Raiders Could “Get a Boatload in Return” if They Are Willing to Trade Derek Carr

No one is going to confuse Colin Cowherd for an NFL insider, but he has league connections and he offered an opinion on Derek Carr on Tuesday that makes a lot of sense.

Cowherd believes that if the Raiders decide to trade Carr, he will have massive value.

“What is Derek Carr worth? Oh, a lot,” Cowherd said Tuesday on The Herd.

“[Carr] deserves better than a classically dysfunctional NFL franchise,” Cowherd continued. “Matt Stafford, who had two years left on his contract did something about it. He went to ownership and just said ‘get me out of here.’ Two years left. Derek Carr’s got one year left. Is he willing to go to say ‘get me out of here’ to Mark Davis? Of course he deserves better. He’s on his fifth head coach. It’s the porous owner in the league, it’s been chaos in the front office. What would he be worth? Oh, my gosh… the Raiders could get a boat load in return.”

Herd w/Colin Cowherd on Twitter: “”The Raiders could get a boatload in return for Derek Carr.”- @ColinCowherd / Twitter”

“The Raiders could get a boatload in return for Derek Carr.”- @ColinCowherd

Cowherd listed 10 teams that he believes would call the Raiders if Carr became available – several of whom are playoff contenders this year.

So if they can get a huge return on Carr, should the Raiders make a trade?

Maybe. But only if they can find another quarterback as good as Carr.

There is, after all, a reason why so many teams would love to have Carr as their quarterback. The last thing the Raiders need next year is a coaching staff and a fan base that would love to have Carr, too.

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65 thoughts on “Raiders Could “Get a Boatload in Return” if They Are Willing to Trade Derek Carr

    1. Yep I agree, Carr trade isn’t the answer. Coaching a Offensive line and a corner back would be the right move. If is a hugh word, if the QB bust from LSU wasn’t bad enough let’s if it again with another QB draft pick. If Carr had time to scan the field maybe these conversation wouldn’t exist. He is top 5 on accuracy if he can get a pass off. If all those that think trading him would help improve the organization I would say, not. If they had a clue they would realize it’s are based on hindsight.

      1. I’m back to clean up my if meaning based on hindsight. If we had Belichek coaching this wouldn’t be a topic. With him the O line would have been fixed by now, we would have a decent secondary and probably leading our division and playing for home field throughout. Only If ???

  1. They could trade him for an offensive line for a new QB to start over with.. I dont think that Carr is the type to try and force his way out. He loves Raider Nation maybe to his own detriment. He may just decide to retire although if a team came calling that he could potentially win a championship with it would be intriguing for him maybe. I think Mark better buy 3 linemen, a #1 WR and some more defense in the off season just to be competitive. All AFC WEST is improving around them.

    1. There is no top QB thinking yes trade me to the Raiders because it is the same ole bs and I do not see a Wilson thinking it’s a place he love to play.

  2. I would bet money that Derek Carr is a man of his word and chooses to retire the second that is name is mentioned in a trade. He has helped this team when it comes to the financial aspects in comparison the other starting QB’s across the NFL. I would give him a high-five 100 times if he chooses the retirement way and screws the greedy plans of whoever wants to benefit from his talents. Hopefully Mark Davis is thinking wisely about this.. which he probably is!

    Next story please!

    1. It starts with management.who live football a coach players respect.I hope the few stars the Raiders have are not thinking get me the he’ll out of here.I thought moving them out of northern ca and to a place like Vegas was a huge mistake and I still do .They should have moved into the central valley ..They just can’t seem to do anything right.its sad to see such a rich history becoming the laughing stock in the NFL

  3. If they trade Carr for the “boatload” they would probably blow it like they did for the “boatload” they got for Mack

    1. Let me tell you something. Mack wasn’t all that. Ok. He had been injured and off the field more than on. He isn’t even leading the sack stats . So take Mack off your opinion. He didn’t want to play for the Raiders. And Carr sucks I don’t care where Carr goes because he will be the same Carr like he is now. Win 3 lose 6 . You can have Carr and Mack. No great loss.

