Radio Host: Derek Carr Playing Behind “One of the Worst Offensive Lines in Raider History”

The Raiders have a lot of problems right now. At the top of their list, though, is an offensive line that is among the worst in the league – particularly on the right side of the line.

“This might be one of the worst offensive lines in Raider history,” JT The Brick said on Monday during his Raider Nation Radio 920 AM radio show.

If they aren’t the worst Raiders’ O-line in recent memory, they were at least close on Sunday. In their blowout loss to the Chiefs, Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr was pressured on 22 drop backs – the second-most he has seen in his eight-year NFL career.

Tashan Reed on Twitter: “According to TruMedia, #Raiders QB Derek Carr was pressured on 22 drop backs against the Chiefs. That’s the second-most times he’s been pressured during his NFL career. / Twitter”

According to TruMedia, #Raiders QB Derek Carr was pressured on 22 drop backs against the Chiefs. That’s the second-most times he’s been pressured during his NFL career.

As a unit, the Raiders are the 31st-ranked run blocking offensive line in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus. Only the Houston Texans are worse. In pass protection they rank no. 23, but it sometimes feels worse because Alex Leatherwood and Brandon Parker have struggled so much.

Defenses have learned that they can stop the Raiders’ running game without pulling back on their pass rush. The Raiders haven’t run well even in passing situations – which says a lot.

For what it’s worth, one of the Raiders’ core issues in the offensive trenches might be O-line coach Tom Cable. It’s fair to say at this point in his career that he is an overrated offensive line coach.

Via Josh Dubow of the Associated Press:

“In Tom Cable’s last 16 seasons as an OL coach, his teams have not ranked higher than 15th in any season in PFF pass blocking grade and were 30th or worse 6 times. In 4 seasons before Cable returned to #Raiders, they ranked 5th, 4th, 3rd and tied for 8th in pass blocking grade.”

Moving forward, the Raiders have a huge decision coming on Carr. But without better offensive line play, it won’t matter who they roll out at quarterback next year. No QB is going to find success in an offense that can’t run the ball and can’t protect the quarterback, either.

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33 thoughts on “Radio Host: Derek Carr Playing Behind “One of the Worst Offensive Lines in Raider History”

  1. What Mark Davis needs to do after the Browns game, release these players on Sunday. Leatherwood, Parker, Abrams, Trufant, Jefferson Mullen, Wright, and Jones. They are disrupted to this team’s success.

    1. Do you think this is a locker issue ., a political and or social issue ? Do you think this could be a race a religious issue ? I have my thoughts but better to not say them .

    2. You got 2 out of 8 right they’re referring to the offensive line Not safeties and D b’s cars the problem

    1. Learn to roll out? Are you serious? Oh ok, I guess Mahomes just didn’t know how’s to roll out when his OL got it’s arse kicked in the SB, right? An elite QB like that only scoring 6 points? Makes you wonder, if all QB’s had to do was roll out, why did KC rebuild their OL (in a smart way, unlike Gruden)? Why bother investing in OL if QB’s can just roll out? Maybe that’s just an idiotic take? Maybe the talent around the QB matters, and the problem is Raiders absolutely SUCK at putting talent around their QB? Might explain why they’ve sucked for 20 years. But yeah, no, blame Carr. The guy who could’ve demanded a trade years ago and got away from this dumpster fire, but stuck around bc he wants to bring winning to Raider nation. Unfortunately that means Raiders have to draft at least REMOTELY well, and they don’t. Mahomes has an absolutely loaded offense around him right now, and he has more turnovers then most other QB’s. What’s his excuse? He was playing liker absolute crap too, and he didn’t even lose Hill, Kelce, AND Reid, like Carr did.

      1. Right?! Lmao!!! I really can’t believe how dumb people can be!! This idiot probably doesn’t know who Watson is…that guy can roll out and extend plays as good as anyone. When he lost his weapons, O line and the defense played atrociously(Watson is a Top 5 QB mind you) he only managed to win 3 measley games. So what’s going on in LV is NOT a QB issue. It’s and front office/coaching/poor drafting issue.

    2. If all QB’s had to do was roll out, no team would bother investing in the OL. GOD some fans are dumb.

    3. EXACTLY…. if he was mobile they wouldnt be able to do that to him…hes the weak link, many of us been saying this for last 5 yrs. when gruden came he was supposed to be the QB whisperer and heal all the ills. nothigs changed…good stats without points… at the very very least if their not gonna start marriotta they should put him in anytime they get to the 30 yd line…

  2. Hey Mark, forget about this season and give Nick Saban the hundred million dollars and lets win some games!

  3. If O line so bad , Carr needs to learn how to do bootlegs , roll outs , shot gun and when you in the field goal range and it’s 3rd and Goal you throw in the end zone not a 1 yard screen .
    After 8 years he need to make more of an impact by changing his style on running the offense.

  4. I dont think its Cable. And I think it would have much better with Good and Incognito. Why is incognito even on the roster still if he has been hurt for almost a season and a half?
    The talent level is awful. The center is too small and inexperienced. Carr does not have “It”. He fails when the heat is on. He fumbles almost every time he gets hit. Start with some new linemen and a new QB.

  5. No QB will succeed with this line, this O line coach, head coach, or receivers. Renfro and Waller are the only receivers worth their contracts. But yes, let’s dump Carr because that makes so much sense.

