What Happened In The Raiders Locker Room “That No One Will Talk About”?

Soon after the season ended, Derek Carr remarked at what a difficult year it had been – even comparing it to his rookie season when the Raiders lost their first 10 games.

Truthfully, this season had to have been worse.

It doesn’t take a wall of psychology degrees to see there were serious problems within the Raiders locker room that developed sometime after the season’s second week.

Carr opened up some about this, though not in specifics, when spoke on record with The Athletic’s Vic Tafur earlier this week.

“I am not going to lie to you, it was a hard year. And you know that. You’re there every day. You could see it. It was tough, man.”

“There were a lot of things that went on that no one will know about because no one will talk about it. It’s just one of those things. But it was a hard year.”

Exactly what it was that slowly sucked the ‘mojo’ out of the Raiders season?

Based on Carr’s description, that information may be locked deep inside an Alameda vault next to an old dusty overhead projector.

Speaking of which, what might the original “Lance Kiffin” overhead projector fetch on EBay right about now?

Given a few minutes of unsupervised time in the building, that might be the priceless piece of Raider history to try to get out with.

It’s gotta still be in there somewhere, right?

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4 thoughts on “What Happened In The Raiders Locker Room “That No One Will Talk About”?

  1. Judging from what’s been sort of ” reported ” you had tension between Downing and Tice , the offense and the defense and Jack Del Rio and everybody . The important thing for the new coaching staff to do is find the cancers that exist in the locker room and cut them out quickly before it spreads into the 2018 season . Some of those cancers have already left the building but I’m sure there are some festering among the players . Those need to be identified and dealt with one way or another .

  2. In all started when a carr stood by him self for the national anthem Against Washington redskins “Raiders” The whole team turn against him If you notice the whole team was kneeling pretty much the whole team on the sidelines Because 2 game prior to that they look pretty damm good Everybody makes mistakes I just hope to God the team forgives play RAIDERS football won a Super Bowl ill b n my seat 2018 season

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