Raiders Defense is One of the Best Teams in the NFL at Almost Getting Sacks

Only one defense in the NFL (Jacksonville) is sacking quarterbacks at a lower rate than the Raiders this year, but it isn’t because the Paul Guenther’s defense isn’t getting close.

“Las Vegas has generated 102 pressures (11th), 54 quarterback hits (T-19th) and 55 hurries (T-second),”Tashan Reed wrote this week in The Athletic. “The defense still isn’t bringing down opposing quarterbacks very often, but it’s started to disrupt the pocket on a fairly regular basis in recent weeks.”

“That hasn’t been the case for the majority of the season. Through the first eight games of the season, the Raiders averaged just 0.9 sacks, 6.9 pressures, 3.4 quarterback hits and 4.0 hurries per game. In the last four weeks, however, there’s been a significant uptick in production. They’ve averaged 1.3 sacks, 11.8 pressures, 6.8 quarterback hits and 5.8 hurries per game during that span.”

From a personnel standpoint point, it would seem the Raiders could use a speed rusher on the outside to bring in on passing downs. GM Mike Mayock spent a good portion of the offseason sniffing around potential edge rushers, but ultimately balked at the opportunity to give up meaningful picks for any notable names (Yannick Ngakoue being at the top of the list).

In the past two weeks the Raiders added a couple of once-promising edge rushers in Takk McKinley and Vic Beasley. Both had encouraging starts to their careers with the Falcons, only to see their production decline toward the end of their rookie contracts.

Judging by Atlanta’s pass rush a week ago, the Falcons seemed to have more than enough capable pass rushers. So maybe the new landscape in Las Vegas will be what McKinley and Beasley need to jumpstart their careers. And maybe the Raiders can close out the year with a pass rush that finally starts taking down quarterbacks – as opposed to almost taking down quarterbacks.

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4 thoughts on “Raiders Defense is One of the Best Teams in the NFL at Almost Getting Sacks

  1. Give Beasley a chance tomorrow at jets see what he got we got nothing to lose need to try something new and real fast

  2. Have to say wasn’t sold on Ngakoue..then watched some tape. Enormously underrated…very hard to stop…he is always around the QB.
    Mayock has his strengths but hes ridiculously conservative. We should have kicked the Ravens arse to jump the queue for what they got Ngakoue for. Again..I like the moves for Takk and Vic..and Irving. These are guys that, if they are up for it, are quality starters. But the moves were far too late. Key should have been dumped ages ago and, in a year when we paid fortunes to Mariota and Corey Littleton..the contract given to Nassib..presumably because hes a good guy …was by a street the most stupid. Good news is that, even with limited personnel, we are getting closer. By the law of averages, and on past production as well as potential, one of the pick ups should catch fire..if the raiders are adventurous enough to play them enough. Could erase a big draft need if they play this right.

  3. Some say signing Cory “Little-to-None” was the worst signing in the past year, but to me, it seems like Maliek Collins takes the crown. I don’t know what it is whether he just doesn’t have much left in the tank or it’s the Raiders D-line that as a group just can’t break through that mediocrity despite some talented individuals. Still, I haven’t given up on Littleton and am hoping that Irving, McKinley and Beasley will all contribute going forward.

    Defense definitely did best they could, it really was offensive side of things that had me head scratching the whole time. Last week’s game against Falcons made me wonder if they have given up on the season and will aim for high draft pick rather than pushing for playoff which may or may not happen and getting stuck at mid to lower draft position.

  4. I was with you until you said how GM Mayock sniffed around edge rushers during offseason but balked at having to give up picks. 1st off Mayock is GM in title only n Gruden makes EVERY decision for Raiders. Mayock admitted to that himself but said they happen to agree on things a lot. 2nd if it was offseason sniffing was happening why would it be about draft picks if you could sign one as free agent or draft one that produced immediately. 3rd Gruden failed to add guys that would aid on defensive line bringing in wrong guys n failing to bring in some other ways such as Carlos Dunlap who Raiders could have had good chance to get but didnt. He has been a monster since going to Seattle. Gruden could have arranged to retain Aldon Smith who will always have strong upside if playing or even Benson Mayowa who Raiders had n seems to be very competent n couple other players that Raiders had n could have helped provide more than what they have now.

    Lets not for get the fact that Gruden could have kept Mack n still obtained the players of value in draft n elsewhere. Macks contract which would have been less than what Bears signed him at was easily covered by removing Trent Brown n just small portion of any of the following players: (all of whom have not paid dividends for Raiders n never were going to) WR Williams, S Joyner, LB Littleton.

    Gruden needs to go n Mayock with him n since I am on the subject take the worst owner in history with them.

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