Did Antonio Pierce Tip His Draft Plan to Members of the Media at the Combine?

If there’s anything we’ve learned about Antonio Pierce over the last four months, it’s that he doesn’t tip toe around what he is thinking and feeling.

The players love that Pierce says what he means and means what he says, but will that approach serve the team well during draft season?

Lately, it seems like Pierce is answering questions from somebody every day, and this week he’s taking a lot of questions about the draft.

Specifically, everyone wants to know how aggressive the Raiders are going to be in their search for a quarterback, and Pierce was asked on Wednesday if the Raiders would be willing to give up draft picks to move up in the first round for a quarterback.

His answer didn’t leave a lot of room for interpretation.

“I am sure that’s something that Telesco has already spoken about, but that’s my personality,” Pierce said. “As you guys saw and witnessed, I am a go getter. But obviously that has to be a collective agreement.”

Pierce then talked about the veteran quarterback option, and said he’s not interested in another “Band-Aid” at quarterback.

“You don’t want to put a Band-Aid at that position,” Pierce said. “That’s old… that’s old, man. I think the Raiders… we’ve seen that enough in this organization.”

Based on those comments, it sounds like the Raiders will take a cautious approach to signing a veteran quarterback in free agency… and show up to the draft swinging for the fences.

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4 thoughts on “Did Antonio Pierce Tip His Draft Plan to Members of the Media at the Combine?

  1. He’s a defensive coach and his QB would be the MLB.
    We need a QB for the defense, very thin depth. Look for MLB in 2-3 rounds.

  2. And the sign reads. BAND-AIDS do not apply here! Cousins, Mayfield, Menshew,Wilson, Darnold, Garrapolo and Hoyer follow the exit sign. Jaydon Daniels welcome to Raider Nation!

  3. I agree I’m tired of seen band aids at the (QB) position like A.P. said Carr was good but not great and trust me I Loved Derek Carr because from been from Fresno also and when we got Adams I was the F***** happiest RAIDER ALIVE.. Then Josh Mc dumba** gets rid of Carr and then (JG) trash.

    1. I agree Jr. DeLEon! Letting McDummy dump Carr was a low, low moment. After being a rabid fan for 40+ years I stopped watching and caring for a while. AP reeled me back in and Im excited again but I would be mega pumped if the Raiders traded to bring Derek Carr back. The man bled silver and black.

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