Raiders Linked to Potential Trade For Falcons WR Julio Jones

Two separate reports on Monday talked about the growing possibility that Julio Jones will be traded sometime after June 1 (for cap reasons, Atlanta cannot trade him prior to June).

One of the reports, from NBC Sports’ Peter King, linked the Raiders to a potential trade for Jones.

“Because such a trade wouldn’t be official till June, no picks in this draft could be involved. As for the interested team or teams, I would guess Las Vegas; Jon Gruden couldn’t resist Antonio Brown, and I doubt he could resist Julio Jones,” King wrote in his Football Morning in America column.

King said he was only guessing about the Raiders and Jones, but we know teams have been calling about the Falcons’ wide receiver and it’s fair to wonder if King might know more about the situation than what he is able to report on.

Given Gruden’s well-known infatuation with veteran wide receivers (which carried over to a particular tight end last year), it would be a surprise if he hasn’t called the Falcons about Jones.

The Raiders don’t necessarily have a need at wide receiver, but they do have a lot of unknowns at the position. Bryan Edwards and Henry Ruggs are both unproven and newly-signed John Brown could probably be described as a wild card, as well. The combination of Edwards, Ruggs, and Brown is a solid group, but not solid enough to blow off the idea of adding a wide receiver like Jones.

If he’s available for a day-two pick in 2022, Jones has to be a player the Raiders are at least considering.

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3 thoughts on “Raiders Linked to Potential Trade For Falcons WR Julio Jones

  1. Why aren’t they building up their offensive line. With Mr. “dump off” Julio will never see a pass past 10 yards.


  2. Julio is good but he’s on the downside of his career. We need a younger #1. Pay someone big at the end of their rookie contract or gonna have to find that #1 in the draft. Ruggs was a bit of a reach and it’s not gonna happen in this year’s draft either.

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