Rich Bisaccia Could Give Raiders’ Owner Mark Davis a Difficult Decision to Make After the Season

It has been the foregone conclusion of many that the Raiders will be hiring a new coaching staff and most likely a new General Manager after the season.

But after two consecutive wins, the Raiders are suddenly in the thick of the playoff hunt and control their own postseason destiny going into their final two games. There is even a fairly simple scenario where the Raiders can lose to the Colts in week 17 and still make the playoffs.

If it happens that the Raiders make the playoffs, owner Mark Davis is going to have a difficult decision on his hands after the season.

How do you fire a head coach that navigated everything the Raiders have been through this year and still leads the team to the playoffs?

It would be only the Raiders’ second playoff berth in 19 years if the they make it to the postseason this year… and it would be a strange bookend to the season to close out the year by firing interim head coach Rich Bisaccia.

There have been reports on who the Raiders plan to interview after the season, but don’t put a fork in Bisaccia yet. The Raiders still have a pulse and for that reason, so should Bisaccia’s status as their head coach.

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27 thoughts on “Rich Bisaccia Could Give Raiders’ Owner Mark Davis a Difficult Decision to Make After the Season

  1. I think regardless we have to find a new coach. Rich has made to many strategic blunders.

    1. This whole staff should be fired.I would’ve fired them all after Chiefs game.They struggling to be 4th string qbs every week.Carr and Olson are worst offense in league.

  2. I agree, with two games to go it’s stupid to speculate on the “next ” HC when this team can and in my opinion will make the playoffs! If the Raiders do get in they’re going to be a dangerous team! They’re going to give teams fits, yes even KC if the two were to meet in any given round! I like Bisaccia and I hope he stays ad HC! Let’s Go Raiders!

    1. Sal Ilove the way you think but my head disagrees!!! my heart is with you 100%!!! Until the raiders get that o-line fixed, we will not be a good team!!! (irregardless of who the coaching staff is–it’s really not faqit to Rich to be released either, he didn’t build this team.) Although my heart loves watching the raiders win my head doesn’t want them to win……all winning is doing is costing us a lower seed in the draft!!! I do like the fact that the team is coached by committee at present, although someone has to take lead at critical times. Rich deserves a chance since he was put in charge of an absolute mess!!!

      1. James, there is no such word as ” irregardless ” it’s a double negative invented by the same folks who like to use the
        ” verb ” ” conversate “.
        The correct word is: regardless or you can use the term
        ” without regard “.

      2. Man, the draft picks don’t matter if we don’t pick good players. Especially in the first round. Now, I don’t know if gruden was picking the first round guys and that’s why they, for the most part, haven’t panned out, but the raiders don’t have the greatest track record with first rounders. So, as a fan, I’d think ya want em to win.

        On a side note, irregardless isn’t a word.

      3. This is not a reply.I have been a raider fan since 1967 .and been through the ringer with good teams and really crappy teams.If the OL needs replacing do it If Carr has no stability to protect him then Mr Davis needs to get him that.Keep Carr,and bring in new or veterens that are willing to work for a living not pick up a check.I am sick and tired of every one blaming the QB.And get rbs that can hold on to the ball Keep Mariota as back up.

      4. Not like they’re going to do much with a top pick,anyway (ie: Leatherwood, Arnette, Ferrell, etc..). We NEED a new GM, and improved player evaluation team!

  3. As a fan of the Raiders, I think it would be a mistake to say, “Since the team makes the playoffs we will not replace the interim coach.” I think it is a false comparison. The Raiders
    we’re (3-0). then I think (5-3) mid season. With the talent on this team they should never have been (6-7). The reason all us fans were complaining was because they were a playoff team all the while. They were just not playing like one. That was the fault of the Interim head coach who said, paraphrasing, the team should not be being judged on the results of their games.
    I think Coach Bisaccia is probably an alright guy, but the Raiders need a teacher, a strategic thinker, one who demands men to compete and have a positive winning results as fruit of dedication. Anyone on this level can just suit up, play to not get hurt, and collect the contract money from the organization. And not be judged on the results. We Raiders have a Commitment To Excellence..

    1. Great post! My thinking, as well. But, Dummy Mark Davis will probably continue with this GM, and HC, if they squeak into the playoffs by beating COVID ravaged teams.

  4. Unfortunately for Coach Bisaccia, They lost to the lowly Giants & Washington teams (playing very poorly). The blowout vs the Chiefs didn’t help either. They have also played poorly making way to many mental mistakes w/so many penalties at inopportune times, too many fumbles, dropped passes, giving the opposition way too many opportunities.
    These issues are a direct reflection on both the players & the coaching staff. they don’t seem mentally prepared to play! Many of the players speak on how much they respect & care for him. If that’s the case then go out & prove it on the field.
    Good teams beat the teams they are supposed to beat, which they have recently accomplished.
    If the players really want Coach Bisaccia to stay, they need to go out w/a bang and win the last two games on the schedule. Beat some good teams!

