Raiders Have Reportedly Discussed Contract Extension With Derek Carr

Are the Raiders thinking about extending Derek Carr’s contract?

According to an ESPN report on Friday, the two sides have talked about a new deal, but may have slowed talks in the second half of the season.

“If I’m Derek Carr’s agent and I feel like my guy deserves an extension, which there were some talks last year between both camps, the Raiders camp and Carr’s camp, that he wanted an extension done sooner rather than later,” ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez told 920 AM’s Pritch and Clay Show. “Then the wheels fell off the season and it never happened. But if I’m his agent and I want to inflate the value of my client, I would float a story out there that ‘Hey, I could get two first-round picks for him.’”

As it stands, Carr has two years remaining on his deal with the Raiders and his contract remains very tradable. The Raiders could lower his salary cap number in 2021 with a contract extension, but his contract would then become more difficult to trade in terms of dead money.

It’s anyone’s guess whether or not the Raiders would trade Carr, but until they address his contract, quarterback-needy teams will continue to call.

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45 thoughts on “Raiders Have Reportedly Discussed Contract Extension With Derek Carr

  1. Trade Carr for two draft picks who hasn’t been the same since his don penn vs the Colts let him get his leg broken. By the way O coordinator Olson didn’t need to call a pass play when the Raiders were leading. Draft Texas A & M QB Kellen Mond in 3rd or 4th round after they draft DE s, and LB and a few Safetys. Go LV Raiders, Go Coach- Tom Flores to get into the NFL HOF finally. SGD

    1. Did you even watch the games last year? He slung that ball more than he did in 2016 with better success. In 2016 he had a decent defense with key players like Mack who could take over the game when it was on the line which led to him having a league leading 9 4th quarter comebacks that year. He’s been playing just like that last year. Find something else to complain about

    2. Hate to tell you bud but there are no sure for betta any college qb coming into the league is going to succeed.

      Also the raiders need pressure from the DT position, not the edge. The weakest link is up the middle.

      Trading Carr sets the raiders back 4 to 6 years. Go play Madden, these are not smart decisions

    3. 9th best qb according to PFF we just need D. Also sign either Allen Robinson he likes Raiders and Gus Bradley drafted him in Jacksonville or Goodwin from Tampa. Draft D and o line.

    4. They’re not getting Watson So trading Carr right now when there on the verge of the playoffs would be stupid He had a great season Give the man an extension

    5. Carr continues to improve in a complicated offense while young receivers hold things back, and defense loses games. His market value reflects the uncertainty of drafting a future starter. With a decent defense the Raiders are a playoff team. Change the QB and best case scenario is probably 3 years away.

    6. No he only had career-high stats this year 101.7 qbr 22 4th quarter comebacks over 4000 yard passing I can keep going. Treating this guy would be a mistake and possibly wind is right back up in the 2007 JaMarcus Russell years

    7. Terrible idea! Carr is obviously better now and on the same page with Gruden , so trading for unproven picks and having to start over with a new QB just sets the team back another year or two!

    8. I don’t think Derek Carr deserves contact extension I think you need to take a pay cut until that he’s a Raider and look the one that’s happening ship and do what it takes to win a championship whatever it takes running the ball paying attention

    9. what a crock of s*it, carr has been nothing but a team player while mastering grudens WC offense. trade him, go ahead you fools and watch us win 3 games at best, smh, hes a top7 qb in the NFL, and i for one thinks he deserves some ******* respect

  2. Maybe Mr Carr is satisfied with his current salary and knows that his team could use some financial freedom to add pieces for a championship run. Please remember that he is a RAIDER and will do what needs to be done for the betterment of the team. GO RAIDERS!

