Raiders Facing Difficult Decision On Sean Smith

Sean Smith was no lock to make the Raiders even before he had legal issues.

Add an arrest and an assault charge to the mix and general manager Reggie McKenzie’s decision to cut or keep Smith probably feels like choosing between a moldy ham sandwich and week-old pizza – he’s going to get sick either way.

Nevertheless, the Raiders are thin at cornerback and Sean Smith is getting paid whether he’s on the Raiders roster or not. His 2017 salary became guaranteed way back in March and if the Raiders could go back in time, you can bet they would have cut ties with him then.

But what now?

After Saturday’s game, head coach Jack Del Rio was supportive of Smith and sounded committed to seeing his $38 million cornerback through the season.

With Gareon Conley’s status still up in the air, who can blame him? Behind Smith and Conley on the depth chart are Antonio Hamilton and Dexter McDonald.

Nevertheless, Smith just can’t seem to get it together. He was once again sloppy in his second preseason game and may actually be worse at tackling than he is in coverage – and that’s no small statement.

It has to be tempting for McKenzie to gamble and see what mystery is behind door no. 2 – even if it means Smith would depart Oakland with what was essentially a one-year, $20.5 million deal.

Currently, Smith has the highest cap number on the defense and if he could just be an average overpaid cornerback, the Raiders would probably take it.

Yeah, that scenario seems like a long shot.

Week-old pizza it is.

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7 thoughts on “Raiders Facing Difficult Decision On Sean Smith

    1. Yep.The Jets owe Revis 6 million for this season.He’s available and I read he’s in shape and healthy.It’s time to look for help Reggie.

  1. Hey Al Ross, didn’t you read the article?????? The writer told us he is getting paid if he’s on the team or not. So why not keep him as the Raiders are thin at the CB position anyway. Think before you shoot off your mouth man.

  2. Sometimes you just have to cut bait.Smith has totally regressed to the point where he could make Blake Bortles look good.

  3. His footwork has been lineman like lately. I watched both games I hope it had something to do with his legal situation. If not he washed up . Think about it kinda looked washed up last year. Take that 9mil and give it to Donald Penn in his face.

  4. Cut him he’s not focused and disciplined enough to play for this high caliber team on they’re way to the super bowl on the contrary he’s a distraction for the rest of the team. Cutting ties would be best for the team and him a fresh start would be best for both sides over all for the Raiders so they can find a new replacement for him with our young core. I would rather have a rookie that gives it his all than a veteran who doesn’t even try.

  5. For some crazy reason I don’t think he is done just yet. Don’t ask me why, I feel that way I just do.

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