Derek Carr One of Only 5 Quarterbacks in NFL History to Reach 30,000 Passing Yards in First 8 Seasons

Derek Carr is at the top of nearly every career passing statistic in the Raiders’ record book. Passing yards (30,310), touchdowns (187), and completions (2,746) – no quarterback in the history of the organization has more.

Now, at the age of 30, we’re starting to see how Carr’s career stacks up against some of the most prolific passers to play the game. Carr is one of only five quarterbacks in NFL history to reach 30,000 career passing in his first 8 seasons.

At Carr’s current pace in 2021 (310 passing yards per game), he will pass Dan Marino on the above list and could potentially challenge Matt Ryan by the end of the season, as well.

Through 11 games, Carr has more passing yards than any quarterback in the NFL despite playing behind arguably the weakest offensive line of his career – not to mention the many other negative variables that have plagued the Raiders this season.

As an organization, the Raiders have a lot of big decisions coming in the months ahead. One will be Carr’s contract. He has one year remaining on his current deal, but this figures to be an offseason where the Raiders and Carr make a committed effort to sort out their future together.

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55 thoughts on “Derek Carr One of Only 5 Quarterbacks in NFL History to Reach 30,000 Passing Yards in First 8 Seasons

    1. Carr isn’t the loser dude. It is the pieces around him. He been pulling his weight. Carr has not had consistent coaching system. To build around until now. Their is maybe 7 players older than him on the team. So lack of experience last 4 yrs. Poor Defense since 2013. Last year O-line was beat up. This year they are young. But Carr always carry us. Let’s keep Gruden plan. It working. We had to rebuild from the draft. We couldn’t afford big names. Carr is Leader in comebacks wins in his 8 years. That heart of a winner.

      1. Even though I’m a Chiefs fan, this is a very accurate statement.

        Here’s a cool Raider story 4U… During my senior year (1979) at Dublin High School (15 miles from Oakland) a girl walked by my locker every day for two weeks trying to get my attention. One day she was wearing a Raiders jersey, and I said…”So you must like the Raiders. She responded by saying…”of course I do, don’t you know my uncle?” “And who’s that? I responded. “Tom Flores, I thought you knew that.”
        Needless to say we became good friends after that.

    2. Hard to win games when the opposing team is scoring 30+ points. That is what Derek Carr has had to deal with most of his career. Every elite QB out there would have the same struggles if they were in the same position. just because you are an anybody but Carr person doesn’t make your statement true. Look at the whole picture.

    3. If any of this was true… Then names like Brad Johnson & Joe Flacco would always be remembered…? And names like Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, and Boomer Esiason would have long been forgotten. Facts.

  1. Any nfl qb can do what he does if they only hold the balm less than 2 secounds he plays scared and is a coward

    1. Jason, is everything good at home? Mental health is a real thing. Respond to this message if you need some help.

      I’m happy to spend my valuable time listening to your issues

      You are not alone

    2. If he had a O-line that could hold up more than 2 seconds he would. As when he has deep threats to throw to he do give them time. But he is not a run around QB. Funny neither is the guy who has the most SB wins. Not Brees either. So he don’t have to hold the ball when you know how to read defenses. Not sandlot ball.

      1. I guess that’s why his passer rating is higher when under pressure… You are just another Carr hater. Not a very intelligent statement

    3. Less than 2 seconds? My that is not even a 3 step drop. Scared football has him 2nd in the league in passing yards, only behind Tom Brady. What other QBs can play behind a weak offensive line, little run game, an undisciplined defense that gives up many points and still put up top 5 numbers?

    4. I guess that’s why his passer rating is higher when under pressure… You are just another Carr hater. Not a very intelligent statement

    5. You need to take spelling lessons. Because you’re a loser at that.
      You must be a Cowboys fan. He holds the ball longer than a few seconds.

