Raiders’ Highest-Paid Defensive Player Has Dropped Off in Recent Weeks

After beating the Broncos 17-13, the Raiders have a lot to feel good about going into week 17. They seem to have finally found an identity in the post-Gruden era and now control their playoff destiny with just two regular season games left to play.

But lost in the excitement of the last two games has been the lack of production from defensive end Yannick Ngakoue. He has nine sacks on the year, but Ngakoue seems to have hit a rut in recent weeks.

In the last four games, Ngakoue has one sack, but the more concerning trend has been the lack of quarterback pressures. He has only 7 quarterback pressures in the last four games.

For what it’s worth, Pro Football Focus has also taken notice to the dip in Ngakoue’s play.

PFF gave Ngakoue five pass-rush grades over 70.0 in the first 8 games of the season, but he has zero grades over 62.0 in the 7 games since.

It may not have been a huge deal to this point, but the Raiders could definitely use more from their highest-paid defensive player to close out the regular season. And if Ngakoue isn’t quite at full strength, it might not be the worst idea to see third-round pick Malcolm Koonce on the active roster sooner than later.

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6 thoughts on “Raiders’ Highest-Paid Defensive Player Has Dropped Off in Recent Weeks

  1. Need a Quarterback thats not to RUN !! And need some defensive backs that know how to cover & tackle !!!

  2. Clueless article. This is not stat your driven fantasy football league. This is the WIN driven NFL!!!! Do you even KNOW if there has been a change in his assignments?

    Was he instructed to pinch inside more to plug the inside running lanes against the Run-driven Broncos’ Offense because #52 and #8 could be relied upon to cover the sweep action unencumbered by 2nd level blocking assignments from inside O linemen? 18 yards on 16 carries! Something was working.

    Was he instructed to pinch inside more to plug the inside gaps against the Run-driven Browns’ Offense? Could it possibly be that your stat-driven fetish does not account for the fact that the Raiders were playing the last 2 weeks against BACK-UP QBs? Stick with Madden.

  3. Got to look at game film to see if he’s doubled or tripled team. As long as the Raiders are still winning, that’s the key.

  4. They haft to play together one play at a time
    Play with one thought with grace or what most call gelling together play mean as hell
    On defense, shut down the run on the colts
    And don’t forget about there run,when the pass comes intersept the pass or hit them so hard thell think twice next time ,, bring safts or the corners up alil bit not much, and blisst
    On 3 and long keep Karl naisib blissing and looking for the as well..hit won’t every time let him know!!!?!!?!! We didn’t get get him

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