Raiders Looking To Draft A Pass Rusher In The First Round?

Will this be the year the Raiders invest in another top pass rusher?

According to NFL draft analyst Tony Pauline, the Raiders are taking a hard look at edge rushers at this week’s Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

“The Oakland Raiders are one of the many teams who love Marcus Davenport of UT-San Antonio. And as I heard first-hand, they are considering the pass rusher with their first pick. Davenport would be an interesting choice if the Raiders, who already have Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin on the edges, look in his direction.”

In fact, the idea of taking a pass rusher makes a lot of sense for the Raiders – so much that they maybe should have taken one last year with T.J. Watt still on the board for their first pick.

In his current deal, 30 year-old Bruce Irvin will count $8.25 million against the salary cap next season, but remains the Raiders only legitimate pass rusher outside of Khalil Mack.

Last year would have been a fine time to prepare for life without Irvin. This year it almost feels necessary, doesn’t it?

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5 thoughts on “Raiders Looking To Draft A Pass Rusher In The First Round?

  1. With Sean Smith, Amerson, Antonio Hamilton, all leaving, the secondary cupboard is very bare. If OAK can sign Carrie (will be hard at his asking price), they’ll only have Conley as the other CB. I think this all-but-guarantees that they pull the best CB off the board in round 1.

  2. If Barkley, Fitzpatrick, Roquan Smith, Tremaine Edmunds, Denzel Ward, and Vita Vea are gone by that time then yes Davenport.
    But they all wont be sooo…no. Smith or Vea is the answer at 9/10. Wish Barkley or Fitzpatrick would be there but dont think so

    1. How many CB’s are we supposed to sign? Please go find a DT who can push the pocket ie; Arron Donald for the Rams. Irvin and Mack will FEAST on opposing QB’s! You’ll be amazed how much better our secondary will look!

  3. Since the Raiders met with the kid, they aren’t drafting him. Every year it’s the same nonsense. A bunch of smoke and mirrors.

  4. I have a feeling that Reggie isn’t going to have much influence in this draft. That is good, he has been TERRIBLE at drafting. Mack was mistake by Buffalo, more than a boon for Reggie. Carr is made of glass, and has played TERRIBLE…ever since he broke his finger. We need so much help, let us just pray we get Bell, and he doesn’t smoke too much pot in the off-season…this guy loves to get suspended

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