Raiders’ Owner Mark Davis Expected to Make Decision on Derek Carr Prior to Picking HC or GM

Before Raiders’ owner Mark Davis decides on his next head coach and general manager, it sounds like he’s going to do a little general manager work of his own.

According to The Athletic’s Vic Tafur, there is an expectation that Davis will make a decision on Derek Carr’s future with the Raiders prior to choosing his next head coach.

“I think Mark Davis will make a decision [on Carr] and then go into the search with that in mind,” Tafur said this week on the State of the Nation podcast. “I just don’t know if he’s going to rely on a new coach to influence him giving Carr a $180 million extension or whatever it’s going to cost to keep him past this year.”

“I am of the belief that Mark Davis will make a decision,” Tafur continued. “He hired the last two coaches basically and he’ll hire this one so I think he’ll use whatever he has decided on Derek to kind of frame who he wants to bring in. I’m sure he’ll listen to ideas and he’ll be open to some things, but I think his mind will pretty much be made up as far a quarterback before the coaching search really gets going.”

Some might not like the idea of Davis making the call on Carr, but since he’s the one writing the checks, Davis probably figures he may as well be the one making the decision.

It also feels like it’s only a matter of time before Davis becomes a little more like his father and meddles in football operations more than he has in the past. Or if he is the one who will make the decision on Carr, maybe we’re already there.

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178 thoughts on “Raiders’ Owner Mark Davis Expected to Make Decision on Derek Carr Prior to Picking HC or GM

  1. As for the decision by Mark Davis on Derek Carr. I just want him to know that Lamar Jackson of Baltimore Ravens a Super Bowl MVP is paid 7.8 million a year. Whereas, Derek Carr a
    consistent underachiever who has not taken the Raiders to the playoffs in his eight years as
    their quarterback receives approximately 25 million a year. Know one can convince me that
    Derek Carr should receive (3) times the salary of Lamar Jackson.

      1. Also Lamar is NOT a Super Bowl MVP. He was voted MVP of the league a few years ago but hasn’t been to a Super Bowl so get your facts straight please..

      2. I thiink he’s trying to imply that a Qb under a rookie contract is winning a whole lot more then Carr has and ever will

    1. As far as Mark Davis signing Derek Carr to an extended contract, the Electric Light Orchestra said it best years ago in the song Evil Woman; “…A fool and his money soon go their separate ways.”

    2. Jackson is still under his rookie deal. Next year, under his fifth-year option, he stands to make $23 million.

    3. Jackson is still under his rookie contract. Next year, he’s due to make $23 million under his fifth-year option.

          1. That’s funny. Who cares. Stafford was up there too with the lions all those years. How many wins did that translate to?

          2. So, would u take Goff, Flacco, Foles, Garappolo, Or Ryan, to QB the team next year, since they’ve all led teams to a SB?

          3. When was the last time he saw the playoffs ? You can’t be good one week and screw up another week is there we hadn’t seen a Super Bowl in years and it hasn’t been because of car

        1. Twenty years. One playoff appearance. Couldn’t get out of the quarters. Somebody tell me, how long is it going to take for us to get in the playoffs and make a run at the super bowl. How long

      1. Uh…Lamar Jackson has not been to a super bowl. Do you watch sports?? And Carr needs to be gone. He is a soft leader..terrible in the red zone. Terrible on 3rd downs…terrible at the start of games…terrible after byes..terrible the 2nd half of the season…etc. Carr doesnt make anyone on this team better. 8 years and he hasn’t done anything. Potential is there but how long do you wait for him to have a good 17 weeks??? And I’m not just talking about KC. His garbage games against bears..giants…redskins…last year against the falcons…the Raiders just get embarrassed too much and Carr is just as much the problem as anyone else.

        1. Couldn’t have said it better 👌👍 as a Raider’s fan it’s disheartening to see them start out the season strong for the first four games or so then just completely choke & hit or miss afterwards, that’s been their m.o. for as long as I can remember

      2. YES !!!
        Look no further than good ole boy Jamarcus Russell, if you’re unaware he’s the nfl poster child for franchises to NEVER give a multi million dollar contract to unproven players coming out of college !!! The vet/rookie pay scale also allows for the players to earn their large contracts.

