Raiders Fastest Ball Carrier in Week 12 Was… Derek Carr?

Every week, Next Gen Stats tracks and measures some of the unique details of NFL games. One of the nifty metrics they determine is the speed of ball carriers.

As it turns out, the Raiders’ fastest ball carrier against the Cowboys this week was… Derek Carr?

According to Next Gen Stats, Carr was clocked at 19.84 MPH on his 22-yard scramble against the Cowboys. The next closest speed recorded by a Raider this week was DeSean Jackson, who reached 19.04 MPH on his 56-yard touchdown reception in the first quarter.

Courtesy: Next Gen Stats

Carr doesn’t accelerate like some of the league’s more mobile quarterbacks, but he is certainly capable of getting up to speed. The fastest speed Next Gen Stats has recorded from a quarterback this year was Jalen Hurts, who reached 20.33 MPH in week 3.

Interestingly, Lamar Jackson doesn’t have any of the top recorded speeds from a quarterback this year. For Jackson, it’s his shiftiness and ability to accelerate that separates him from his peers.

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23 thoughts on “Raiders Fastest Ball Carrier in Week 12 Was… Derek Carr?

  1. Still doesn’t make DC worth a ****. Raiders should have proffered the Bengals their entire slate of draft picks for Joe Burrow.

      1. Nah man I’m watchin him play. The hell are you high on? He can only do as well as the rest of the team does. When are you dumbasses going to realize it takes a TEAM to lose and a TEAM to win. Last I checked one dude isn’t a team. Win, lose or tie remember? That dude won’t even play for another team and wants to retire a Raider. Maybe we should give him the same loyalty and respect. Think about what he’s been through the past eight years, from multiple coaches to intense injuries. I don’t see you out there. Sit down and stfu. Go hop on the cheifs or the broncos

  2. If Carr would run occasionally on called QB carries, where he isn’t hanging out to see if a player gets open, he could change the flow of a game.

    1. True, I do wish he would keep plays alive designed roll outs, an occasion scramble or two, ANYTHING except stand there & wait to be sacked! But after those two injuries & a bad line early on he’s not trying to get hurt like that again

    2. Certain Raiders fans are never happy. He runs for a TD attempt and has ball knocked out of his hands for a fumble on the goal line and people are pissed he chose to run. He stays in the pocket to find an open receiver and gets sacked. Why didn’t he run? and they are pissed. No pleasing some fans.

      1. Not real fans man. It’s win, lose or tie but these guys love him when we win and hate him when we lose. Then try to say it was DC’s fault instead of a team effort. Smh when are they gonna learn that we’re a team and DC’s performance has to do with how our off-line performs as well

  3. Carr listened to his slow, sack-dummy brother waaaayyyyy too much. It’s hampered his career for sure..
    “Just throw it away, bro!”

  4. Haters will see this and still refuse to give him credit because they hate anything positive being said about Derek Carr… Fake fans need to find a new team already.

  5. That’s someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about…

    In 2004, David Carr rushed for the 3rd most yards by any QB (despite the lack of a line and all the sacks) in the NFL. BTW, he had the 12th most passing yards @ over 3,500 which was more than Brees had the same season in SD, and more than Carson Palmer or Roethlisberger.

    In 2005, he had the 2nd most rushing yards by any QB, again despite leading the league in pressure and sacks.

    His problem was a compete lack of support by a toxic management in Houston, with a revolving door of coordinators and a porous line…

    This, from this year, was an interview with Bill Parcels in which he (unprompted) brought up David Carr.

  6. Carr frustrates me at times for sure but when I watch other QBs no matter which one they are not perfect. The running game seems to be more of a problem if they could get that going it would give Carr more opportunities. That being said he’s our QB and and I’m routing for his success. We could do a lot worse. The hardest thing to do in the NFL is find a good QB.

    1. I have been more than patient with my analysis of D. Carr as raider quarterback.
      But over the past eight years, tell me of one playoff caliber game of which D. Carr was the
      quarterback, that the raiders won with him. He is a 8-8, 7-9, at best 9-7 quarterback that is not good enough in the NFL
      Even, the 12-4 year with riverboat Jack Del Rio, when D. Carr was under the big lights and
      he was hit hard early and hard. He folded and quit. So, give Marcus Mariotta a chance to
      show if he can get us there?

  7. I am a raider fan since the early 1970’s. There is a reason that every Pro football team in the NFL passed on drafting Dereck Carr in the 1st round in the year he was drafted. Although he had superior stats at Fresno State. Dereck Carr is a quarterback that gets you to 8-8, or7-9, or best 9-7. More importantly if you hit Carr early and hard he quits. That is who he is. A comparison would be the type of results, George Blanda would give you at the end of his career. A premier backup. The Raiders will not go anywhere with Dereck Carr and I feel they can do better with Mariotta.

    1. He and the team had a 12-4 record in 2016. Just sayin.

      DC4 gets into jams & has some bad games – and I don’t want to run up excuses. The dude takes responsibility & the blame, despite he deserves it or not. Alec Ingold said when the offense messes up, it isn’t Carr – someone else made a mistake. No not all the time. But we are what we are – we have a weak o line, that has trouble establishing the run game and breaks down or gets penalties a lot. The CBs have been struggling because of injuries to Mullen and Abram struggling to cover. Injuries have decimated the team. Plus loss of a head coach & a talented kid who made a terrible mistake. If everyone can get healthy, the weapons are there & the only thing we can’t fix, perhaps, is the oline. It’s a tough game. Choices have to be made to reach the salary cap. Otherwise, they’d have kept Hudson & Jackson most likely or gotten another LT.

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