Raiders OL Coach Tom Cable has Gone From ‘Zero’ to ‘Hero’ in a Matter of Months

He has taken a lot of criticism since re-joining the Raiders before last season, but it might be time to start giving credit to offensive line coach Tom Cable.

When Derek Carr had his MVP-caliber season in 2016, the offensive line was a big part of the reason why, and Cable’s 2019 unit starting to play at a similar level – especially in the last couple games.

After presiding over an offensive line that surrendered 51 sacks in 2018, Cable’s line has only given up 8 sacks in five games this year. Among the elite pass rushers to face the Raiders and not record a sack so far have been Bradley Chubb, Von Miller, Frank Clark, and Khalil Mack. Each of those players posted 12 or more sacks a year ago.

Beyond the production of the entire offensive line, Cable also deserves credit for the improvements being made by Kolton Miller. Remember, Cable was said to be influential in Jon Gruden’s decision to draft Miller last year. Miller was considered a project out of UCLA and the Raiders were heavily criticized for drafting an unrefined lineman and leaving his development to an offensive line coach with a questionable history of developing offensive linemen. 18 months later, Miller has settled in at left tackle and was a big part of the reason Mack’s name was barely called on Sunday.

Even more exciting for Jon Gruden and his merry men is the fact that the offensive line hasn’t been at full strength all year. Once Gabe Jackson returns from a knee injury (most likely after the bye week), the Raiders might have the most physically imposing offensive line in the league. Most analytics tend to point to sacks and pressures allowed to grade offensive linemen, but the Raiders offensive line has been even more impressive in the running game. In their last two games (both against excellent defenses), the Raiders have run the ball a combined 71 times for 357 yards.

If you’re looking for the biggest key to the Raiders recent success, look no farther than the play in the trenches. The Raiders offensive line has been dominant. That’s Cable’s position group and like it or not, he deserves big credit for the good things going on with the Raiders right now.

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2 thoughts on “Raiders OL Coach Tom Cable has Gone From ‘Zero’ to ‘Hero’ in a Matter of Months

  1. Good constructive comments. The man is doing an excellent job and deserves the credit.

  2. Just want to say that josh Jacobs has 430 yards on 88 attempts which can get up to maybe a 1000 by post season. I agree with you on the coaching from Tom Cable the O-Line looks promising…RaiderNation baby!

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