  4. Sell high- buy low
    Trade Carr & accumulate some picks
    Rebuild with a couple of bad seasons it results in a couple top ten picks and draft for a franchise changing QB. If you can hit on a QB with a rookie contract for 5 years the team is in business to build a great team. GM first & HC.
    Keep Carr with no rebuild, the Raiders are stuck in the middle of the pack every year.
    Realistically the Raiders aren’t going to the Super Bowl with Carr and no rebuild in the next couple of years. Mahomes and Herbert are in the division they aren’t going anywhere.
    Raiders need to take a chance in the draft with a top ten pick and go for a game changing QB like Mahomes,Herbert,Allen,Burrow etc.
    O yea unless Rodgers wants to play for the Raiders with all the holes they got on the team ?? I don’t think so
    Let’s Go

    1. You’re acting like getting a Top-8 elite QB is easy; just draft one in the Top-10…..okay sure, it’s that easy…….riiiiggghhhttt. From 2011 – 2020, (31) QB’s have been selected in the 1st round, and I count (9) that those franchises making those selections are happy with their QB. That’s less than a 30% success rate. So, you tank a couple of seasons for the “hope” that you are lucky enough to get it right? Look how long it takes NFL franchises to find a franchise QB. How long did it take KC to find Mahomes, Buffalo to find Allen? Not saying that Carr is Top-8, but you can make the argument that he is Top 8-16. If Garappollo, Foles/Wentz, Flacco, Ryan, Goff, can lead teams to a SB, why can’t Carr? It’s a team game, and always will be. The other (52) guys on the game day roster have to be good, too.

    2. The start over part is unacceptable. Been there, done that over the last 20 years. And until we got Carr, there was never even hope. The Aaron Brooks, Kerry Collins, Carson Palmer, Russell years really sucked. At least with this team, you felt really close. Still do really. Those 4 kids drafted on the defense this year are stone cold players. Untile the Gruden and Ruggs things happened. I felt we were a couple of O line guys away from being super bowl Calibur..

  5. The season is not over there is a 50% chance they could squeeze in the wild card playoffs . If they make it to the playoffs it’s gonna be a whole different story !! Go RAIDERS!!!

    1. Yikes! You are very misguided. New to the raiders huh? Thats okay let me fill you in. the entire team from front office down cannot win after 11/20 no matter what year it is 50 percent lol. I’m thinking realistically 10 percent at best.

  6. Carr is not the problem, it could be the play call from the coaches, but this is not Carr fault at all.
    For those of you who may have forgotten, once we had a different qb every year and sometimes twice in a year, Carr only have 1 year left on his contract. Here’s a scenario that might sound good (at least to me), Start DeShawn Jackson in place of Zay Jones, have Waller back at tight end and let Renfrow be Renfrow.

    We’ve had this formula before Jackson would be Branch, Waller Casper and Renfrow-Biletnikoff(without the stickem of course), those guys were pretty successful or Deshawn for Branch. Barnwell for Jones and Waller for Christensen they were pretty good also.

    1. Iam rite there with u Lawrence n use mariota in there for some trick plays. N let carr call the plays n if it dont work then people can actually blame carr for something.. But we do need help on the offensive line to give carr extra time. But Lawrence iam rite there with u on that n specially if waller is healthy.

  7. I don’t think that Mark Davis is going to give up on DC. Can’t afford to get rid of. Have to look at the draft. What quarterback that they want and on the board just select with the first pick.He can be on the sidelines learning from the new coaching staff that’s coming in.

  8. Carr will get an extension and be a Raider for his entire career, but I suppose these talk show hosts need something to talk about

  9. I’ve been a life long Raider fan, since 1970, it has been painful to watch a Quarterback like Carr suffer through massive Organizational mistakes. My hope has been Keep Carr and build around him. Bet no improvements on the defensive side of the ball, missed draft picks, have prevented that from happening. Derek Carr is a Superior Quarterback and Superior Human Being and Sadly I’m leaning towards trading him, not so much to improve the team, so he can find the Success he deserves with a stable organization.

    1. I feel this same way. The raiders have a horrible owner and until that changes we are stuck, and the concrete has hardened.

    1. A rip and rebuild isn’t going to fly with Vegas. The money in that town will push Davis right off his throne if he isn’t careful. Get a real GM and Dabo, sign Carr and draft players that make sense. Its not science.

  10. “F” Colin Cowherd. “[Carr] deserves better than a classically dysfunctional NFL franchise,” hell, he’s been part of the dysfunction for the past 8 years. We can point to multiple games this year, and last where the Raiders lost due to Carr’s subpar play. I can’t stand these intellectually weak so-called pundits and sports commentators like Cowherd who praise and jumped on the Raiders bandwagon the past three (3) years when they had a winning record, and then blame everything as “the organization” when they fade the remainder of the season.

