Raiders Taught Michael Thomas A Valuable Lesson on Talking Twitter Trash Too Early in the Game

Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas was inactive on Monday night with an ankle injury, but his twitter fingers proved to be at full strength – especially in the first quarter with the Saints leading the Raiders 17-7.

Thomas tweeted that the game might “get ugly fast” after the Saints came out and dominated early. That tweet was later erased, but fortunately @OldTakesExposed was there to keep score.

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Not only did he talk trash to the Raiders, he seemed to take a shot at Derek Carr, too. Actually it was aimed directly at Derek and everyone knew it.

Unfortunately for @Cantguardmike, the Raiders scored 24 unanswered points behind a quarterback that looked anything but spooked. If anything, Thomas might want to go back to being critical of his own quarterback like he proved to do so well in the offseason.

Or maybe we misunderstood all of his tweets, because the game did get “ugly fast” and a particular quarterback did look “spooked” for the final 2 1/2 quarters.

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8 thoughts on “Raiders Taught Michael Thomas A Valuable Lesson on Talking Twitter Trash Too Early in the Game

  1. That’s bullshit. You think the Raiders were looking at Twitter instead of expecting their game plan. “Taught a lesson? The writer of this article is an ID10T!

    1. Where exactly do you see that the Raiders were looking at Twitter? Oh wait you’re the only idiot here. The point of the title is to say they taught him to not to talk too fast or yiu might end up looking dumb, much like yourself right about now!!!

    2. No one said the Raiders were looking at Twitter. The lesson was don’t talk sh*t too soon. Maybe you should understand the article before calling someone an idiot. Maybe you spoke too soon as well.

  2. Loved the win! l loved trash-talking Michael Thomas getting a bit of his own back. Why do some of the great players feel the need to do this, when they can just let their performances speak for themselves.

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