Raiders’ Guard Richie Incognito Suffers “Setback” to Calf Injury

The Raiders don’t need any more bad news, but they got some on Monday anyway.

Fullback Alec Ingold, who left Sunday’s game with a knee injury, has been ruled out for the remainder of the year with an ACL tear. The news was expected, but still a big loss.

What was not expected, however, was to hear interim head coach Rich Bisaccia announce that Richie Incognito has suffered a “setback” with the calf injury that has kept him out all year. Given that Incognito’s calf injury has already caused him to miss almost three months, it would seem reasonable to assume a setback at this point will threaten his season.

Incognito dealt with a lower leg injury last year that ended his season after just two games. The Raiders haven’t given a lot of information on this year’s injury, but Incognito’s recovery process seems to be following an eerily similar track to his injury a year ago.

As of last week, it sounded like Incognito wasn’t expected to return until week 14 at the earliest. It isn’t clear if his latest setback will push that timeline back or if this setback was already factored into last week’s timeline.

Either way… not ideal.

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13 thoughts on “Raiders’ Guard Richie Incognito Suffers “Setback” to Calf Injury

  1. Please do not bring Ingognito back next year! Totally ridiculous already with him and the injuries. He needs to retire!

  2. This guy is another reason why the team MUST find a real GM with skills at finding talent. Relying on these older
    players, that spend too much time on IR, is NOT the way to build a team. But, then again, when you can’t draft talented
    players you’re left with having to fill the void with higher-priced older veterans.

  3. JaMarcus Russell, Patrick Bates, Todd Marinovich, Raghib Ismail, Burfict, Vontaze, Hall, DeAngelo,Rison, Andre,Pastorini, Dan,. Do ya kinda see a pattern ? We should learn from our past.

  4. Please let him go now asap should of been let go . The Raiders scared to take a chance in free agent Carr needs a number 1 wideout wtf

  5. Incognito is a waste of a paycheck. Never should have signed him in the first place. How bad is the rest of your line when you go out and sign a 38-39 year old Guard? Ridiculous.

  6. My thoughts exactly or never should’ve been bothered with at all. Hate the way gruden left but glad he’s gone. Homie had no business having that much control over the entire operation. The roster is littered with bad decision. Ruggs made monumental eff up but gruden and mayock were horrible in drafting outside a few gems in the 4th or later rounds.

    1. Derek Carr isn’t the problem this dude is above league average a good QB and he has one of the best deep balls in the league.

  7. It’s past time to cut Incognito he is too
    old that’s why he stays on IR. Raiders
    need a younger player to replace him.

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