Jon Gruden Reportedly Seeking Morton And Bradley As Coordinators

Jon Gruden is all but certain to be the next Raiders head coach and reports of his preferred coordinators have begun to surface.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Gruden would like to add current Jets offensive coordinator John Morton to his staff as offensive coordinator.

Morton has history with the Raiders and was an assistant on the 2002 Super Bowl team.

Morton’s quarterback for the 2002 Super Bowl run is also strongly considering a position on Gruden’s staff. Former NFL MVP Rich Gannon is believed to be Gruden’s preferred choice to be Derek Carr’s next position coach.

Gruden’s top choice as defensive coordinator is reportedly Chargers defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

Prior to joining the Chargers in 2017, Bradley was head coach of the Jaguars from 2013 to 2016 and made his name before that as coordinator of the Seahawks’ vaunted ‘Legion on Boom’ defense.

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3 thoughts on “Jon Gruden Reportedly Seeking Morton And Bradley As Coordinators

  1. Last speculative article I read until reality kicks in. Wake me up when it’s over!

    1. You have it right, a lot of speculation.

      I wonder what would happen if all of this falls through, no deal could be reached with Gruden. Speculation for another day, presumably.

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