Raiders Draft Day 2: Thoughts On Gruden, Arden Key, And Is Now The Time To Re-Sign NaVorro Bowman?

“Trust the process.”

Jon Gruden didn’t use those words on Friday night, but he may as well have.

Gruden did say that his mom told him he drafts like Al Davis and he everyone not to put too much stock into what the “guys on tv” are saying.

But he didn’t say anything about the written word.

Here are five thoughts from Gruden’s inaugural performance as Raiders commander in chief of the draft.

1 – He is like Al Davis.

Gruden let the scouting department run around for months and then went and drafted who he wants. Not saying it’s a formula that can’t work – remember what everyone said when the Raiders drafted Mike Mitchell in 2009. Only mistake with Mitchell was letting him leave too soon.

2 – Gruden reportedly didn’t bother with mock draft scenarios before the draft. Other than the Arden Key pick, most seem to believe Gruden has been drafting players a little earlier than their projections. Even one of his picks was a little surprised.

Parker was actually the first pick of the third round, but his point remains.

3 – Gruden may be calling the shots, but he is like general manager Reggie McKenzie in one way. It’s the 4th round of the draft and he hasn’t drafted an inside linebacker. The Raiders roster has a long list of holes so not every position could be addressed in four picks – it’s just ironic that inside linebacker drew the short straw again.

Gruden needs to be on the phone with NaVorro Bowman’s agent yesterday.

4 – Gruden’s picks haven’t been sexy to this point, but he’s determined to protect his quarterback. He would rather have a good offensive tackle (Miller) than a great safety (James). There are ways Gruden might be willing to go down – watching his quarterback get ambushed in the pocket obviously isn’t one of them.

5 – Arden Key might be the Raiders most intriguing pick in the draft and probably has the most upside (Miller might object). Key said of his visit with Jon Gruden that the meeting went really well and he was obviously right.

He has personal baggage, but Key has top-10 abilities when his life is in order. One man ready to have his back is Bruce Irvin.

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20 thoughts on “Raiders Draft Day 2: Thoughts On Gruden, Arden Key, And Is Now The Time To Re-Sign NaVorro Bowman?

  1. This draft sucks and we’re not winning nothing this year 0-16 with this type of draft and free agency

    1. We’re gonna be straight chill we got tackles that are zone blocking a dt that can shoot the gap a de that can rush we’re gonna resign bowman and our O is gonna put up 30 a game

    2. That’s a little harsh but it has been terrible like the d.j Hayden draft year picks. Time to leave my town with your tail between your legs

  2. There’s no way McKenzie is making these picks. Arden Key doesn’t get picked if Reggie is making the picks.

    You can’t be picking the best player available if you’re passing on D. James.

  3. I’m not on board with everything I’ve seen. With that being said. Trust the process.

  4. Love this so far to takles that can run zone with our big uglies in the middle, and preasure up the middle nd sides! You all will see.

  5. While I’m not going to argue that Chucky is reaching for most of these guys, he is drafting for need. With Miller, he’s going to be our RT (hopefully anyway because Giancomini had a terrible 2017) or insurance if Penn doesn’t come back healthy and an heir apparent to him, all things we didn’t have as clear cut coming into the draft. We haven’t had a true 3 tech that can apply pressure up the middle in years and Hall did that well albeit at a small school but the talent and production is there, you weren’t going to get that out of Jelly, Vanderdoes didn’t get enough pressure last year and Hester is still a work in progress who might not make it through the preseason considering Edwards Jr. is being kicked inside and Ward might be asked to do the same in a last ditch effort to recoup some kind of value from a guy who was a big reach by Reggie and has looked like an even bigger bust. Parker has a great size and athleticism combo and he can be a project for Gruden and Cable, thing with him is he doesn’t have to start this year. Gruden said he wasn’t impressed with the incumbent O-line depth which doesn’t bode well for guys like Kirkland, Alexander, and Ware to name a few. Now Chucky has a guy he can mold to be the Carr insurance he seeks. If Key can keep his head on straight (big IF but here’s hoping) we got an absolute steal, this dude has top of the 1st round talent no question, I’m glad the team is finally moving Irving to rush end where he can take advantage of the double or even triple teams coming at Mack and go bonkers on his end, but he’s making a pretty penny and isn’t getting any younger. Like Miller with Penn, Key can be a great successor to Irvin and should be able to contribute as a situational pass rusher or give the guys a breather every now and then. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see much in the way of skill players taken day 3, we have a lot of depth in the secondary and backfield, and Gruden seems to prefer addressing more immediate, as in this upcoming season, needs. Look for some help at linebacker, a wideout, a replacement for Marquette, and maybe a backup center if Chucky isn’t confident in Feliciano filling in for Hudson if the need arises.

  6. I like the small school picks. You get talented players that just need coaching and some practice time with some pro players. You can’t teach 6-5 with athletic abilities. That’s God given. How many round 1 busts are there. Relax, let the coaches do their job and develop these kids.

  7. Who needs fans like this dude thinking 0-16?!! Gruden is correct in saying that Carr being ambushed and hurried on every other throw probably isn’t the best thing for a franchise qb. When do the patriots ever have sexy picks? Never! But they’re in a super bowl pretty much every year!

  8. I’m not mad at the picks. I’m mad that we’re getting so little in return AZ NEEDED that pick for their “Franchise QB” We should have also got their 1st next year and instead of that 5th a 2nd . Should of had Marshawn negotiate that. We need a hustler for that.

    1. speaking of ‘return’……Crabtree, King, Patterson……….that’s a lot of talent to send packing and receive Nothing In Return.

  9. I swear it’s as if they gave the draft reins to some random kid on the street and told him “Go get some players!”. This is as bad as any Al Davis draft Ive ever seen. In 3-4 yrs when Grudens roster construction (destruction?) proves to be an absolute trainwreck we’ll all be talking about how we should have seen it coming in the 2018 off-season.

  10. That’s a little harsh but it has been terrible like the d.j Hayden draft year picks. Time to leave my town of Oakland and leave for shitty vegas

  11. That’s a little harsh but it has been terrible like the d.j Hayden draft year picks. Time to leave my town with your tail between your legs

  12. We wil look back at this draft years from now shaking our collective heads at what could have been. We past up on immediate impact players in the 1st & 2nd. I’m no expert but it’s idiotuc picks like these that we’ve only had 1 winning season since 2002. The Raiders never fail to disappoint.

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