Raiders And Khalil Mack Reportedly “Not Close” On A New Deal

Buckle up. This one could go on for a while.

Khalil Mack has reportedly chosen not to show up to offseason workouts without a new contract and according to Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, early conversations between Mack and the Raiders “weren’t close” on a new deal.

Nevertheless, NFL Network’s Jim Trotter says a deal should be done by the start of training camp.

The Raiders moved very slowly toward reaching a deal with Derek Carr a year ago and that seems to be the gameplan again with Mack.

It’s worth noting, however, that the Raiders have a little more leverage with Mack than they did with Carr. Because he was drafted in the first round, the Raiders can keep Mack on a fifth-year option for this season and use the franchise tag on him next year.

Had Carr chosen to sit out a year ago (he never threatened to), the Raiders would have had no choice but to pay him. As a quarterback, Carr’s offseason presence was more crucial than what it is for Mack now.

Mack’s absence isn’t a huge deal in April. But as leverage goes, it’s really his only option. He would also risk losing millions if he happened to sustain an injury during offseason workouts.

From a strictly business standpoint, it’s hard to argue that Mack is making a bad decision.

As for his role as team captain and getting the Gruden era off on the right foot, Mack’s absence is a little less ideal.

The question now.

How long will this drag on?

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  1. I just hope they pay him quickly cuz I don’t feel like this being the only **** thing that I read about for the next 2 months

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