    4. But remember lamar Jackson in still under his rookie contract an seriously u think jackson really that good the guy cant read coverages that’s he always runs which gets old. Or and can only throw down the middle because that all he can read seriously lamar jackson is straight trash.
      And yes carr dose have some issues but
      Anytime we getting great people around him and start to do great. Then thing to go down hill from there it’s not his fault what this year with ruggs and gurden.

      1. Gruden and ruggs were still there when the raider offense was looking like hot garbage against San Diego and chicago….and the entire 2nd half of last season. You can only point fingers so long

      2. I so agree with you. Car is R quarterback We’ve had a lot of UPS and Downs and missing Henry ruggs And our coach We need to keep car and we need to get our line better And are the defensive line… Considering all the things we’ve been through They are not playing that bad… I know you have to go to work and forget everything else. But ****

        1. there not playing bad……. hmmmmm Chiefs 48 raides 9…… not playing bad??? Chiefs 80 Raides 9…. would that qualify for bad play…. lol

        2. How bad do you have to be we’ve lost 7 games so far and the game against Kansas City was a blow out I got one word Marcus mariota

      3. Yo I get the raiders game against the chefs was fucken horrible .it look like no one wanted to play that day II’m a big fan of the raiders Carr is a good quarterback ya we lost some players and our coach now it’s time go a change mark davis is going to so hopefully he make a good one go raiders nation fo life

    5. Lamar Jackson signed a massive contract extension and makes way more than Carr. And he hasn’t exactly looked like an MVP of late. Using a QB under a rookie contract is a bad Basie of comparison. But regardless, Carr has been a middle of the road starter in the NFL, not his fault the franchise is a **** show.

      1. You can’t take a bunch of younstas w millions of dollars and send them to Las Vegas they’ve been there two years and have already had two incidents one leading to the end of a career and freedom. The fall of this franchise is eminent. Start Marcus Mariota keep carr as backup to help keep this team focused in a shithole of a town because he is well-rounded upstairs. Build on that pop warner defense they have. And maybe someday we can bring them back to the grimy O where they belong. There’s nothing wrong with the coliseum and the A’s are probably going to Vegas anyway. The nation doesn’t do to well with fancy!

    6. Lamar hasn’t played in a Super Bowl and he is about to sign his first non rookie contract believe me 20 btw is closer to what Carr gets and is pretty even keel for his level of play

    7. Fyi…Jackson is not a superbowl MVP. He’s never been to the superbowl. He did win the NFL mvp. Carr is not elite but he can make the throws needed to win and he has put the Raiders in position to win many games. Unfortunately our defense has been horrible for years and can’t do their part. So many times Carr has put us in the lead late only to see our defense let the opponent drive down the field with our “swiss cheese” defense and kick a game winning field goal. It’s not Carr’s fault either that the Raiders are horrible at drafting. We continually reach with our first round picks. Believe me, as a life long Raider fan, Carr is not the problem.

      1. What about all dinky passes he makes to make his numbers look good. Unfortunately, Carr is a problem more than a solution. He continues to make unconsistist decisions .

      2. Carr is not the problem those that surround him are. Not everyone but a lot of them. Their subpar playing skills is why we are where we are today. My son is 14 years old and can tackle better than some of the grown men on the team. U get paid to do a job and should **** well do it.

        1. Teams that they go up against them exploit the whole entire team. DC is not the problem. You cannot win a game with just two players on the offense and four on defense. Always the same players making plays on both sides of the ball. Don’t let me get to naming the players that aren’t making any plays. We all know who they are and so does Mark Davis. Those guys will not be on the rebuild next season.

    8. Lamar Jackson hasn’t even made it to a Superbowl yet. He’s on his rookie deal which is why he’s making 8 million a year. You obviously have 0 idea what your talking about. Carr took us to the playoffs in 2016 when he was having an MVP season. Which is when he got his contract. 25 million a season is nothing compared to what qbs are getting paid now.

      1. I’d like to know the theory behind trading away the offensive line. How in the world did you think this would turn out after the years of finally putting it together with Carr so that everyone knew the playbook and how each other played? I don’t know if I’m asking the real Jon Gruden but if I am that was the biggest blunder of all!