  2. The raiders constantly pat his stats always pasd the ball when inside the 10 yard line just to make his stats look better

    He played coward football agaist dallas throwing only to get a PI complete coward foitball

    1. Well Jason
      Sounds like you’re tampon needs an adjustment
      He should of thrown more passes towards that clown of DB what was he thinking.
      I would have thrown to who ever was being covered by that fool All game long

    2. How bout that cowboy fan Jason mimicking Jerry Jones. Sour grapes only gets you sour wine. If what Carr and the Raiders did against the the cowpokes is cowardly, they should play coward ball the rest of the year. Or is it throw up ball ???

      1. Amen.
        This guy is throwing over 3000 a season. With whatever system he been in with less than top tier receivers. The hate for him from so call Raiders fans. Still do not see the team in experience (young team). Yep Carr haters go be Ravens and KC fan.With the run around can’t read defenses QB”s .

        1. This Jason guy just doesn’t seem to know much about football nor the english language! I think he wants to be a thorn in someone’s *** because he has nothing better to do other than spewing his lack of knowledge out. Typical Raider Hater..

    3. It’s crazy that he puts up all these stats and the Raiders can’t win. I’m all for letting Derek Carr go….he deserves a better team. Like Stafford, he will excel and win games if he gets a better team. I mean, Trent Dilfer and Joe Flacco have Super Bowl rings. They’re no where near as good as Carr, but rode off of the amazing defenses they had. Carr deserves to win but with a better team. Half of Raider nation blames Carr for everything, this is why we’ve had only one winning season in the last 19 years. Always looking at the wrong problems.

    4. Arron rogers does same thing coward football.
      Hes a hero i guess
      Raiders beat them fair and square live with it.

    5. Well Jason first of all you might think Carr is trash which he isn’t but I bet he can spell which you can’t. So maybe learn to spell correctly before you start bashing people. Second, how is throwing all those deep balls against Dallas being a coward? I bet you couldn’t stand in that pocket waiting to get hit to throw it deep like that. If a corner can’t cover and gets penalties it’s smart to target him not cowardly. A coward is someone that posts online and criticizes people behind a computer. Look in the mirror!

  3. Carr is a complete liar IWILL ONLY PLAY 4 1 COACH so if your a SO CALLED man of god then u should honor your word and retire
    And do the raiders and the nfl a favor total discrace to GOD and the NFL

    1. Are you really that stupid Jason? He can’t control Gruden getting fired…your posts definitely place you in the lowest percentile of football intelligence, do yourself a favor and just stop.

      1. He should find another team because word is, Carr is about to sign for 5 years 220 million in the off season.

    2. Don’t bring God in it. He clearly was talking about his desire or his intent and not making a commitment. Carr has issues but who is available that is better? Outside of the clear top 7 (Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes, Jackson, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, Josh Allen) who could you say is clearly better? Guys like Carr, Dak, Cousins, Tannehill, Baker Mayfield, Stafford, are pretty much the same guy. They need weapons (which Carr doesn’t have), running game (which Carr doesn’t have), good scoring defense (which Carr hasn’t ever had), and good coaching (doesn’t have that now either). So until someone better (one of the 7 or a clear cut college prospect) becomes available, Carr is the best (or as good as) option available.

    3. Sounds real personal between you and Carr, maybe you should go knock on his door and talk to him face to face. I bet you can convince him to quit before the season is over.

  4. All people can do run there mouth and talk smack that’s what’s wrong with this world get a life

  5. Jason, words matter…so does spelling…brush up or wait till you graduate kindergarten before posting further

    1. Everyone just calm down a bit! I have been a raiders fan since the 70s and weep ever fricken year they don’t goto the playoffs! I have always loved DC, complete class, bottom line is raiders are so predictable with their play calling it’s not even funny! No stability in the last 8 years, it takes a team to lose not just one guy, ever hear that when you are Winning? It’s not one guy winning the game but an entire team!!!

    2. Arron rogers does same thing coward football.
      Hes a hero i guess
      Raiders beat them fair and square live with it.