  3. Dumb and Dumber

    Does resigning Nathan Peterman engender confidence in anyone in the football world, other than Mark Davis, that Gruden knows what he is doing? I’ve been an advocate of signing Anthony Gordon off of the Seattle Seahawks practice squad as an alternative to Peterman. To me, signing players from other team’s practice squads means having players who have a year or two under a pro system as opposed to guys fresh out of college who have to become acclimated to the pro style game. Good scouting is how the Raiders wound up finding Darren Waller. Further, “good scouting” allowed the Kansas City Chiefs to find some guy from the University of West Alabama. My point is that THERE IS talent to be had at minimal cost should the right approach be taken. Someone who knows what they are doing would know that. Thus far, Gruden’s second stint, with the Raiders, and Mark Davis’ assessment of coaching talent has been an abject failure. While the stadium, money and fan base ARE in the city of Las Vegas, competent coaching is not. In their first year, in Las Vegas, the Golden Knights went to the Stanley Cup finals. For two consecutive years, the Las Vegas Aces have reached the WNBA finals. This town can, will and wants to vigorously support a winning sports franchise. I could easily envision the NBA Board of Govenors awarding a future NBA franchise to Las Vegas. Competent leadership is the cornerstone in establishing a winning attitude. Why, even the Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins have turned their dismal franchises around and are projected to have bright futures ahead of them. Gruden, on the other hand, is 19-29 in his second stint as the Raiders head coach. He called Paul Guenther a “good coach.” He let Kahlil Mack walk and then said that he needed a pass rusher. Now, he resigns the absolutely statistically worst quarterback, in NFL history, again??? Not only is, as William Shakespear said, “… something is rotten in Denmark…” someone there in Las Vegas is drinking unfiltered water from Lake Meade. Just think, if he wins 10 games this year, he’ll be 29-36 and 50 million dollars richer after 5 years. Thank God that the Raiders have a glorious past because their future doesn’t look bright worth a ****.

  4. Keep Carr. Offense is not the problem the defense is. If your putting up 30 points a game and still losing don’t plane the QB.

  5. Please get rid of Carr and Jon Gruden.. They are stinking up the place something awful..

  6. I hope this means they an on trading Marcus Mariota, and I hope it’s to Washington.. They extended their 3rd string QB too.

  7. There weren’t many QBs with better stats than Carr…If the D stops KC, SD, and Miami, Las Vegas could very well be playing tomorrow. I watched every game, and other than whatever that was in ATL, the week AFTER the KC loss, they competed in every game. Now is not the time to mess with the offense.

  8. Raiders need to pass first and run second wake up Jon Gruden I’ve been a Raider fan since before Seattle had a team I know what I’m talking about no run first team made it to the Final Four

  9. If the raiders get rid of carr ,I will never watch them again.Ive been a raiders fan since I was 10 yrs old.Thier offense is super bowl ready as it is today.They fix the defence and they will be very hard to beat.So shut the hell up about getting rid of one of the best leaders on the field and do something else with your time.

  10. Unless we trade for Deshaun, our top priority should and needs to be keep DC4 happy. Our Defense will get better with Gus Bradley and I believe we(RAIDERS) are the Kansas City Chiefs KRYPTONITE!!!!
    Spend wisely on defensive FA’s and help these young players improve and stay healthy.

  11. I love Derek. But to trade him would only fly with TWO!! That’s 2..FIRST round draft picks IN 2021…plus maybe another pick in 2022!
    If not that then MAYBE a strait up deal and some cash or future late pick…for Deshaun Watson!
    Other than that, let’s welcome D.C. BACK next season.

  12. We need a new blood in that position/leader. He’s not the guy for us! How many more seasons do we need with Carr to be so close then it’s over.

  13. In the short tome Marcus Mariota played, he showed me something and that is, true variety and throwing the ball deep. Weather to Waller or a wide receiver. I’m tired of the short passes which are short of the first down marker. Why can’t the mRaiders see this? The other teams do, why give them an edge. The Raiders are afraid of being great! If you don’t take the chances you’ll never reach it.

  14. Is he in? Hope so. A List of Raiders Should be. Jack Tatum, Cliff Branch.Warren Wells, Jim Plunkett

  15. We need another Quartetback with excitement.Someone who can run analso throw deep.Carr stays in the pocket to long,and no wonder he gets sacked alot.

