Raiders And Sebastian Janikowski Reportedly Reach Contract Resolution

On Wednesday night ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the contractual differences between Sebastian Janikowski and the Raiders were finally “resolved” in the form of a $1 million paycut.

For players, the 11th-hour stunt pulled by the Raiders is one that happens all too often. Reportedly, the team wanted Janikowski to accept a $1 million paycut from his $4 million salary and put the squeeze on their 17-year tenured kicker less than a week before the season opener. In the stealthy process, the team even flew in three kickers for workouts – essentially doubling down on their threat to leave Janikowski on the tarmac when they fly to Tennessee.

What’s more, the Raiders almost never divulge injury information, but to save $1 million on Janikowski’s deal they not only advertised his health, they added how “awful” he looked earlier in the day.

Who knows, maybe ‘Seabass’ needed a kick in the pants, but his contract ordeal serves as another reminder that when teams have leverage, they’re more than happy to rip up a contract and re-negotiate a deal against the clock… and spew the messy details in the process.

Maybe we shouldn’t be appalled when players do the same.

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  1. If teams pay for what happen in the past J brown should be highest paid running back this year. Janikowski after 17 years is showing and slowing what age does to us all. As a Raider fan I will remember him along with the other great Raiders in the past. Hall of Fame he has a problem getting there because he was a Raider like Stabler and L Hayes. All 3 were great

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