Josh than Carr. They are both human but Josh has many weapons in his talent. Pay him fair but definitely keep him. U will get your money worth.

  2. Awesome news, hope to ink him in quickly. 2 options and absolutely nothing else= 1) If there is absolutely nothing we can do to trade up go to option 2. Option2) Go get justin fields, 2nd round pick and renfro.. nothing else will coach pierce said we don’t want a freakin band aid. That goes for all of the scabs that won’t work. A rookie qb not a coureer back up.

  3. JJ is not worth over 10 mil., let alone 13 mil We can’t keep doing this out of loyalty. He didn’t earn his 12 mil last year. Let him prove his loyalty and take 8 -10 mil.

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