Raiders Could Have a Quarterback Opportunity Not Many Have Been Talking About Until Now

This draft is a little more than a month away, and one of the fastest-rising prospects in this year’s draft pool appears to be Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy.

At one time it looked like the Raiders might have a shot at getting McCarthy in the second round, but the general consensus now seems to be that he won’t even be on the board when the Raiders are on the clock at pick 13.

In fact, any team interested in taking McCarthy might have to move up to one of the top 3 picks in the draft, according to ESPN’s Mel Kiper…

“I’m talking this morning to people before the show, and all I hear is [about] J.J. McCarthy. [He] is so smart, so tough [and] athletic. He almost, because of what he was protected in doing because they didn’t let him carry the offense, has benefited from that. It adds some mystery to it.

[McCarthy] is kind of an old school quarterback. He didn’t throw it 40 [or] 50 times. It wasn’t on him just throwing bubble screens and all over the place. Bottom line is J.J. McCarthy could overtake Drake Maye. He could possibly. I have him going 12th to Denver, but people say he’s going top 10, maybe [even top 5].”

Thor Nystrom on Twitter: “Mel Kiper: “I talk this morning to people… all I hear is JJ McCarthy. Bottom line is: JJ McCarthy could overtake Drake Maye.” / Twitter”

Mel Kiper: “I talk this morning to people… all I hear is JJ McCarthy. Bottom line is: JJ McCarthy could overtake Drake Maye.”

A week ago, there was discussion about the Raiders moving up to pick six or seven to get McCarthy, but it might be time to take this quote from The Athletic‘s Vic Tafur and insert Maye into the conversation…

“Telesco has also had conversations centered on potentially trading for picks in the 5 to 7 range, which are owned by the Los Angeles Chargers (pick No. 5), New York Giants (No. 6) and Tennessee Titans (No. 7). That type of trade could be made to put the Raiders in range for another trade up later or a player at another premium position, but it mostly makes sense if it’s a move up for a quarterback like Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy.”

With a little more than six weeks until the draft, the quarterback carousel has plenty of time to move around, but right now it seems like Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels are generally considered the top two quarterbacks in the draft… with McCarthy and Maye not far behind.

And for the Raiders, the big decision that might be coming is this…

If they have a reasonable opportunity to trade up to pick six or seven to get McCarthy or Maye, should they do it?

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6 thoughts on “Raiders Could Have a Quarterback Opportunity Not Many Have Been Talking About Until Now

  1. All of this is BS… the Raiders have no business mortgaging their future to pick a QB in the first… Unless you are Picking @ #1 (and even that is a 50/50 shot) here are some Brutal stats on first round QB Picks in the First.
    Using generally accepted Stats for QB success here it is (Thank you Mr. Dave Kluge)…

    Picks 2-10 (34 QBs)
    4,000+ yards: 29%
    30+ TDs: 26%
    80+ starts: 41%
    Playoff win: 54%
    Pro Bowl: 63% How about narrow to Top 5?

    Picks 2-5 (23 QBs)
    4,000+ yards: 26%
    30+ TDs: 22%
    80+ starts: 39%
    Playoff win: 35%
    Pro Bowl: 43% What??? Even Worse? WoW!!!

    Point is DON”T TAKE A QB in the 1st unless you are picking 1st or don’t have to trade up to get one…

    The Raiders? If you cannot pick a Franchise Quality Player at pick 13 (non-qb) then your Player Personnel Department Sucks and should All Be Replaced….

  2. If the only way to get a qb is to trade multiple assets than why doesn’t Tom and AP call the Chargers about Justin? Then Jim could take McCarthy.

  3. First round QBs have an approx 60% bust rate compared to expectations. So it all depends on the cost to take the risk in draft picks. For two first round picks you can get a DT, OT, OG, or CB (all needs BTW) that all will carry a much higher success rate than a QB. And KC made the playoffs with Alex Smith while waiting for their guy. You think Russel Wilson or Baker Mayfield would outperform Smith? I do. And no draft picks required. Just money we already have. We can afford Wilson, Wilkins or Jones, and Fuller and still have the number 13 pick (trade-able at that). Or, we could afford Mayfield and Wilkins or Jones and still have the number 13 pick (trade-able at that). What would our team look like after drafting a OT, OG, CB with AOV (a dependable proven backup) and Rattler as a project?

  4. Didn’t they just get rid of a guy that couldn’t make the long throws? Aiden can hand the ball off. I’d veto the J.J. talk.

  5. I still say take Penix at 13. I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people with his pre-snap acumen, and his slingshot strong arm.

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