Raiders Could Quickly Build One of the NFL’s Most Physically-Imposing Receiver Groups

It’s no secret that the Raiders plan to address the wide receiver position through free agency and the draft. Options will be slim in free agency, but the draft is loaded with talent at receiver. So if you’re thinking ahead to realistic upgrades at receiver, go ahead and skip to the draft.

The thinking is that Jon Gruden would like to add speed to his wide receiver group, but what if he decided to focus on another skill set… one that can’t taught or even improved in the offseason.

Could the Raiders put together a group of pass-catchers that could dominate the AFC West with their size?

Right now Gruden has two massive targets in Tyrell Williams (6’4) and Darren Waller (6’6). Both are mismatches against smaller defenders and both actually have respectable speed, though Williams didn’t have much of an opportunity to show off his speed in 2019 because of a foot injury.

If the Raiders added Clemson wideout Tee Higgins in the draft, they would have another 6’4 (officially just under) receiver. Higgins has an 81-inch wingspan and would immediately become a problem for smaller defensive backs. He is known for his ability to play above defenders and Derek Carr has always preferred big targets on the outside (and everywhere else for that matter).

So while the trend around the league is favoring speed at receiver, the Raiders already have a jump on the NFL with taller (and stronger) receiving targets. By adding Higgins, Gruden could play above any secondary in the league and still have enough speed to stretch the field. With three pass-catchers 6’4 and taller, don’t you imagine the Raiders red zone problems that Mayock has been talking about all week might disappear, too?

Oh, and Higgins also happens to be from Clemson… so he’s bound to end up with the Raiders regardless of what we think of the idea.

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20 thoughts on “Raiders Could Quickly Build One of the NFL’s Most Physically-Imposing Receiver Groups

  1. This is what I hope they do because it plays with the run game and clock management. KC scores fast and in droves. Keep away is how you beat them.

  2. Fasho I like the idea about the receivers but to be honest we need DEFENCE once that issue get a major upgrade I see playoffs go RAIDERS

    1. Look, our Defense can be fixed with a LB in the 1st round. Also CEEDEE, Jeudy or Ruggs! And a couple of FA’s. There’s plenty of LB’s in FA. And we can get a Corner and Chris Jones if the Chiefs don’t Franchise him! Add another safety or Corner in the third and TWO MORE FAST TALL WR’s in the third and this Raiders team will be kicking people’s asses!!

  3. Sounds just wonderful to me,those three,Hunter and pass catching running backs that can also run plus one the most accurate passers ever.Wooo-Weeee!

  4. Wasn’t it Tee Higgins who sat out the combine as he wanted to rest? A Gruden Guy, I think not.

  5. Sign Robby Anderson n draft Higgins from Clemson. Raiders still need a burner who can stretch the field. I also think they need a new returner in special teams. Raiders have lack luster speed in all facets of receiving and special teams. I like your idea of big strong receivers but still need some speed

  6. Anyone know what Higgins 40 time is? No point in having size of you can’t get separation.

  7. Claypool is a way better option. There are work ethic concerns with Higgins.

  8. I’m so ready for a good season we got I good squad we have good card’s to use we should be able to win with the right moves let’s go Raiders Viva Las vegas

  9. I’d rather trade for a proven #1….. 1st rd. WRs are mostly busts. We cant go another year without a #1…. more TEs selected in last years first round than WRs

  10. I say we draft CD or Juedy at #12 and Higgins or Ruggs at #19. Get the WR room filled and we are good for years. Build the Defense with the rest of the draft and free agency.

  11. The thought of having receivers who have size, speed and hands is exactly what this team needs on the offensive side of the ball! Derek Carr has a cannon and finding guys who can catch his ball isn’t easy to find! Higgins would be a great pick if he’s available!

  12. I think we do go after the best receiver available with our # 1 than address the defence big time !

  13. I would love to address most of our defensive issues in free agency, so that we can snag 2 receivers in the first round. Grab Tee Higgins with #12. Trade our #19 down to the bottom of the first, and hopefully get a 2nd round pick. With the late first rounder get Jalen Reagor, and with the 2nd round pick grab AJ Terrell, who would be opposite Trayvon Mullen.

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