Report: Raiders Were Concerned Lynn Bowden Jr. Was Becoming a Negative Influence On Other Rookies

As it turns out, the sudden departure of Lynn Bowden Jr. from the Raiders may have had as much to do with his actions off the field as his actions on the field.

“Some at the team facility thought the rookie was more concerned with picking up new cars than the playbook, and on the field Bowden looked measured and not explosive,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur reported on Saturday.

“On top of a lack of breakaway speed, he was always getting blasted when it was his turn to pass block. There were also some growing concerns that he was getting more and more distracted in Las Vegas and that he might be an influence on other rookies like Henry Ruggs III and Damon Arnette.”

So while the Raiders were hoping that Bowden Jr. would pick up his role in Jon Gruden’s offense a little quicker, it sounds like the greater concern was regarding his character and decision making.

Tafur added that Raider team officials had been holding their breath on Bowden since a government raid on the home of Bowden Jr.’s grandmother turned up a number of “assault weapons” in June. No one was arrested during the raid, but it is clear that Bowden Jr. was dangerously close to a lifestyle that the Raiders weren’t comfortable with.

As of now, the Raiders have three running backs on the 53-man roster. Bowden Jr. had been considered a “lock” to make the roster, but it’s clear now why the Raiders were willing to get rid of him at a loss.

Now that he’s headed to the Dolphins, it sounds like Miami plans to use Bowden Jr. as a receiver – which means he’ll be starting over in a whole new offense and at a brand new position. Again.

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3 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Were Concerned Lynn Bowden Jr. Was Becoming a Negative Influence On Other Rookies

  1. Kudos to the Raiders. Many NFL players, among other, are susceptible to the distractions of Vegas. Those that live here know not to indulge, and that there are many in town that make as much or more than they do. They are supposed to be mentors for our community. They need to be cognizant of what the Golden Knights have accomplished, the Aces, the Lights, and the Aviators. We will give you our best, but we expect the best. That is how we built Las Vegas.

  2. Who’s responsible for this pick though. There is someone who like Mayock says got on the table for this guy. That guy needs to be addressed because we can’t be missing on 3rd round picks anymore!

  3. 53 years as die heart Raider seems to be over
    because of Dick head Jon
    Grunden he is taken the Raiders the wrong way.
    K. Mack was my first sign.**** Gruden.

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