  11. My opinion is take Carr off the table and get him an offensive line that can protect him and open some lanes for the running backs, And if Davis really wants to put some icing on the cake, get an OC.
    i cannot imagine starting next year with this Oline and a new QB too! been there done that when Gruden got rid of all the players he didnt like. If they trade Carr, I personally will take some time away from the Raiders and root for another team, hopefully where Carr goes if he is the starter.
    Truly sick of the next year bs, this owner cannot put a team together that can recover from week to week, let alone year to year., just my opinion.

    1. Get rid of Carr, start Mariota turn this thing around. Carr cannot scramble in the pocket that is useless no matter how good he throws cant win us playoffs

  12. Porfavor que cambien a carr este es el gran pronlema de raiders es mediocre 8 años que a hecho nada numeros personales es un asco

  13. Getbrid of him let him ruin another team.All he has done is flat out stole the money frim the raiders Carr is a looser he plays scared he has no balls at all a 2021 version of Jeff George

    1. Man were are all you clowns coming from. Now I know were Jerry springer finds his guest.

  14. If Carr wasnt such a suck up he would have been cut years ago but people in high places love people sucking up ti them it makes them feel more powerfull

    1. How would you possibly know that without being part of the franchise. Stop talking son your clownshoes

      1. Carr’s time IS up. He doesn’t have much pocket awareness and fans are really tired of his dink n dunk play. Not to mention his pick sixes, like against the Giants! His numbers look great, but most of that has came during trash time. If they’re smart, they will get what they’re can for him.

  15. As a Raider fan, I’d hate to see him go. As someone who likes him, I’d love to see him traded to a decent team. He doesn’t deserve the 💩 he gets from so called fans. The saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ would hit many in the face. Is he Tom Brady- no. But he sure as hell isn’t J. Russell either.

  16. Its easy to blame one person for the teams troubles but we need get better on both sides of the ball to be at least competitive Raiders For Life.

  17. I’m a life long Raiders fan since I was young boy in the late 60’s. I can’t say how difficult the past 20+ years (except 2016) it has been to be a fan, & especially the past 3 years with a melt downs in Nov. & Dec. The Raiders stole Carr in the 2nd round, & has played his heart out for the Raiders. Its annoying that a bunch of losers are saying he sucks when the have a terrible Oline, pathetic w. receivers (except Renfro), & no running game + a marginal Defense. If I was Carr, I would beg to get out of LV. It’s going to be a total top to bottom rebuild, & Carr should run from this b’s.

    1. I agree 100% they have to do something about the offensive line. And why isn’t Cliff Branch in the hall of fame ???????

    2. Great. Now let’s get him out of here, pronto. He’s worse than Darryl Lamonica. Sure the Raiders are a weak team, but Carr isn’t a difference-maker QB.

  18. Wahhhh !!! Giving an opinion on trading Carr doesn’t mean you’re not a real Raiders fan what a joke.
    It’s a business, all the front office personnel around the league do not make decisions based on emotions for certain players. In the current NFL a lot teams are successful because they got a stud QB on a rookie deal for 5 years in which they can pay out a lot of other positions. Suggesting trading Carr isn’t blaming Carr its a way to gain capital in picks & rebuild.
    All you that say cant stand another rebuild well ok I get it but realistically do you think will happen in the next two years with Carr ? Who cares if they make the playoffs and lose the first game. Raiders could win with Carr but they would have to be loaded with guys wrs o line and a really good D
    For example eye ball test Carr cant make the throws that Stafford makes he throws that ball all over the field he moves that offense. Stafford is one example Josh Allen
    Its not Carr’s fault, they have bad management .

    1. Derek Carr will never be a better QB than Mahomes or Herbert, who happen to be in the AFC WEST… Carr is very similar to the retired Phillip Rivers and like Rivers, Carr will NEVER win the Lombardi… He has no HEART and has proven it time and time again by the plethora of plays that he doesn’t make .. he is not a winner .. If Carr were an African American QB with a career .438 w/l percentage he would have been released about 5 years ago… y’all KNOW THIS BUT REFUSE TO ADMIT IT!!!

  19. Mark Davis needs to step down he is far from his father. This year alone I watched this man bow to the NFL. That is not what Raiders do. He didn’t have Grudens back even though we all know Gruden was a scapegoat for political purposes. He has threatened the team multiple times about performance issues because hes broke the pressure these guys feel would make me quit and go somewhere else to.

    1. He got bailed out by the NFL. In case you haven’t noticed, the great Gruden built this **** show of a team. Dummy Davis should thank the NFL that they got him out of this ridiculous contract! Gruden turned out to be a fraud.

  20. If the O-line was better, then any QB could flourish when we’ll protected, there are qbs that did that. But also have to factor in that Carr was a phenom before those two big injuries he sustained, so now he plays scared because of the lack of defending the rush. Another huge problem is the play calling on the side, they need a new and young fresh mind to come in, and also draft with some **** common sense of what you need to win.

