Raiders’ Lowest-Graded Player the Last Two Weeks Has Been Another of Their Former First-Round Picks

There is a lot wrong with the Raiders right now.

Everyone has read the headlines over the last two months, but aside from the off-field drama, the Raiders also have a few key players that have turned in dud performances over the last two weeks.

One of those players is former first-round pick Johnathan Abram, who continues to have real struggles in coverage.

According to Pro Football Focus, Abram was the Raiders’ lowest-graded defensive player with at least 20 snaps in each of the last two games. Both the Chiefs and Giants had notable success targeting him in coverage.

Josh Dubow on Twitter: “Per @pff, #Raiders Johnathan Abram was targeted 9 times last night. He allowed 9 catches for 127 yards and 2 TDs / Twitter”

Per @pff, #Raiders Johnathan Abram was targeted 9 times last night. He allowed 9 catches for 127 yards and 2 TDs

Just under a month ago, Abram looked like he had turned a corner and was starting to excel in defensive coordinator Gus Bradley’s scheme.

Now it seems Abram’s season has taken a turn as he has given up completions (including 3 touchdowns) on each of the last 13 throws that have targeted him in coverage.

Abram is one of the Raiders’ six first-round picks over the last three years. Two of those six picks are no longer with the team (Henry Ruggs and Damon Arnette) and two are Clelin Ferrell and Alex Leatherwood. Josh Jacobs is the only member of the group playing like a first-round pick (though some would debate that) and his full potential isn’t being reached in part because the Raiders have the second-worst run-blocking O-line in the NFL, per PFF analytics.

So yes, there are a lot of moving parts and Abram is far from the only player struggling. By all accounts, Abram is an excellent teammate and a high-character personality in the locker room. Unfortunately, though, neither of those details have helped him a lot in coverage lately.

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41 thoughts on “Raiders’ Lowest-Graded Player the Last Two Weeks Has Been Another of Their Former First-Round Picks

  1. Dude started getting cocky. Got a karmic kick in the *** the last 2 games. Less time doing merchandise and more time in the film room.

  2. Derek Carr has said it over and over this is my team I put this team on my back well how come Derek Carr never takes any of the blame it always gets passed on to somebody else he’s failed for seven straight years now but doesn’t ever have anybody saying oh you’re going to lose your job so many other quarterbacks most likely even better than him have lost games way less losses has way more losses than he does win 7 years being a complete NFL loser and he still there why Raiders

    1. Last night, shoulda benched Carr & inserted Mariota in the 2nd half.

      Mariota should in lieu Carr’s failures, let Mariota start. Carr has zero escape-ability – runs about as fast as a fat line man, can’t throw on the run, cannot buy time, so really Carr is the ol Carr and he gets up in front of a microphone and utters “I’ve got to get better” enough of him, he’s nothing more than another Jay Schroeder.

        1. What a idiot. Marriotta is not gonna change a thing when the o line sucks. He’s a far worse quarterback than carr is on his bad days!
          The o line sucks and the receivers are not getting open for carr and the d let’s way too many catches, playing way too soft on coverage!!
          Learn football before u blame carr!!

      1. Our season is over another collapse after good start. No discipline same raiders.Being a raider fan is getting harder and harder.

    2. Been in 1st place all season, now only one game from first in the most competitive division in NFL, if you listen to the post game show he
      Always take blame if he has a bad game. Almost all season he has led passing yards
      So, go back to your Santa Clara team
      You Definitely are not. Raiders fan

      1. At some point, Carr really should call out the “F” ups on his team, put the defense on blast, and lead by example not best intentions. “Too Nice” is not a good position for a leader.

        1. Yes ‘too nice ‘.historically , they they should go back to the historical Raiders violence, badass play IMO: remember
          Jack Tatum, George Atkinson , Bill Romanowski ( the original Romo ) , John Matuszak , Ben Davidson ( the original Big Ben ) , the list basically endless. This Raiders play always did work , and this is why everyone except us Raiders fans , hate the Raiders , again in my opinion

    3. I’m over it!! Been a fan for 50 yrs, I’m over the excuses and poor play, yesterday’s game was an absolute failure. I realize they have had setbacks, so what!! I’ve been hearing this for the past 20yrs. Al Davis is rolling in his grave with the way the team has been run. I say fire the bunch and get a real proven coach, the defense is worse that last year, did you watch the last two games ? Also Derek, BE YOU!!! stop tripping on getting hit or throwing an interception. The fear is evident. Put Marcus in the rest of the year. So disappointed AGAIN!!! I’m close to the old paperbag over my head as the old saints did, BRING IN TRUE COACHING AND MGMT!!!

      1. This is another example of a son taking the company the father built, and driving it into the ground. The first replacement the Raiders need is Mark Davis, then will go from there. Until then don’t expect much in terms of success.