  6. Ive been a raiders fan back when they played the vikings in the superbowl.the 2 things i see there not consistant like they used to be and they just dont have any lester hayes or woodsen around in the secondary .the raiders used to be feard what happend

  7. This is all I see in the Raider Nation FB groups I joined. I joined because I thought thar I might pick up some info I wasn’t aware of. Instead these groups seem to be populated with lots of haters who insist on hating on anything Carr does and with some they start name calling if you don’t agree with their twisted logic. Guess it’s better to trash talk with family and friends. These folks are trolling and trying to bait others in to an argument One even had bronco in his userid . If that’s what these groups are about I’m out. I want to support my team. In fact today (gameday) I’m wearing a t-shirt that says “**** right I’m a Raider fan. Win or lose “. Never will understand when you are a fan of a team whatever team why not support them?

  8. All of you busters are wanna be football fans raider or not you have no business commenting on Derek Carr or any other raider for that matter cause you don’t even know **** about football anyway busters!!!

  9. I would like to start by addressing Jon Gruden he wasn’t fired he resigned. In my opinion his comment was wrong, But who looks up emails from 10 years ago. As far as Derek Carr he makes mistakes like we all do but he strives to get better each and every game. Yes I get upset by the mistakes on both sides of the ball but at the end of the day I’m a Raider fan and always will be

  10. He’s not just a tampon.
    He’s an USED TAMPON…
    Don’t understand all the hate.
    1. This year he lost the O line
    2. He lost the deep threat
    3. Lost coach
    4. Last year lost an IDIOT ABROWN. The offense was built around Brown.
    5 The D was terrible last couple of years.
    And we can go on and on…
    Go replace your TAMPON J
    And we can go on

  11. Most watched game in 30 years
    And the Raiders pull it off in the clutch.
    Eat that cry babies ..
    Spot light was on the Raiders the real American team.
    And the trees all shake and quiver and quake as he robs them of there gold!!
    He will knock you down upside down and laugh when hes conquered and won.

    1. It is the best for Raiders(can hear Al’s voice saying it). Been with us for 8 years now,and the way QB’S are protected,we can have Carr for the next 8-10years? We have a solid run game! Yes,O-line has their work a head of them. Yes,we need help at WR!(Bill Musgrave) ’16 when Carr was getting mention for MVP,and 12-4 season. Now! Our D. Very undisciplined. If they can do their job,and nothing more. Just do your job! If those recipe’s come together. SUPERBOWL BOUND!

  12. Derek Carr #4 this kidd is Gutsy. He plays with heart and love , genuinely loves the Raiders Organization and The Raider Nation. He is my Favorite All time Raider Quarterback Behind Kenny” The Snake ” Stabler . Kenny loved the Raiders almost as much as he loved himself. Kenny would get injured and still play . Same with DC. He’s a Winner , He wants to Win . You Call it Scared 2 second football. 2016 – Online Penn
    Osemele, Hudson , Jackson , Howard . Look at that O Line that’s when DC was about to become MVP . You all weren’t talking all this trash then. I’ll leave it at that. I am the Raider Nation .
    Just Win Baby !!!

  13. Carr is not a leader on the field …60 year fan of Raiders 1 playoff appearance in 20 years well rest of division has 6 each in 20 years 33 fumbles by Carr in 7 years some thru the end zone for points ..But he has had a lot of **** on his plate with all the crap going on ..and could use another talented WR ..still stats DONT win games.. points do.

  14. Actually I hear more true fans on this little thread.Finally some people say the right things about one of the best qbs in the game today.He will get a trophy I just hope he’s a raider.I also been a die hard fan since age 8.The tuck rule game made me not watch football at all for acouple years.I just wonder why root for them,but talk trash about carr.bounce to another team.I grow up in l.a. now live in vegas ,they followed me.Talk trash in my presence I wish ya would.been to jail 3 times because of never know whos listening. SIN CITY HELLS ANGELS prospect 3 yrs.

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