Raiders Former First-Round Pick Reportedly on the Trade Block

The NFL trade deadline is approaching and the Raiders have reportedly placed a former first-pick on the trade block.

“The Raiders have had discussions involving 2019’s fourth pick, Clelin Ferrell,” Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer reported on Friday. “The ex-Clemson star has 6.5 sacks in 32 career games, and none to date in 2021.”

The Raiders took some criticism for drafting Ferrell with the fourth-overall pick in 2019. Officially, the first critic of the pick was a fan in Nashville, Tennessee attending the draft. The fan’s reaction was caught by ESPN cameras soon after the pick was announced.

Ferrell is in his third year with the Raiders and he’s having the least-productive productive year of his NFL career. His Pro Football Focus grade, which doesn’t account for snap volume, currently has Ferrell with a lower grade than he finished with in either of his first two seasons.

When he was drafted, Ferrell was considered by many to be a “safe” pick who didn’t have the makings of a superstar, but was a good bet to not be a bust. It sounds like we will find out soon if there is still a team out there that views him that way.

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28 thoughts on “Raiders Former First-Round Pick Reportedly on the Trade Block

  1. Whata Shocka! Didn’t see that one coming! We should receive a 6th round draft pick and $25 as compensation… thanks for nothing Mike and Chucky

  2. Granted he has not performed like a #4 overall pick. He’s not the first in NFL history to not physically perform up to order in which one was selected & drafting is still a crap shoot. But at least he has not been a distraction (no complaining in the papers about lack of playing time). He still seems like a good team mate & when he is in the game you can see that he gives it his all. He is still really good against the run.
    He’s not at fault that Raider evaluators made the mistake?
    I still respect the young man.

      1. Yeah and if you think Ferrell is not a bust, you can keep going down that high road. Take Ferrell with you😂

    1. Seriously WTF I don’t know why they are so desperate to trade him for a 6th or 7th rounder, you’d be lucky if you get a rotational player or even a practice squad. at those #s. keep him he’s a good rotational piece and when he gets more playing time he does good against the run n gets a few sacks a year, what more do you want from a rotational piece? They fucked up now deal with it. I mean fucking leatherwood had been fucking up hard too and DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON Arnette. Don’t think I forgot about Kolton Miller because he’s not good either, he’s been so mediocre it’s TIME WE STOP FUCKING REACHING, TIME TO 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 MIKE MAYOCK! bring in a real GM

      1. Kelton Miller is the#2 rated tackle in the league by PFF. Leatherwood is just a rookie so he’s going to get his time to mature. Ferrell has a few sacks in his career, not every year. Lol

  3. Gee who didn’t see this coming. Still remember the homers trying to defend this bust…..What draft picks do the other teams want from the Raiders to take Ferrell? Asking for a friend….LOL. Can’t wait to hear Mayock talk about “the Foundational player” Gruden & his horizontally challenged DC really wanted…. Can Arnette go with him?….

    1. Hmm. You throw around the word homers which is slang for homosexuals. It doesn’t bother me but Gruden was fired for it.

  4. Played him inside and outside never let him settle in at one spot. I don’t think he got enough snaps. Any way possible wasted 4 pick and I don’t what the return would be.

  5. Yes – Clelin is a solid character! Hopefuly he will adjust to the NFL game. He was outstanding @ Clemson. Go Raiders!

  6. I thank he is a very very good player and a quality individual. I don’t want him to be traded away. He has not caused any problems for the Raiders. He has value if they would just be patient. He is not the headache and problem of past players. I saw hold on to him.

    1. The NFL stands for Not for Long. This is Ferrell’s third year and he’s an after thought on the bench. How long do you want the Raiders to be patient?

  7. Solid rotational player, especially if the injury bug hits. He is a team player and already knows the “D” system. Will he take a lesser role, or less money ? 5, 6 or 7 pick for someone like Ferrell doesn’t make sense. Renegotiate his contract, he has value to this team.

  8. Clelin Ferrell was a big reach at #4, the Raiders could have picked up a stellar secondary piece or a stellar offensive lineman. A major left guard or Christ a stellar back up left tackle would be better at this point. As F bomber said, “ what the ****. “ Doesn’t matter he is a good rotational player adds a couple sacks a year and when played enough is a solid rotational run stopper. Keep in case of injury. Just don’t pick up his fifth year option if he doesn’t come around.

  9. Love reading my fellow Raiders fans commens! I dont need to add anything the Nation has it all covered. I’m just excited as F with the way we’ve played the last couple of games. We’ve been mediocre for to long…. I am a bit concerned about Jacobs tho I hope he can stay humble and stay hungry… he’s our RB1

  10. Depth is everything in this league some say he isn’t that bad especially against the run that’s a plus in my opinion. If we can make a great trade maybe but if not stay the course remember the season has been lengthened and we dont know the impact that might have.

  11. One of many scratch your head picks. Too bad Jon was not fired because of coaching and draft selections.

  12. Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock screwed this pick up royally, just like so many other picks. The draft analysis had Ferrell going late 1st early 2nd. Why pick a “safe” player when there was Devin Bush Jr, Rashan Gary, Dexter Lawrence, and L J Collier all available. If they were looking for a replacement for Khalil Mack they should have never let him go. Jon Gruden lied when he said Mack didn’t want to return. When they interviewed Mack he said Jon Gruden NEVER spoke to him nor did he ever reach out and try to get him to sign long term. The best thing that has come out of this is Gruden is gone. Maybe now we can hire a “real” GM instead of a yes man!

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