  6. I thought Mark Davis would stay in the background and let the football minds rule. His Dad forgot more than he will ever know, but even with that, AL caused more damage than good in his last few years. If Mark cleans house and dumps Carr, rather than getting quality players in the O line and in the secondary, the Raiders will be where they were with AL his last several years. No one of any quality will be a head coach or GM for him. Please Mark, don’t let the Hit Job on Gruden from the NFL Front Office put us back where we were when. Your Dad died. Sell the team if you can’t do the right thing.

    1. Yup, it’s really sad. Notice how they don’t mention Renfrow’s or Jacob’s fumbles which led to scores? No mention of Foster’s bobbled pass getting picked leading to a score? No mention of how the O Line was consistently collapsing around the pocket? No mention of the fact that the Defense allowed the Chefs to seemingly score at will?? No, they just like to put it all on Carr for whatever reason. Disgusting

  7. Yes, the line is baaaadddd. And Carr hesitates way too much. Gets stuck on whether to pull it in and run or throw it. By the time he makes up his mind, too late…

  8. That loss wasn’t on Carr. Tough for the Raiders to attract a better QB with a HORRIBLE offensive line, interim coach and sub par (aside from Waller) receiver core. And the running game isn’t a real threat either. Give him the tools the guy delivers. Would be a MASSIVE mistake to let him go.

    1. Don’t disrespect Renfrow my guy, he’s just as impactful as Waller. Look how he’s stepped up in Waller’s absence! Jacobs is a good RB, but he has the 2nd worst run blocking line to run behind. No lanes are opening up and the edges are set very well by the Defense. He’s turned many possible negative plays into positive gaines. He’s been an important piece to this offense and he’s even improved on his catching.

  9. We need to re-vamp the coaching staff and c’mon give Leatherwood a break this is his 1st year, we could definitely use some help for the defensive tackles and another deep threat receiver or work with Bryan Edwards have him to run some under patterns with Renfrow and have Jackson go long for our deep threat. But anytime you can tie a game with a field goal instead of going for 2 at home with less than a minute left (the Washington game) you ALWAYS take the points.

  10. I am a die hard Raider fan it starts at the top Mark Davis is not his father there was a reason Al traded Jon Gruden who came in and blew up the team so he get his losers in that includ Mike who was out of his league as general manager Derek Carr is not the problem

  11. If you want Raiders home games to look like Chargers home games keep putting this crap on the field. There is a limit as to how many times you can kick the fans in the teeth before they stop coming !

  12. I agree and disagree but bottom line is the whole organization need to look in the mirror as whole. Alot teams don’t have every I dotted and every T crossed but they’re finding ways to get it done with the pieces they have in the building. DC got shelled shocked 2016 when he broke his ankle but it’s no excuse for him nor the team. I’m sure all the loyal Raiders fans feel me when I say we deserve better than this BS they been giving us. They should play on the practice field outside until they are ready to ditch the pop Warner play and play some NFL RAIDERS FOOTBALL!

  13. Give DC a decent line that can run and pass block and add him a true #1 wr for the 1st time with Waller, Jacob, Hunter, and Edwards and see what he does !

  14. Abrams has not taken off plays. He gets beat in coverage because there is not a lot of pressure unless it’s Crosby or Ngakoue. Mullen just came back from the injury list. He had
    about (4) pass interference calls against him in the KC game. Jefferson, Thomas, and Hankins the DT’s are not getting to the quarterback. And, are not consistent against the run.
    The linebackers are getting caught up in the traffic, and are moving backwards. Littleton and K.J Wright are making tackles 8 and 9 nine yards downfield. The solid linebacker is Denzel Perriman who has an ankle injury and is on Injured reserve. Hobbs plays pretty good at corner. Casey Hayward Jr. was the best DB until the last two games. Along with the problems on the offensive line. And, when D. Carr gets hit early and hard consistently that about the Raiders issues.

    1. Lets put mariota in and see what happens . Lv not going to the playoffs this year anyway.
      Can it get any worse ?
      Showcase marcus now and he either stays or get something good for him

  15. Gruden intentionally sabotage the raiders all pro mack gone all pro cooper gone all pro Hudson gone all pro Trent Brown gone all first round draft picks last 2 seasons are a bust SABOTAGE

  16. Tom Cable has destroyed Olines everywhere he went. He is not a good coach. Every team he has been the Oline coach for has gotten worse year to year. Ever wonder why Hudson and Jackson wanted out? They were part of a dominant line under Mike Tice that quickly went to one of the worst in the league.

    Putting any QB behind a Tom Cable coached line is not going to go well. Not saying that DC is 100% blameless, but he can only do so much when he has no run game to rely on and little time to make reads.

    Hire a new coach, rebuild the line and let him play out his contract before making a decision on whether or not to extend him.

  17. This team for years upon years has hired 2nd league coaches, idiotic draft choices, trading players they should keep and so on. Why does the football world know the solution to this mess , and the raiders cant figure it out?
    Put mariota in and see what happens . He might run on 3rd and 5 , instead of trying a 40 yard bomb that isnt caught
    The o- line is a disgrace all year
    Jacobs is a 1000 yard a season back , anywhere but this team. Rodiculous

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