Raiders Considered Trading Back Into Round One For Trevon Moehrig

After the selection of Alex Leatherwood in the first round, the Raiders announced that GM Mike Mayock would not address the media until after the round was over. Last year he spoke with the media shortly after the Damon Arnette pick, which made it clear the Raiders wouldn’t be making any trades back into the first round.

But this year, it seemed like the Raiders might be considering a trade back into round one and Mayock basically confirmed that to be the case on Friday.

“We had [Trevon Moehrig] as the number one free safety on our board,” Mayock told JT The Brick on Raider Nation Radio 920 AM.

“He was a guy we were thinking about trading back up in the first round for potentially and that was part of a potential plan heading into that first day, coming back up and getting him,” Mayock continued. “When that didn’t happen and he started to slide a tiny bit in the second round, we had to make a decision on the most logical place to go get him. I wanted to get ahead of the Cowboys. I think they were at [pick] 44 and I knew they had a potential free safety move so we made that deal with San Francisco. We had talks with them before the day began, we had a conversation about a potential moving up just in case somebody got there. So it was kind of planned a little bit in advance.”

For as much criticism as the Raiders have taken for the Leatherwood pick, the Moehrig pick was widely considered one of the best values of the draft.

“Leading into the draft, Moehrig seemed to be an ideal fit for what the Raiders covet at a position of need,” The Athletic’s Dane Brugler wrote after the draft. “But would they have to draft him at No. 17 to get him? Instead, they traded up to land him and his rangy ball skills at pick No. 43.”

Brugler, among others, did not particularly like the Raiders draft. Several critics of their draft have said they would approve of the draft if the Raiders had taken Moehrig in the first round and Leatherwood in the second round – which is a little funny considering they ended up getting both players (albeit with a little help from a trade up).

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