Raiders Could Have an Offseason Opportunity to Choose Between Davante Adams and a Top 10 Pick

The Jets are expected to be aggressive in their pursuit of Davante Adams in the offseason, and if the Raiders are listening to offers, they might have a difficult decision to make.

Peter King talked this week about Adams’ trade value in his Football Morning in America column, and the Jets might have a tough decision of their own to make if they want to pair Aaron Rodgers with his former teammate…

The Jets are already without their second-round pick in 2024 from the Aaron Rodgers trade.

If the value for Adams in the 2022 trade from Green Bay to Vegas was first- and second-round picks, you’d think the value in 2024 would be less, but what exactly? My guess is a first-round pick, or two second-round picks. The Jets will argue that Adams’ value shouldn’t be that much because he turns 32 during the season next year and will be playing his 11th year.

Vegas will have the leverage, I think, because the Raiders will know Rodgers wants Adams badly, and the Jets will be all-in for 2024 and ’25. If the Jets give their first-rounder next year, it’d mean no picks till somewhere around 75 overall in 2024—and the Jets will have offensive-line holes to fill next year. Or would it be enough for the Jets to trade one of their good defensive pieces plus a third-rounder for Adams? Stay tuned.

According to Tankathon, the Jets currently have the 10th-overall pick with 4 of their next 7 games against teams with a winning record.

Since they don’t have a second-round pick, will the Jets be willing to part with a top-10 pick for Adams?

The Raiders are on pace to pick in the top half of the draft, as well, so they figure to have options if they want to move to the top of the draft to get one of the top quarterbacks.

We’re still far away from the Raiders and Jets making any trade decisions, but it’s never too early to starting looking at their options.

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