Raiders Best Off-Season Signing Was One No Talked About at the Time

The Raiders offensive line had more than $26 million in salary on the bench last night and after a shaky start, the Raiders O-line dominated the trenches, especially in pass protection.

As it turns out, Denzelle Good was one of the best offseason signings the Raiders made.

Originally re-signed to add insurance at guard, Good has suddenly turned into a very capable offensive tackle. If Richie Incognito (Achilles injury) needs to miss time, Good could just as easily move back to guard. It’s a rare skill set to be able to play offensive tackle and guard, but Good has it. With a salary of $2.5 million this year, Good’s contract might be the best value on the Raiders roster.

What other team could lose two starting offensive tackles, throw in a guard at right tackle, and the storyline still be about the offensive line dominating?

Credit to Good, but also to offensive line coach Tom Cable. Hopefully at some point Cable will have a chance to see what he can do with an offensive line at full strength… including arguably the best right tackle in the NFL

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13 thoughts on “Raiders Best Off-Season Signing Was One No Talked About at the Time

  1. I think we’ll be parting company with Trent Brown if he doesn’t turn things around really quickly and show us why we paid him okay, we won’t do the same thing next season when we have. denzelle good

    1. I heard the the 2021 cap is going to be cut down because of lost revenue. So losing Brown, Joyner, Williams and resigning Jackson to 5m will save 35m without losing major parts of the roster.
      Great mgmt!

      1. I wouldn’t let TY go just yet. I would wait to see how are two rookies pan out. Just imagine what this offense could do if everybody was healthy especially TY. Waller would give defensive coordinators night mares. And for Trent Brown why this stuff always happen to the Raiders TB is a pathetic I hope he gets the same treatment as the other sob AB. All the talent in the world and zero heart and both of them have no respect for what gruden n Mayock trying to accomplish. I hope they cut him and no one picks him. And ends up playing in the CFL. Trent Brown your a coward cuz you didn’t pull this crap with Belichik. You block real good for massa Belichik n Craft. Didn’t give your massa no problems yes sir massa Brady I be a good n$$$$. And I hope you red this you fat out of shape Coward

    2. I hope Trent can get things turned around.
      I honestly don’t think any of us fans have the real story..I say we all celebrate a 2-0 start instead focusing on distractions..
      This team reminds me,in certain regards to mid 70s raider teams..which started my love and passion for the Raiders…
      U have Abrams,reminds me of the late great,Jack Tatum…
      Ruggs has certain qualities similar to Cliff Branch..
      After many excruciating years of futility we finally have a team that could be really special..
      Feed the positive #Raidernation

      1. I will agree with you on a couple points but you might be jumping the gun on a couple others.
        Ruggs has a couple of Marathons to get up to Branches level. The ,70’s speedster from Colorado started 3 Superbowls. I think # 11 he’s got the skill to do it and his attitude will take him far. I hope your right but let’s try to refrain from 49er fan -ning it. 49er fans and press are sickening about a player who has a few good games , their fans are putting him in the Pro Bowl. I think the press is even worse.
        The press will be comparing Gorropollo to Young n Montana as well as half the team to the 80’s team. The press was doing that very thing in the middle of the season last year. Yes, they had a good year , but lets slow down and hold offr the Montana , Rice and the Defense side by side 85 Bears until.they put up a few more impressive things than a 3 game win streak in October. ! The whole Raider Team has got to.lose some baggage before comparisons to the 70’s squads. Like inconsistancy ! If there is 1 young Raider who’s got the old his veins,
        its Johnathan Abrams ! That kid is like part Jack Tatum, part Ronnie Lott , ,, only faster ! Just watch a running play by the opponent. In just a few plays you’ll be saying
        “” whew ! What was that thing that flew by the TV screen !
        In no time at all , you will say , oh there goes Abrams again !
        I been with em since the 60’s and those teams could do more with hangovers than today’s teams can sober. All those stories are true and a lot of them watered down for family rating & young fans but there were some times. Here ‘s a couple for you.
        In the early to mid 60’s , NFL teams and players looked down on the AFL , as the 2nd or even 3rd rate sub human league. Somewhere around 64 or 65 there was an awards banquet held for Bay Area Professional Football. Very formal.with all players in either Black Ties or Tuxes. Well some of the 49er players were making sarcastic , demeaning comments towards the Raider players. That is until one Raider player had enough. Raiders Center Jim Otto stood up and impolitely told all the Niners who talking to shut up or else
        he would kick their asses right then, right there ! After a few quiet comments , Otto repeated himself and challenged the entire Niner team to mix it up with him right there in the middle of the banquet and he would Show any NFL 49er player just how minor League he was if any of them were man enough to find out. Otto remained standing for several minutes until you could hear the proverbial pin drop. None were willing to find out. The banquet , though awkward for the remaining time ended peacefully. The next story was about Stabler n Belitnikoff rooming together on a cool dry Saturday night in Denver. They waited til. The curfew guard went by and snuck out, hit a few clubs, and then made it back to their room , with a couple of lovely ladies in tow. Having so much fun they ost track of time and Stabler was wondering if it was 3:00 am or
        Little earlier pulled the window curtain aside to shockingly discover it was around 7am , the Sun was rising and there was unexpectedly a foot of snow on the ground d and he were facing the Broncos in just a few hours ! Here’s the difference between those teams and today’s. On not one wink of sleep , Stabler and team suited up at Mile High and beat the Broncos throwing 4 TD,s in the Raiders Victory.
        Now that’s what I call a couple of great old Raider War Storys and both are TRUE !

  2. Additionally, please do not forget or underestimate what Gabe Jackson has and continues to mean to this team. While at one time he was considered as a trade candidate, I believe that he has, thus far, proven himself to be well worth the money that the Raiders have invested in him. Obviously, seasoned and tenured offensive linemen are literally “worth their weight in gold,” in this league. Apparently, this year, just as in seasons past, HEALTH is going to prove itself to be the number one factor as to who wins games and who doesn’t. We all know that a football season is a war of attrition and whoever survives it in the best shape WILL have a say in the outcome of the season. For the Raiders sake, let’s just hope that Derek Carr stays healthy and that neither Nathan Peterman, Deshone Kizer or Marcus Mariota have to take the field.

  3. Absolutely to all the above. It that tub of good ” Trent Snacks” my ankle, my foot whatever he says hurts. Get rid of the cancer before it spreads. Let him go waste his money & be broke. Let him be someone else’s problem. The Raiders are trying to build on positive players who want to be part of the new winning tradition. Not reflect on old negative Rsider ways, but the new regime. Let’s make it happen with guys who want to be here & part of the new ways. Winning “Just Win Baby”.

  4. Let’s not jump to concludsions about
    Trent Brown until we know all the facts.
    If he come back and play at a pro bowl
    level then he probably will stay with the
    raiders, unless there are other issues
    we are not aware now. Billy D.

  5. The LV Raiders deserve more respect after the excellent man handling of the NO Saints on Monday night football. The Raiders dominated the Saints, the Saints didn’t have the juice to defeat the Raiders.

  6. Slow down everyone, Trent is not going anywhere so quite with the arm chair quarter back talk. Remember the first quarters, when you know it alls where yelling Mariota, “Idiot’s”. This is a team sport and we are all here to Support our Team, not be a bunch of arm chair mouth pieces, that don,t understand the definition of Team.

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