        1. Big AL was truly great , and he WAS a Raider , but with all the great years , under AL , quite a few bad seasons like any team , yes it’s been a real bummer most of the last 20 seasons even with many great players , we fans just have to suck it up and support them if you are a true fan , not some of the “Turn Coats “ ya see on here , many are just forty Whiners ( 49ers) fans , Raiders Haters trashing the Raidersorganization

      2. Wade Phillips wanted to go there in the off-season. Chuck declined the offer. Its time to bring in the SonOfABum

    4. Dumb. He always accepts blame while playing behind one of the worst lines in football and terrible supporting cast. He is still here bc he is a good qb. Good thing the fans arent in charge or we would have a new qb everytime we lost.

        1. The whole team, especially Derek Carr is still boohoo over Henry Ruggs III. Granted, Henry rugg’s let his team down but Derek Carr is letting the team down every single time he lets his emotions get in the way of his playing ability.
          As Raider fans we see a small glimmer of hope and then we get laughed at when the whole thing falls apart.

    5. Slap yourself. Carr is easily one of the top Qbs in the NFL. I know, let’s start Mariota and see how we do.

      Agree, Carr had 2 bad weeks but defense is a dumpster fire also. Lost ruggs, and can’t run Jacobs because the line is trash. So how you gonna blame Carr when all he has is waller.

      1. Carr can stay he just needs to quit being scared , since he broke his leg it took something out him . watched and rooted for him right here in Fresno. Take it to them Carr , pain let’s you know your alive ,and only hurts for a minute

        1. I want to know why Carr thinks running backwards, instead of stepping up into the pocket or running forwards is a better plan?

    6. When did you ever get the chance to say that let alone say it when you had the chance

    7. Yes, Yes Yes we’ve seen & heard it all before. Please let Carr be the new team Chaplin and let’s see what we have in Marriota. 2 must wins in a row???

    8. I really don’t understand all the Carr haters? Are you really raider fans? Doesn’t seem like it

    9. Dont be a Raider hater! Get off the wagon! You cant blame losses on 1 person. Its a team effort! You cant blame DC for the O line issues or the defensive woes for the past 7 years.

    10. What ? Listen to post game shows , Carr ALWAYS takes blame
      Every team that struggles, many of the fans “demand “ to just put in another 2nd-3rd string qb, that has never worked since Madden put in Stabler back in the 70’s , and Kenny had the best O line in the NFL
      Mariota hasn’t proven anything and hasn’t takes enough snaps and reps. ,yes it’s a lot of subpar players, some solid players , but , Carr would look solid with a great O line , the line is key , Raiders line have been rotating with-second , third and practice squad players the whole season , anyone with football knowledge knows games are primarily won and lost with O and D line. This whole season, Carr has been either # 2 or # 2 in the NF L in passing yards in front or second behind Brady ; when Carr has 300 + yards a game , Raiders won EVERY one of those games , that with his skills and protection.

  3. Abram may be struggling but Derek Carr is not a playoff caliber Quarterback. Raiders will never win while he is here.

  4. Just like the noise on Facebook. When your defense gives up an Average of 26 5 points a game blame the QB.

  5. I want to know why Carr thinks running backwards, instead of stepping up into the pocket or running forwards is a better plan?

  6. OK ENOUGH of looking into the rear view, onto the Bengals…..LET’S GO RA8A8A8ADERS!! We can still win this divison.

  7. Wade Phillips wanted to go there in the off-season. Chucky declined the offer. Its time to bring in the SonOfABum

  8. I think Carr and his religious beliefs is taking a toll on him. With Gruden leaving and Ruggs being stupid, he is trying to heal things by himself. He should take a couple steps back fir a couple weeks be and let Marcus take the snaps.

  9. You all r funny. All looking for a person to blame. It’s not just 1 thing it’s a bunch bad ownership mayock stretching on draft picks. That’s were it starts then on the rest terrible coaching to not improve the rookies. Line is a joke my highschool teams line is better. On Derrick Carr he is a above average QB but not a winner doesn’t have the special it takes to be great. The defense you all kicking you r stupid wasn’t them was the coaching of them. After 3rd time in a row of hitting us short we still kept playing deep for home run ball. All in all is we can ask for them to keep effort up n playing until the real changes r made team gonna be half ***.

  10. The defense needs to start taking heads off! The secondary just be letting dudes off the line like its nothing. 3rd and 17 and they get 26! But I guess thats carrs fault too.

  11. Carr hadn’t been sacked in 9 quarters till the end of the giants game. The whole game he either missed the open receiver, ex edwards 4 targets 0 receptions, not one was catchable. Against the chiefs, he got a little pressure and every pass was either a dump off or to a double covered receiver.

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