Raiders To St. Louis Gaining Momentum?

According to a new Yahoo! report, the Raiders are becoming increasingly linked to the city of St. Louis. While Oakland continues to be Mark Davis’ preference, the path to St. Louis could have considerably fewer road blocks.

The belief of many is that Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke will ultimately play in the city of his choosing – presumably Los Angeles. In that scenario, San Diego seems to have leverage since no one can join the Rams in Los Angeles with the Chargers still in the local market.


Sports Illustrated’s Peter King was on the Dan Patrick Show last week and also believes St. Louis to be a viable landing spot for the Raiders. The question is, would Davis move to the Midwest? No one seems to know, but based on everything Davis has said publicly, he’ll give Oakland every opportunity to build a stadium in Oakland – an option that also seems to be gaining a little traction.