Raiders Essentially Gave Lynn Bowden Jr. Three Strikes and He Was Out

On Saturday, the Raiders surprisingly traded third-round pick Lynn Bowden Jr. to the Dolphins. The trade was a shock, particularly because of the timing. Very rarely do you see a team move on from a third-round pick after only 42 days with the team (he was officially signed July 7).

But in the case of Bowden Jr., it sounds like there was a ‘perfect storm’ of issues (both personally and professionally) beginning not long after he was drafted.

Looking back, did the Raiders overlook too much on Bowden before he was drafted?

Maybe they did.

Because a lot has gone wrong between the player and the (former) team since Bowden Jr. was drafted. Essentially there were three strikes against him in a matter of just a couple months…

Uninspiring Training Camp

Bowden Jr. might have been the last player you would have expected to not stand out athletically among the Raiders’ draft class. He was an incredible playmaker at the University of Kentucky, but somehow wasn’t much of a playmaker in training camp for the Raiders.

Of all the disappointments, this was probably the most surprising. At the very least, we all assumed Bowden Jr. would show up and be dynamic with the ball in his hands.

Difficulty Picking up the Raiders Offense

Not only did Bowden Jr. not run well, but he was also having trouble learning Jon Gruden’s offense. Considering how Gruden and Mike Mayock raved about his football smarts (his college coach also called him “unbelievably intelligent”), the only explanation for Bowden Jr.’s problems understanding the offense would have to have been a lack of focus and/or effort, right?

Suspected Character Issues

Certainly the Raiders would have been aware of the fact that Bowden Jr. grew up in an area dubbed “Murderville” by Ohio locals, but no one would have predicted a government raid on his grandmother’s home (which occurred after the draft). According to The Athletic’s Vic Tafur, that is when the Raiders began to second guess their decision to draft Bowden Jr.

Both Gruden and Mayock have talked about drafting players they could trust to live in Las Vegas, so it would be interesting to know what high-character reviews they received on Bowden Jr. prior to the draft. A Saturday report in The Athletic detailed a long list of maturity concerns from Bowden Jr.’s brief tenure with the Raiders – most concerning on the list being the fear that Bowden Jr. was having a negative influence on the other rookies.

And just like that LBJ was discarded to Miami… two days short of the one-year anniversary of Antonio Brown’s release.

For what it’s worth, Bowden Jr. tweeted on Sunday about the rumors. He is calling BS on them… and something about stepping out of his home twice.

No Title

Don’t believe everything you read lol I stepped outside of my home twice if that 😁 on to a new journey let’s rock 💪🏽


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7 thoughts on “Raiders Essentially Gave Lynn Bowden Jr. Three Strikes and He Was Out

  1. Well better to part ways and get something in return if it’s not going to a good marriage between team and player! We give Mayock and Gruden high marks for their last two drafts, but they have to take a hit on this, seems they misjudged his character or Bowden is a good actor and had them fooled. Who knows onward and upward Raiders!

  2. Here in the buckeye state we usually praise someone who overcomes a rough family life and tries to rise above it; we don’t punish them for it. Poor kid didn’t get a chance to get a toe wet, much less his feet. I miss the days when players were at least given every chance despite poor showing and a questionable personal history (terrelle pryor!!). Y’all may be regretting this one!!

  3. Get rid of potential trouble before it’s too late, not enough talent to take the risk. Its a team game!

  4. Should gave a young man a opportunity I’m die hard Raider fan your bull **** cut. TradenLynn Bowden Jr. and Javelin White got cut he’s bettet than Tanner Muse Your better win the division and go deep in playoff or Chucky got go and Mike Maycock.

  5. This is all a bunch of ****. Most this **** you’re talking about is extremely fabricated. Unprofessional writing this about a kid like Lynn. No wonder your trash *** organization won’t ever Win. Remember you picked Farrell on defense over Josh Allen who led rookies in sacks last year. Trash *** MFn Bums

  6. This is a pathetic article. You should be ashamed to call yourself a journalist.
    You draft a kid that came out of high school playing whatever position his team needed. Got to college and played WR for two years then when his team needed him to in his draft year played QB because he put the team first the team first. Then you try to make him a RB something he clearly isn’t and get mad that he isn’t picking up the offense easy enough. Three positions in three years
    Also the raid of his grandmothers home produced no arrests and no evidence was found. So go to hell with this low character crap. He is a young man who over came extreme adversity to make it to the NFL and your crap organization is simple minded to see that.
    I’m glad he is out of there and go go to a team that will alway him to pass or fail on his own merit not on the upbringing he had to over come.

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