What Player Are The Raiders Potentially Trying To Trade Up For?

The Raiders were reportedly interested in trading back into the first round on Thursday night, but it never happened.

According to The Athletic’s Vic Tafur, the player the Raiders were looking to trade up for is still around – and connecting a few dots, it sounds like the player they want is either a linebacker or a safety.

“Specifically, we’re told, a safety and an inside linebacker [are targets for the Raiders], and maybe a defensive tackle,” Tafur said Monday via the The Athletic.

A defensive tackle or offensive tackle may be on Gruden’s radar, but reading between the lines, it sounds like a particular linebacker or safety may be what he’s set on at the moment.

Among the safeties and inside linebackers that Tafur says the Raiders are targeting on Friday night are Stanford safety Justin Reid (brother of former 49ers S Eric Reid), Alabama safety Ronnie Harrison, and Texas linebacker Malik Jefferson.

Assuming Tafur is in the know (he probably is), it might be safe to assume that one of the three players listed above is who the Raiders are hoping to pick (or trade up for) next.

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14 thoughts on “What Player Are The Raiders Potentially Trying To Trade Up For?

  1. I’m okay with the Miller pick. Why would they move up in second round to draft a safety, when they could have drafted the best safty in Derwin? I’d rather have Derwin at 15 and an OL in 2nd rd, then Miller at 15 and one of the safties you mentioned in article

    1. Time will only tell if Derwin is the best safety, you can’t make statements like that till they prove it out there between the lines. I’m willing to bet there’s a clear reason that multiple teams passed on him. Plus, OT is way more vital then a safety. I can understand how picking an OT isn’t a “sexy” pick but no other position is more important other then QB. Want to protect Carr or not?

    1. Oh yea. Cause u know it all. We won’t know nothing about these guys until couple years from now nobody cheers offensive lineman picks I don’t care Broncos got chubs we needed help on the o-line

    2. Why not? Reid was actually an all American. The only difference between Ronnie Harrison and Derwin is a slower 40. He has better instincts, tackles better and is a national champ. Malik Jefferson is a beast and was the top high school player before heading to a crappy coaching carousel at Texas. NFL network “scouts” would be on nfl payrolls if they were actually experts. Don’t let them fool you with their favorite players.

    3. Okay Anthony, since you seen to be a hater on those guys, who would you prefer buttercup? Because clearly you’ve done your thorough research over the last 18 months. Please, enlighten us with your “expertise”….buttercup.

      1. Hey buttercup boys, since you seem to be fine with trashing others in the Raider Nation on here, let me answer for the homie. The problem with kolton is he has injury issues, tape is only great in the PAC 12, and needs time to develop. Does that seem like a homerun pic at 15. **** we could have developed a 2nd rounder. Were gonna trust that Tom cable loved this guy and was hitting the table for him. The guy struggled to develop talent in Seattle. I can live with the pic considering Donald Penn isn’t healthy. Plus we traded for martavious Bryant, although it’s another 1 yr rentel like a lot of these other signings we made. If he shines, we have to pay cooper next year and gonna have to pay him big bucks too? The talk of them going after a safety again baffles me to be honest. We need dline help. If we want to take a flier on someone who has injury concerns, I would rather we go after harold Landry. Homeboy has really good tape and mack still needs someone who can get after the quarterback opposite him. Don’t believe in Irvin constantly doing that. At least bring someone I to rotate. Or ****, reggie’s picks early don’t really pan out so let’s grab maurice hurst. A poor mans aaron Donald . I mean he has a heart issue but do can play and wants to play. Let’s give him his wish. Let him play hard, then let him seek a 2nd contract from another team like the Panthers did with star llatuelali. Sorry don’t know how to spell his last name. Bit let’s get some impact dogs on our defense. We don’t have any dogs. Mack is the man but he doesn’t have that aggressive attitude to lead the team. And that’s fine. Hes a baller. We need vocal leaders on defense who talk the talk but also walk the walk. Derwin James did that. Roquan smith did that. Rashad Evans did that. I think our offense is good until the 5th or 6th rounds. We need to pic some dogs on defense in the 2nd 3rd and 4th round. In the trench.

  2. I was so sick when they had a chance at the top safety or DT (or one of the top on either) and they trade down for a average OT….come on. Gruden said he need to hit a home run, gets what the Raiders fans was in on a no hitter against us, pathetic.

  3. Some of you are so **** impatient. OT is extremely important. Trust the process or go be a Rams fan. I’m over all of the complaining

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