Raiders “Eerily Quiet” On Jack Del Rio’s Job Status

Is Jack Del Rio on the hot seat or isn’t he?

There have been a few conflicting reports, but Del Rio’s job status with the Raiders remains as mysterious as the science behind Gene Steratore’s folded index card.

Nevertheless, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports that there is one scenario that could potentially shake things up quickly in Oakland.

“Unless Jon Gruden plans to leave ESPN and work for owner Mark Davis, Del Rio should be safe. It’s been eerily quiet in Oakland, as Davis shared his plans with few, but some changes are coming.”

It’s widely believed that Gruden more or less has an open invitation from owner Mark Davis to return to the Raiders’ sideline, but since Davis and general manager Reggie McKenzie aren’t known for leaking information, the silence around Del Rio’s job status shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise.

Nevertheless, Del Rio might appreciate a friendly late-season endorsement from either Davis or McKenzie and neither have offered as much.

Answers are coming, but as noted by Rapoport, the consensus seems to be that if Gruden isn’t interested in a return, Del Rio will almost certainly be back with the Raiders next season.

And get this… there are some who believe offensive coordinator Todd Downing will be returning with him.

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3 thoughts on “Raiders “Eerily Quiet” On Jack Del Rio’s Job Status

  1. I have been a Raiders fan since 1968. Given that, I’ve seen the Raiders go through some good years and some not so good years. What Raiders ownership is really looking for, under the guise of having Gruden return to the Raiders, is leadership, plain and simple. Mark Davis is just an owner who inherited the Raider franchise, not a leader. Reggie McKenzie is an unproven x Green Bay management castoff, not a proven leader. Jack Del Rio is a marginally successful coach, not a leader. Gruden “was” a successful coach, with the Raiders, who inherited a ready made franchise, built by Tony Dungee, who lucked up and played against a team that he had successfully coached for the three previous years. Gruden knows and believes that he has unfinished business with the Raiders. Nothing would give him greater satisfaction than to return and complete his unfinished business, with the Raiders. As far as Gruden returning to the Raiders, I see “some” advantages and “some” disadvantages. First, the advantages;

    Gruden has won a Super Bowl.
    Gruden has the decided advantage of retrospection from years of coaching, years of sitting on the sidelines, years of observing how other teams have been successful and watching the mistakes other teams have made.
    Gruden was successful in Oakland, barring the Tuck Rule.
    Gruden’s experience far exceeds that of anyone presently on the Raiders staff, management included.

    Now, the disadvantages of hiring Gruden;

    Gruden, through his many comments as a commentator, has shown he does not connect with players.
    Gruden is a dictator, not a teacher.
    Gruden is does not have an eye for talent, he needs to know the difference between pragmatism and optimism.This is defined as what something actually IS versus what he would like for it to be.
    Gruden does not have an eye for detail. This is evidenced by only he could have beat the Raiders, in the Super Bowl, after having coached them for three years but couldn’t duplicate that success again.
    Gruden is unimaginative and this team would suffer as a result.
    Gruden doesn’t listen to anyone but himself because he likes the sound of his own voice.
    Gruden is narcissistic and it’s hard for him to accept constructive criticism and believes that his force of will can conquer all.

    Should the Raiders hire Gruden; here are some suggestions that could facilitate a successful return.

    Hire, if possible, Tony Romo. Whatever else anyone feels about Tony Romo, he had figured the game out. Tony’s only problem was that his body had become brittle but mentally he knows the game and could be beneficial to Carr’s growth. After signing this kid to a five year 125 million contract, it’s obvious he will be there for a few years so the Raiders might as well get him some expert tutelage. Hiring smart knowledgeable people breeds success.

    Realize what every team that has ever won a Super Bowl knows, that DEFENSE wins championships.So make his first priority team speed on defense. It wasn’t that long ago that Von Miller showed us all what team speed, on defense, can do.

    Emulate success. Gruden and every other team in the NFL has had years of watching successful plays, for all situations. Have that high priced staff do their due diligence and spend some time reviewing and compiling successful plays run in similar situations and use them. Remember, Belichik changed the culture in New England and look at what he was able to do with a guy who was drafted 199th. Again, the secret of Super Bowl winners isn’t lumbering behemoths, it’s speed and versatility. Get a clue.

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