Raiders Remaining Schedule Isn’t so Bad, Bears Schedule Gets Much Harder

For all talk about the Raiders difficult schedule, it looks like they may have weathered the worst of the storm after five weeks.

Based on opponent win percentage, only five teams have a less difficult upcoming schedule than the Raiders. That’s the good news. The bad news is that a handful of AFC Wild Card contenders have schedules just as friendly as the Raiders, and even friendlier. The Bills, for example, are 4-1 and still have two games remaining with the Dolphins (who are trying to lose), and one game remaining with the Jets, Redskins, Broncos, and Browns.

The Raiders still have the Chargers twice, as well as the Chiefs, Texans, and Packers, so they have games remaining with arguably the three best quarterbacks in the league.

Another scheduling dynamic to keep an eye on will be the Bears. The Bears (3-2) dealt their 2020 first-round pick to the Raiders for Khalil Mack and based on current records, Chicago has the most difficult remaining schedule in the NFL. They still have games against the Vikings, Packers, Lions, Rams, Eagles, Chargers, Cowboys, and Chiefs.

Getting into the low teens with the Bears first-round pick would be huge for the Raiders, as there are still significant holes to fill on the roster – most notably at wide receiver and defensive end. Of course, there is also the question of where the Raiders will draft with their own first-round pick. That position has dropped in each of the past two weeks.

It’s still very early, but who would have guessed the Raiders might be picking behind the Bears at the back end of the Mack trade?

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1 thought on “Raiders Remaining Schedule Isn’t so Bad, Bears Schedule Gets Much Harder

  1. This Raiders TEAM is impressing with their focus on what is happening now. The front office, ownership, & Gruden r impressing w/ regards 2 now & the immediate future. Drafting 4 character, heart, determination, team-oriented values, sacrifice, effort, & experience w/ success @ previous levels of competition without losing any of the aforementioned qualities bodes well 4 the present but is a huge plus 4 the future. I am excited 2 c what Mr. Davis, Jon, & their well-reasoned, knowledgeable GM have in stored 4 is. They show a willingness to pull the trigger on available options IF they make sense based on $, need, experience, & ( I am sure) present (not past) interviews, performance, etc. of professional, inspired athletes who r willing 2 “buy” into a desire 2 not only compete week 2 week, but 2 win & prove worthy of being told — through contracts, fan adoration, & ,most importantly, self-honesty — “Job well done. WE did it & WE can keep doing it! Thank Raiders from a fan since 1979.

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