  5. I dont see that hard choice for Head Coach . Raiders need a player coach, not one thats friendly to players one that was player himself, Quarterback particularly , they have leadership characteristic and can see things threw qb eyes others cannot, which makes them uniquely qualified for headcoaching position. Rich has been great for stepping up when called upon, special teams is his cup-o-tea, all coaches i hope stay with exception of coach olsen, his play calling has been to typical, todays league calls for extraordinary , outlandish, “who calls a play like that” say the pundents answer “OURS DOES” plays need to be designed so jacobs, barber, can utilize there talents, downhill or receiving ,Carr needs stability , give him his franchise title and save some money in the cap cuz you’re gonna need it to bring in experienced talent, proven to be BALLERS. unproven rookies we know all to well , jamarcus russell need i say more…..DJaksgoodbye primadonnas we dont need overpaid for his butterfingers….so then.. HC- KURT WARNER; ASST. HC & OFF.C- DABO SWINNEY; QB COACH/DEVELOPMENTAL PLAY CALLER-PEYTON MANNING…MY WISH LIST FOR RAIDERS FOR UNDEFEATED SUPERBOWL SEASON LVII , LVIII , or preferably both Mr. DAVIS as GENERAL MANAGER about time to get your hands dirty whats worst you can do. 2 decades of missed opportunities we know already, keep your money decisions aren’t that hard, follow your gut instinct talk to your players, from what grapevine says you got this…..good luck…your gonna need it

  6. You owe it to the organization to do your due diligence and interview and get the best candidate. This team is not been the same since gruden left.

  7. Davis blew it with hiring Gruden, he had Del Rio as coach, and took he the Raiders to the playoffs the year before!

  8. The organization needs a whole new complete rebuild starting from the front office, GM and new coaching staff. Even though our team has been through so much turmoils from getting rid of quality players, firing a good GM, signing very questionable FA’s, draft picks and hired a dumbass coach like a John Gruden, it cause our organization to have a black eye. Mark Davis have to clean house and rebuild. Trade away Carr, because he needs a change of scenery and the Raiders can use some draft picks. I applaud Rich Bissacia for his accomplishments and his contributions towards the organization, despite of the major distractions the Raiders endured, he did an amazing job. However we new a need foundation and unfortunately he has to go! I am confident he will find another coaching gig with some other team. Just a business decision nothing personal.

  9. I am tried of the Raiders finishing in the basement in our division. Chiefs Pat Mahomes and Chargers Justin Herbert and Broncos is going to grab a new QB1 our division is already competitive. We better make some good solid sound decisions and signed quality players and coaching staff in order to compete in the AFC West.

  10. You, Sir, seem like a realist, and you state some logical points. Nevertheless, I disagree with your take on the draft pick. I can care less about the draft. Raiders fans want a playoff birth, especially this year when the Gruden emails were leaked and developed the first major storm of the season that affected this team’s performance. It’s time for Carr to show he can lead this group through the fire and get that extention. It’s time for Carr to play in his first playoff game. It’s time for the end of the season to conclude in a positive way rather than the usual disappointment. Lastly, it is in the playoffs where true coaching gets exposed and critiqued. I’d love to see Bisaccia and the staff under that playoff pressure.

  11. He pretty much gets an incomplete for same reasons Mayock does – hard to evaluate given the proximity of Gruden/Ruggs events on team
    Smart thing to do might be to give them a year
    I’d still replace the OC and have concerns re Gus approach to KC
    And Carr either had to be extended (favorably – no 35m per) or dealt for picks and Mariota or another replacement signed

  12. I don’t think it is a hard choice about the HC, Basaccia seems to be a good guy but since he has been interum, he has made too many bad desicions, he has had 4th and inches, 4th and 1 a few time and rather than show some respect for the team, he sends in the punter or field goal, they have been lucky to pull a couple out but he shows no confidence in the offense which is really a crusher for them. He is a numbers man not a team coach.

  13. I’ve been a fan since Kenny stabler, Jim plunkett, I’m tired of the raiders not making it to the playoffs, it’s time for the team to make it, Carr show us what your made of, josh jacobs you fumbled two times last game come on now hold on to the ball, let’s go raiders show the fans something

  14. Blow it up. New HC with head coach or multi year success as a coordinator. New Gm with, or a crew of college talent evaluators. Trade Carr for draft picks. I like Carr, and for his own good, he should move on. If he’s kept, his next contract will be too much of a cap burden.

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