  16. Drafting QBs is hit and miss mostly miss. No QB gonna win with that defense. Work on the D please. Quit drafting short safeties. How ya gonna cover tight ends with shorties.

  17. No he only had career-high stats this year 101.7 qbr 22 4th quarter comebacks over 4000 yard passing I can keep going. Trading this guy would be a mistake and possibly wind is right back up in the 2007 JaMarcus Russell years

  18. Carr is playing at a pretty good level right now! He needs to run more in certain situations, but I’m willing to accept that! Gruden needs to step up with play calls, and having his team mentally ready! 2 years in a row at 6-4 to finish 1-6 is unacceptable! My bad 2-5 this year!

  19. They ain’t drafting a qb if they do they can wait a year and get Brock Purdy from Iowa State.

  20. I can’t justify it. One winning season, one playoff appearance, zero division titles, and multiple Super Bowl Champions in our division on his watch. What exactly has he done to warrant a contract extension? Extending Carr would be like committing to mediocrity. And that’s exactly what our team has been under Carr’s leadership; mediocre. It’s a **** shame what has happened to this organization.

  21. I WAS a big supporter of Carr but at this point I don’t see Dink & Dunk Derek getting The Raiders to a superbowl and certainly not with a colossal fraud of a coach like Gruden ! . . They both suffer from asspucker when the games is on the line !

  22. Keep Carr, he’s only getting better under coach gruden, why start over with the rookie that doesn’t make sense, Derek Carr has proven he can carry the Raiders it’s the Raiders defense that needs help defense wins championships.

  23. Trade carr listen pls. We need new strong accurate LEGS. Carr is GOOD. We need GREAT NEW LEGS FAST FAST YOUNG LEGS LIKE MURRAY OF ST. LOUIE. NO OFFENSE CARR ISNT THE GUY. Then Gruden has to make his crew tighten in critical crucial situations. Wish I could coach this defensive system. Defense is toe up let down break down non equipment like broken yard equipment. SORRY BUT I can get a non professional college defensive front WHO. AN AND WILL BE BETTER THAN GRUDENS ENTIRE DEFENSE. Think carr out. Think building Tackling skills first hit stop. Pls teach defense and RAIDERS MY FAVORITE OF ALL WILL BE GREAT I LOVE MY OAKLAND AND. VEGAS RAIDERS 💯💪💪💪💪. BE STRONG FIRST HIT STOPS. NO PENALTIES NO HOLDING.

  24. Raiders Late Owner Al Davis Would Trade For Deshaun Watson Immediately

    Originally posted on The Raider Ramble | Last updated 2/6/21

    If you watched ESPN’s 30 For 30: Al Davis vs. the NFL, you will no doubt have been treated to a litany of the late owner’s famous phrases. The documentary, charting the many disputes of Al Davis and then NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle, frequently cut to old footage of Davis espousing the core ideals of the Raiders organization. “Just Win Baby” and “Commitment to Excellence” were of course the common phrases.

    Yet, one favorite phrase of Davis may be most apt as a body double, draped in Davis’ infamous white tracksuit, wandered the stands of the new Allegiant Stadium, “The Greatness of the Raiders is in its future.”

    The future is now for the Raiders

    Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported NFL teams may be interested in trading for Derek Carr. Bonsignore adds that the Raiders quarterback would be a “hot commodity” among teams searching for a new quarterback. This doesn’t mean the Raiders will be moving on from Carr anytime soon.

    Instead, of all the things the late Al Davis uttered, none might be as pertinent as the one that states the Raiders’ greatness lies in its future. If this Las Vegas team is serious about its future, they have to make a trade for Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson.

    Watson formally asked the Texans’ brass traded him and removed all images of the Texans from his social media. He felt immensely disrespected and devalued when the team disregarded his input in their head coaching search. He favored Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, but the Texans did not even request to interview with him (at least at first). They eventually opted to hire David Culley, a former Ravens assistant.

  25. The Raiders could get all the draft picks they ever dreamed of and it wouldn’t matter because they can’t draft….. Their picks have been, for the most part, reaches that haven’t paid off very well.

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