After Passing on Clowney and Ngakoue, the Raiders Might Have a Marquee Name Coming to Their Defensive Line After All

It almost made too much sense not to happen, but in Saturday it was confirmed that the Raiders intend to give a workout to newly reinstated defensive end David Irving.

Irving was one of the Dallas Cowboys most promising defensive linemen prior to running into problems with the NFL’s substance abuse policy in 2018. He missed all of the 2019 season to suspension, but reports have indicated for months that he has been preparing for a return.

At 6 feet, 7 inches tall, Irving is a prototypical edge rusher, but he can move around the defensive line and, if signed by the Raiders, shouldn’t have a negative impact on the development of Clelin Ferrell and Maxx Crosby.

The Raiders have been looking for help along their defensive line for months, but balked at opportunities to add both Yannick Ngakoue and Jadeveon Clowney. Irving would cost much less than both players and wouldn’t set back the Raiders a draft pick.

Not to mention… the last time he played in the NFL, Irving was arguably as productive as both Ngakoue and Clowney.

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24 thoughts on “After Passing on Clowney and Ngakoue, the Raiders Might Have a Marquee Name Coming to Their Defensive Line After All

    1. He was suspended for marijuana which is no longer of suspendable offence so clean or not he’ll be good

  1. I think the Raiders new this was going to happen in the future and why they did not over spend on other players. This is also one of many reasons they got Maranelli ….his connection to many players. Good job to Gruden and Mayock. If they get Irving it will be a big boost to he whole defense.

  2. Raider mentality. Perfect fit for Chuckies silver and black. On the way to claim the 🏆. Love the silver and black. Season ticket holder RNFL

  3. Please grad him. No draft pick wasted and on a minimum salary. Why not? And he’s chill cause he blazes weed…. Lol

  4. Worth a look-see. If he’s as advertised, the Raiders most certainly could use the rush help. A versatile young DL that can move inside or stay on the outside while C. Ferrell moves inside on plays would the opposition fits‼️😊👍🏽

  5. Some Raiders fans are a little panicky on Twitter. Calm down, Nation! This is just an evaluation. If he doesn’t look like a Raider, they can move on. No harm in taking a good look a a player who (1) won’t cost a draft pick if signed and (2) can be signed for team-friendly terms and (3) was showing some promising potential before suspension. Doesn’t cost anything but time to have a look.

  6. Yes this is a good fit and a needed type player that will definitely make others step they game up or be gone.. Lets get it done…

  7. Win win for both parties. As long as he’s in football shape which no reason to believe he isn’t, he’d just have to build up to game shape. By the second half of this season that could be a major add to the Defense

  8. Hopefully he is in good shape and ready to play football. If he is, there is no doubt Mayock will scoop him up during his visit. Maybe he can help us up front. I was hoping to hear of some linebacker and safety visits, but this is good.

  9. Cmon Seahawks, lets take a look at this guy. We need the help on the rush defense. Our D-backs should be good but help needed on the DL.

  10. I think if he can help then you pull the trigger immediately!! Still need another DT and if we can get Williams from the Jets for a second round pick then you pull the trigger on that trade as well. I think then we will have all we need for a serious run to the Super Bowl!!


    1. Amen, if you are a hater don’t say anything stupid. I’ve loved the raiders for 52 years. Go talk **** about your favorite team. SILVER AND BLACK BABY.

  12. Time to start showing up boys,sign Irving, tell bell we got something for him, Postseason Bound RN4L

  13. Hell yea we need to add depth to our D-Line and Irving is crazy talented. But, Paul Gunther is still the D.C. so it makes me nervous

  14. Man, this is like we traded Aldon Smith to Dallas for David Irving. The league did Aldon wrong man. He should’ve been wearing silver and black. I think he was another Waller story where he really was ready to turn things around and I think we (Del Rio and Reggie) were fully supportive of his comeback attempt.

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