Raiders GM and Head Coach Reportedly Split on Approach to Taking a Quarterback in the Draft

Are the Raiders split on what they want to do with the 13th-overall pick?

A recent story from NFL insider Tony Pauline suggested that head coach Antonio Pierce and GM Tom Telesco are leaning in different directions on how they want to approach the quarterback position in the draft.

According to Pauline, Telesco wants to take a more conservative approach to finding a quarterback and Pierce is wanting to make an aggressive move in the draft.

“There [has] been talk about the Las Vegas Raiders wanting to move up for a quarterback,” Pauline reported last week. “The latest coming from Raiders’ draft meetings is that head coach Antonio Pierce wants to trade up for a signal caller, yet general manager Tom Telesco is leaning heavily to sticking with second-year quarterback Aidan O’Connell and free-agent signing Gardner Minshew.”

Pauline followed up on his report this week in an appearance on Raider Nation Radio’s Unnecessary Roughness with Q Myers.

“Antonio Pierce… knows that they need to improve the quarterback position and he wants to move up and get a quarterback,” Pauline said. “Now you’ve got Tom Telesco, who is a first-year general manager, who I think understands the amount of draft capital that it’s going to take for the Raiders to move up and get a quarterback, and he’s very hesitant.”

Pauline went on to say it will be nearly impossible for the Raiders to move to the top of the draft.

“Rather than give up the massive amount of draft capital that would be needed to move up,” Pauline continued, “I think Telesco is saying ‘Let’s see what we’ve got and maybe we’ll get a quarterback later on rather than give up all these picks to get one of these guys.’ I think it is going to be if not virtually impossible, nearly impossible for a variety of reasons. No. 1, the two teams selecting right in front of the Raiders, the Denver Broncos and the Minnesota Vikings, also want to trade up to get a quarterback. The Giants may want to trade up a few spots to get a quarterback… and then how far down do the Arizona Cardinals really want to move?”

There is always bad information circling the draft this time of year, but not everything that comes out is necessarily false.

One thing to keep in mind from the Raiders standpoint is that it actually benefits them to have stories circulating that their decision-makers in the building have differing ideas on how to approach the quarterback situation.

It’s important to keep draft secrets and strategies in house this time of year, but it’s impossible in this age of information and communication to eliminate the leaks. If it’s not possible to stop the good information from leaving the building, the best approach is to create multiple draft narratives and maybe even a rumored “divide” among the front office and the head coach.

Just a guess… that’s probably what’s going on here with the Raiders.

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2 thoughts on “Raiders GM and Head Coach Reportedly Split on Approach to Taking a Quarterback in the Draft

  1. I’ve been a Raider fan for well over 50 years so I’ve seen my share of disfuntion. In my humble opinion we are headed toward another year of it before we even get to the draft. I thought this off season would be easy, sign Justin Fields for what was a give away at a 5th rounder and for gods sake resign Josh “J”. Then you pour your draft into OL, LB and secondary…..done and the Raiders would have been all but guaranteed a playoff spot. Instead Raiders hire an OC that was sh#tcanned in Chicago ( so that means Fields is out), pick up Garner (mediocre) Minshew and gave away JJ and a pro bowl slot receiver in Renfrow. Now they need a dominant running back and no, white isn’t that guy. A slot receiver and a QB…..Excellent work from our new GM that was shi#canned a week before Davis hired him….now they don’t have the capitol to move 8 or 9 spots. Now they will have to nail the draft just to have a shot.

  2. I think we are going QB with our first pick, but we will see. (Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the mourning.) Jesus loves the Raiders and us too, I am putting my trust in Him and praying for a turn around.

    I proclaim this blessing over our team and you too, just say amen”

    The Bless you and Keep you, the Lord cause His face to Shine on you, the Lord be Gracious to you and give you His Well Being. Amen

    Jesus is Lord,

    Raider ON RN

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