Rumor is He Might Be Available… Should the Raiders Consider DT Quinnen Williams For a Second-Round Pick?

We know the Raiders are having former Cowboys defensive end David Irving in for a visit this week, but there might be another D-Line option on the table in the weeks ahead if Jon Gruden and the gang are interested.

Longtime NFL insider Ralph Vacchiano hinted last week that Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams might become available before the trade deadline date of November 3rd:

“He’s had one terrific game out of five, coming off a shaky rookie season, which doesn’t speak well of a player who once promised to “dominate” the NFL. He’s still 22 and loaded with potential, though. Chances are the Jets wouldn’t deal him away, not with at least two years left on his relatively cheap rookie deal. But again, he wasn’t picked by Douglas, so all bets are off. And he was so highly regarded in the 2019 draft that maybe someone would give up a second-rounder in return to see if they can get the dominant player Williams expected to be.”

One thing we know about the Jets is that by closing out the 2020 season with a top-2 pick, they could change the course of their organization almost overnight. Whether by drafting Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields or trading away the rights to draft one of them, the Jets could soon find themselves in an enviable draft position.

If the Jets are hitting the reset button, a player like Williams could, and probably should, become be a player they consider trading for additional draft capital in the middle of a wasted season.

And if the cost for Williams is a second-round pick, should the Raiders pick up the phone and make a call?

Who says no?

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34 thoughts on “Rumor is He Might Be Available… Should the Raiders Consider DT Quinnen Williams For a Second-Round Pick?

  1. No brainer. He should have been a 2nd rounder anyway considering he only fully played 1 season. NFL is brutal on underdeveloped kids. With LV he wouldn’t start, just gradually learn the system. Also, we won’t have to take a chance on 2021 draft question marked DTs, we can pick the best FS in the 1st.

  2. Why not? Its not our first rodeo picking up Teams trash and making them our treasured WHO WE TURNED INTO a Hall of Famer….

  3. You can get a failed first rounder fir a 3-5 round draft pick…ask the Raiders…lol? It’s time to put personal sentiment aside and build a team and staff that’s Raider strong! You’ve got Earl Thomas and Eric Reid our there, and the more I read the stars, Reid is definitely years younger and a bit more versatile at this point in their careers. Irving teamed with Max/Cle/Hurst is a great mix of young lineman; with Collins and company offering adequate back up. Thank goodness we gave Collins a one year deal, and hopefully we can recover some misspent draft picks and continue to upgrade our talent before the trade deadline.
    Here’s my latest and best recommendations:
    The offense is five and dandy as long as Carr and company keep throwing the deep ball and keeping the defense honest and off balance.
    Defense needs vast improvements and here are my best thoughts to Gruden and Mayock:
    The defensive front should be Crosby/Hurst/Ferrell/Irving, which they are all interchangeable and you can move them all across the line except on jumbo packages to stop the run; then you take out Crosby and bring in Hankins. Collins is a relief tackle along with Vickers, Smith, and Jones;
    Bring in Kendricks to team with Kwaialowski, and move Littleton to monster back in the slot ( he’s too **** skinny to play the staunch LB position in the NFL; so let him cover tight ends and running backs in passing and short yardage run coverage. Bench Joyners no tackling and coverage ***, and beef up our defense with dependable tacklers and coverage guys.
    The corners are ok but another vet to sure up that room would be nice for sure.
    Bring in Eric Reid to play either safety position, monster backer in the slot; to finally compliment Abraham and sure up our back end of the secondary;
    We have enough role players in most of the other slots to make it work.

    Gruden and Mayock if you’re listening …make it happen because it ain’t that **** hard! Stop making excuses for guys and mistakes that you e made on player choice and play, and respect yourselves and tge Nation enough time do the right thing! Let me k is when you want to hire me fir talent scouting, and I will gladly pack up and move back to the West Coast; th Renee the traditions of hard nose and smart Raider football. We’re getting close, so don’t stop now…Go Raiders…just win baby!

    Coach L
    50 year Club

    1. Unless clelin Ferrell makes some kind of crazy Josh Allen leap between years two and three he is a bust and generally sucks.