  21. Have y’all noticed most of the people trashing Carr failed elementary school English? Just an observation from here and fb.

  22. it’s finally great to hear someone else praise DC!!! he is a great qb with an extremely competitive fire who has been surrounded by horrible teammates for years!!! there is a strong part of me that would love to see him go to a playoff contender and be the difference maker I know he can be. there is a stronger 💪 part of me that wants to see Davis bring a quality coaching staff in and surrounded DC with talent starting with an o-line and a #1 receiver!!! NO, trading DC for ever multiple 1st round picks is not the answer….been there done that!!! good thing GRU isn’t there, he’d probably finish stripping the RAIDERS of what remains….I guess its called “Chuckies Revenge”!!!

  23. How can you get the ball down field when the defense runs through are line like butter and I like Carr don’t get me wrong but I’ve seen our recievers zay Jones and deshawn Jackson wide open for touchdowns and car doesn’t see them Carr step it up dambit use them legs and get the hell out of ther buy some time and heave the ball down field ! You have recievers that can run down the ball and catch it look around car run out of that pocket and buy some time you proved you can stand in the pocket now show you can still run and get the hell out of the pocket your line can’t hold them back you no this shotgun and I’m left or right and throw it to your recievers and they will go after it if ther not open run it or dump it off to renfrow or you running back or fullback

  24. Right side of Offensive line must be rebuilt. Davis must find an OC who is creative, aggressive, and knows how to make the best use of the talent available. Draft a QB to be developed by Carr if Derrick doesn’t retire first.

  25. No one is gonna extend Carr for 30 plus mill a year when he has a losing record and no playoff appearances. After the broken leg he wasn’t the same. Any idiot can see that. Draft a top Qb trade Carr and move on.

    1. How do you explain the massive extension that the Lions signed Stafford to? Didn’t he have a losing record and 1 playoff appearance? Stafford got so tired of losing and getting his *** beatdown each week, he begged the Lions to trade him, and now look at him; his new team are playoff bound and a leading contender in the NFC to get to the SB. Did Stafford all of a sudden get better? He’s now playing for a good coach, and now playing with good teammates. In terms of arm talent, Allen and Stafford are unicorns, i.e. two of the best arms to ever play the game, and yes, there’s no part of the field, that their arms can’t touch. But, how do you explain how QB’s like Goff, Foles, Garappollo, Ryan, all lead their teams to the SB, with average arm talent? They played with talented teammates. It’s a Team game, and always will be.

    2. btw, which “Top QB” are you eyeing in the upcoming draft? If you’re the new GM of the Raiders, which QB are you pounding the table for? Do you project that he’ll be there in the middle of the 1st round, or are you going to have to move up in the Draft to get him? What are you willing to give up in terms of Draft compensation and/or current players, to move up?

  26. The Carr experiment isn’t working and isn’t going to work. Look at QBs like Herbert and Mahomes and think about how awesome Carr is…And we have to compete against these 2 and other great QBs for the next who knows how many years. We need a QB that can be comparable to these 2 for us to compete. Carr will never take us to that next level.

  27. Yep if Carr was a Packer or Buc they would be 10 – 3
    Carr would have won the same as Brady last year lol
    Put Carr on the Chiefs he’ll do the same as Mahomes lol !
    When he has time to throw b/c he does at times. Carr can’t throw the ball around field like the elite QBs.

  28. There is no top QB thinking yes trade me to the Raiders because it is the same ole bs and I do not see a Wilson thinking it’s a place he love to play.

  29. maybe just maybe carrs the problem. they have had good coaches and good players and hes failed to put up pts that wins games…

  30. Every year, same rumor. The problem with the Raiders, no O-Line, no deep threat, horrid play calling, and then drama that unfolded with Gru and Ruggs.

  31. Here you go paclebar- Ive wrote before the first thing the Raiders need is a good GM to build the team. Raiders have had bad management for twenty years.
    My point is to go after a unicorn in the draft. Yes it’s winning the lottery hitting on a unicorn.
    It can be done obviously- Mahomes at the 10th pick Herbert at the 6th, Allen was what 8th, 10th pick.
    Of course the Raiders would have a shot with Carr and a great o line and great D like Jimmy G
    If you trade Carr the Raiders will be bad resulting in a couple top 10 picks.
    My opinion is I rather go for a unicorn qb on a rookie deal for 5 years with plenty of cap room to build a good team.
    That’s better than being in the middle of the every year

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