Jay Gruden Unsure What His Brother Will Do With Derek Carr

Jon Gruden is entering a huge offseason in his fourth year with the Raiders and just like every other year, it’s anyone’s guess might be coming in terms of personnel decisions.

As for Derek Carr, who is once again the center of trade rumors, even Gruden’s brother, Jay, doesn’t know what Jon is planning to do.

“I don’t know. I never know what Jon’s gonna do. But I’d be shocked, really. The way that Derek played this year, I don’t know why he’d want to get rid of him,” Jay Gruden told The Athletic.

“I think Derek Carr had his best year just from an outsider. Obviously, my brother’s there (Raiders coach Jon Gruden), but I watched them as often as I could because we have similar type concepts and I might steal a play or formation from (Jon). … (Carr) was outstanding. They did a lot of things at the line of scrimmage where they would get man zone tips or read the safeties, get into a good run or get into a good pass and he would maximize the information and get the Raiders in a good place on third down, red zone. I think they’re very efficient. So I think had a great year, you know, unfortunately, defensively, they didn’t get many stops.”

We know Jon Gruden wants to keep Carr, but with a handful of teams that seem to view Carr as the last piece necessary for a Super Bowl run, could an offer be coming that Gruden won’t be able to resist?

Inquiring minds would love to know.

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6 thoughts on “Jay Gruden Unsure What His Brother Will Do With Derek Carr

  1. Looking at his entire body of work, just OK in 2019, the Mariota comes along and he was pushed. Over his entire career he has a 42% win record, meaning he has lost 58% of the time. Hardly elite, just serviceable. EXAMPLE: if Carr was the QB of KC, Green Bay or Buffalo, would these teams be what they are with Carr as their respective QB ???? Answer honestly

    Start Mariota, he can do what Carr does +++ many things Carr cannot. trade Carr for as many No. 1’s as possible then work with Mayock and Ron Wolf to select either another QB or outstanding players. What if Jacksonville traded their No. 1 and 2 for Carr ? Would or should Raiders draft Trevor Lawrence who, right now is what Carr has never been……ELITE.

    1. Lmao mariotta is even further way from elite. Top 10 offense with a bottom ranked defense and people want to change the QB. I don’t get it. Never will.

    2. Carr has never been the problem. The Raiders defense has consistently been one of the worst defenses. You know why KC & TB are playing in the Superbowl, their defense gets stops and the offense gets more chances. More chances = more points. More points = more stats. Your philosophy is fundamentally flawed. Top to bottom.

  2. You are out of your mind. Mahomes was airlifted into a team that would have gone to the Super Bowl with Alex Smith. If Mahomes was so elite how come he could not win a championship in college? I tell you why, he bad defense and not nearly as many play makers as he has in KC. They already had the talent, something Carr has never had all around him on both sides of the ball. Everyone wants Watson. Oh by the way the Texans won only a few games games this year. He was not able to carry the team to elite status without his old play makers like Hopkins. This is what never get discussed. The Raiders defense has been just about the worst in the league ever since and before Carr got there. The chiefs go to the Super Bowl last year after they finally got a stout defense. Be honest now. At least two games, maybe three games this year, Carr led the team to a lead with under two minutes, one game with 19 seconds. The defense lost those games. He should have beat the Chiefs twice! You win these two games and you are in the playoffs. You talk about Mariota. If he is so good how come he lost his job with the Titans. I will give you he can run but even that is blown out of proportion. What he can’t do is read a defense, which by the way most young NFL QB can,t., that’s why they all want to get out of the pocket as soon as the #1 receiver is covered up. That includes Mahomes, Murry, tanneahill, Jackson, Herbert, Newton etc. the NFL allows holding on the offense so they can get out and make plays outside the pocket They are doing to the NFL as the NBA did, get high scoring And that is ruining the game. Soon defenses will have to count alligators before they can rush. A very smart person told me to watch Mahomes and Note when the defense keeps him in the pocket and there is any push up the middle Mahomes many times will sort hop the ball if the primary receiver is covered. The NFL refs bail Mahomes and Brady out. I bet Mahomes would double his interceptions if the r3fs don’t throw flags after the play. Watch it will happen at least one or twice in the SB. Dude can’t read the defense. He even all but admitted it this week when interviewed he said he wants to be like TB and know what is happening every time. The other thing he does, which works because of Hills speed, is he will just chuck it up deep and Hill can run to it and he makes a better play on the ball than the DB. Not that is was a great throw just a great play. Again the NFL handcuffs defense so now the WR is not worried about getting laid out. That is to bad as that part of the game is gone and gives a huge advantage to fast teams. As far as Mariota goes he came into the game against SD and played well up until he threw a pick and then he started to hesitate. So here the deal, Mariota played well again SD who had not anticipated playing against Mariota and SD even with the rookie QB won the game. Carr went out mid way through the first quarter on a drive into the SD red zone. Mariota does not have the same elite arm talent Carr has and he can’t read defenses either. The bottom line is this Carr was a top 8 QB this past year according to PFF and probably 5,6, or7 if had played the entire game against SD. You don’t trade that away to gain 2 picks only to play a QB who showed in at practice he was very inconsistent. But in true Raider fashion they will trade him and he will win a SB with another team. If they were smart they keep him go after free agent defensive players and draft mostly defense. Get a slightly better than average defense and watch them excel right into the playoffs and win their division. Remember the Raiders were second in the division with by far the worst defense in the division. But if you want a trade, myself being a Viking fan, I will trade Cousins for Carr. After all if Carr is so bad why are teams like NE, Wash, Indy, Chicago, possibly the Saints all willing to give up to 2 first round picks and more to get him. Think about it with emotional intelligence.

  3. Trevor Lawrence is a great quarterback but he hasn’t played in the NFL, Derek Carr is an elite quarterback but he can’t do it by himself. He needs an offensive line healthy all year with depth. And he also needs a defense that can stop opposing teams. It’s not easy when you have to score every time you touch the ball.

  4. You want my opinion Blackbones… The answer would be yes those teams would’ve had very good success with Carr as there QB! Those teams had defense’s that helped carry them where they went and they to ended up losing too.. Lol… No team in the NFL wins because of one player. If those teams had ELITE QB’s that win games by themselves none of them did because old man Brady just stole the show from 2 of those 3 examples of teams that you used. Carr isn’t the problem in Vegas! Nice attempt at being like the rest…. Carr is an upgrade to almost every team in the NFL with an exception of a very select few.

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