      1. He is a top 15 rated defender in the league this year. Just because he doesn’t put up sacks doesn’t mean he sucks. QB pressures and disruption gives the same type of effect on defense.

      2. Spoken like someone who does not watch the Raiders especially the game against the Chiefs…Come
        On Dog!

    2. Really that easy…you Beat the world champs and now carr can hit the deep pass over and over again 90% if your fan base was calling for Mariota Now the man….the D. Is weak your line is trash carr is a back up at most win you finish the season 8-8.. I will be laughing my *** off..see you on Nov 22nd hope you the radas enjoyed there bus ride around arrowhead it only took him 8rs to win there. GO CHIEFS

      1. Until Mahomes got there the Chefs in 30 years never won a game that mattered. Now you talk like you’ve won the last 5 in a row lol

  4. Sorry for the fat finger misspelling, but you get my drift! Bring in Kendrick, Irving and Reid on defense and maybe another CB vet; oust Joyner and replace with Littleton at monster back, and play the chess pieces of Crosby/Cle/Hurst/Irving starting lineman with Mullen and Annette when healthy, with Reid and Abram at safeties ( reminding me of the good ole dats with Atkinson and Tatum…hard hitters!) Offense is swirl in progress and that’s all for today folks!

    The Nation shall rise again!

  5. I would make that trade in a heartbeat. This guy can dominate like Arron Donald with the right coaching. He was unblockable in college and a player like him is needed. Him and Mo Hurst would be scary. A D-line with Ferrell, Hurst, Williams, and Crosby would be a great line. They would dominate and all are young so they can grow together. Remember,the Raiders were going to draft him at four instead of Ferrell if the Jets would not have got him so get him now

    1. When was the last time we picked up trash players and made hall of fame players …**** I say keep our draft choices….fire Gunther if I was,going to do anything first…all that money we spent on the defence this off season isn’t panning out…

    1. What would be DUMB is if somebody would actually give up a 1st rounder for this kid who has yet to produce. Say what you want about Gase and his bad coaching but Greg Williams(although controversial) is a pretty good DC and even he can’t get nothing out of Quiennin Williams

  6. Maleik Collins seems satisfied with his deal and forgot to play football to earn the money.

    1. Hit the nail on the head with that one! I’m so disappointed in our free agent signings. The only one producing has a difficult name to spell. Kwiakoski???

    2. I agree on firing Gunther, too many big names and big priced free agents haven’t worked out ( Joyner, Littleton, Collins). Is it a coincidence or the defensive scheme they were thrown into? D system sucks, giving up 30+ points a game shouldn’t be happening with the talent on the team

    1. Irvin would be the rightchoice right now if he show hes the right stuff joyner out and Reid in

  7. Even Joe Douglas wouldn’t trade him for a 2nd.
    It will be a 1st to get it done. He would be cheap for next 3 years Tho. Also if our first this year is in the 22-32 range would you do it???
    A DL of Cle, MadMaxx, Mo Hurst, Quinnen Williams would be exciting

    We are missing that dominant player along Dline, if we get D Irving tho that could be that.

    A bigger need is another Safety – Vikings should be sellers you would have to absorb contract. But we could do it even if cap drops 10 million. Lets go Mayock!

  8. It would be a great idea to trade a second round pick for Williams .The Raiders would have chosen him with #4. In the first round instead of Ferrell if the Jets hadn’t taken him
    Getting Ferrell and Williams both would be awesome..I doubt the jets would trade a first for a second so quickly in this case

  9. Anyone saying No to this trade don’t follow football. Mayock wanted this kid at 4, so why not? Hell yeah! Trade for him and sign the Irving kid and a weakness have become a strength.

  10. Hate to call for someone to lose their job, but Gunther has to go before we even THINK about a trade for Quiennin Williams. Cowboys D went from 3rd to 31st when Rod Left. Gruden/Mayock y’all messed up swallow your pride admit your mistake and fire Gunther let Rod Marinelli run the defense THEN maybe consider a trade for Quiennin Williams

  11. Until Mahomes got there the Chefs in 30 years never won a game that mattered. Now you talk like you’ve won the last 5 in a row lol

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