Raiders’ Coaching Staff Needs to Understand What a Tie on Sunday Would do to their Playoff Chances

The Raiders’ coaching staff has made a few questionable decisions in the last few months, but one they can’t afford to make on Sunday is failing to understand all of their playoff scenarios – even the unlikely ones.

One such scenario is this…

A loss to the Colts would be much worse than a tie. A tie would be only slightly worse than a win.

Here’s why…

Just about every playoff scenario for the Raiders involves beating the Chargers in week 18. So that win essentially has to be assumed no matter what happens in week 17.

If the Raiders tie the Colts, they will eliminate the Browns and Steelers from catching them in the playoff race (assuming that they beat the Chargers). That would leave only the Dolphins and Ravens as teams who could win their final two games and knock the Raiders out of the seventh seed.

The Dolphins’ next two games are against the Titans and Patriots, while the Ravens’ next two games are against the Rams and Steelers. Both of those teams would need to lose just one game to fall behind a Raiders’ team that finishes the year with a tie and a win.

The Raiders would likely know the outcomes of the early games if they go into overtime against the Colts and if the Dolphins and Ravens both lose, a win would do the Raiders no more good than a tie.

It’s not likely that the Raiders will find themselves in an overtime game against the Colts, but they need to be prepared if they do. Holding on for a tie would keep the Raiders’ playoff hopes alive no matter what happens with everyone else in week 17.

Just something to think about…

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11 thoughts on “Raiders’ Coaching Staff Needs to Understand What a Tie on Sunday Would do to their Playoff Chances

  1. Don’t get me wrong , Raiders are and have been my “life blood “ since going to my dirt game in 1963 , like many others, I wait all week to watch them or go to the game , but for me , but unless they get Waller and perryman and all others , and start looking like a championship team, they would not belong in the playoffs , and that is really depressing getting “**** “ from from me 49ers friends-they should just regroup fornext season

  2. We don’t play for ties. Al Davis never said just tie baby. We play to win every game. We may not do it as often as we used to in Madden’s day but we still play to win. In spite of all the adversity we’ve endured this year we’re in a position to control our own destiny. Win on Sunday and win next week and we’re in regardless of what else happens. That’s what matters. Just Win Baby!!!

    1. Play for a tie? What kind of crap is that? If we are anywhere near a possible win late in the fourth quarter, I’m pretty sure that the late thing we’d want to hear in the huddle is Carr saying ‘2 Spider Y banana, just tie baby!’ From Pop Warner to Freshman to JV to varsity; I have never in my life heard coaches or teammates say that they were playing for the tie! If the planets line up just so this Sunday and wet have a shot, let’s take these guys. Gotta stop JT! I love you Nation!

  3. Please play like it’s the Super Bowl for the next 2 games. Let’s make this negative a positive.

  4. Anybody who thinks Sunday’s game will end in a tie should stop breathing for 10 minuets, non-stop, *** 🤡

  5. By the way, can somebody put something in whomever came up with this scenario mouth? My zipper is stuck

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