      1. Fact check the Raiders continue to not put a team around Carr and Gruden traded 3 of our starters on the o line . I knew we were in trouble in training camp but our weakness was hidden in the first 5 games. But is apparent now Gruden set us up to fail with that O line. And the depth at receiver has been atrocious and I blame Grudens bad choices there as well.

    9. Tyron, you do realize that Jackson is on his rookie deal right? He’s about to get a big raise with an extension or they let it go another year cause the picked up his 5th yr option which gives him $23M guaranteed next year.

    10. Bc Lamar is on a rookie contract.. he’ll make 23M next year bc they used the 5th year option.

    11. And he did take the raiders to the playoffs when he broke his leg.. also, historically if your defense isn’t top 15, you don’t do too well. Don’t think Carr has ever had a top 20 defense.

      1. 2016s in the past After car broke his leg he became scared just like RG3 now RG3 never amounted to anything in the NFL Bottom line it’s time to move on from car

    12. TRUTH! I’m also flabbergasted as to why Carr gets so much for such inconsistent play and no SB appearances….I’m done watching the Raiders till Carr is gone. After being a die hard fan for 30 years I’m done for now….

    13. The fact that you state that “know one” can convince you that a QB on his 2nd contract (BTW, second in the league in passing yardage, despite loosing his coach and his best deep passing threat) should make more than a QB on his 1st, tells us all we need to “know.”

      1. If you’re going to give someone a hard time for spelling, you should probably know how to spell ‘losing’ … just saying.

      2. Stats still don’t get you to the playoffs still still doesn’t get your Super Bowl ring and if stats did get you anywhere we’d be Having a winning season

    14. Lamar Jackson has never played in A SB, so he’s never been a SB MVP. In addition, Jackson is still playing on his rookie contract. He’ll soon be inking a contract that will average $40 Mil/yr.

      1. In reply to joe paclebar. You are Right, I meant to state that Lamar Jackson was the NFL Most Valuable Player in 2019. And he receives 7.8 million dollars a year. While Derek Carr who
        has never attained the NFL MVP award gets 25 million dollars a year. Also, if you remember, in the 2016 playoff game, Derek Carr did not play. Just to clarify, Lamar Jackson was not the
        MVP of the Super Bowl in 2019 he was the NFL MVP.

      2. In reply to joe paclebar. You are Right Lamar Jackson was not the 2019 Super Bowl MVP. He
        was the NFL MVP in 2019. And the comparison was, Lamar Jackson, the 2019 NFL MVP is
        being paid 7.8 million dollars a year. And Derek Carr a quarterback with a (53) wins and
        (69) losses record is being paid approximately 25 million dollars a year. I said know one can
        convince me that Derek Carr should be paid almost (3) times what Lamar Jackson is paid. Also, in the playoff game in 2016 Derek Carr did not play. This was under Jack Del Rio.


    16. Mark Davis needs to sell shared to diehard Ex Raiders, Marcus Allen, Jim Otto, Bo Jackson, Atkinson, Howie Long Rich Gannon and let them get the Raiders Back To The Glory Days Just Win Baby. Bring Another Players, Mc Millen. We need Ex Raiders Players into Raiders Territory, no more Outsiders Too Many Back Stabbers From Outsiders Raiders Hater’s. Got To Start HirIng A Good Younger Ex’s Raider Players For a Head Coaching Job for The Raiders Coaching. Jon Grudenbl Finally Had Had All His Players Believing In Themselves, He Saves Lots Of Players Crosby, Walkers, Not Looking At Them As Just Raiders Players, But As People And Friends Players
      Gruden Was A Man. He Has His Players going in Right Winning Directions, But No One Ever Crosses ESPN You Can Asked Rachel Mc Nichols Ex Employeem I m Sure If Git Together With Gruden And Shared Things They Knew About ESPN. About Her Firing So Quickly Before Any Further Stuff About Her Firing So Quickly. She Could Of Found Out Stuff About ESPN, Gruden And Rachel Should Get Together And Do There Own Findings As To Why They Both Got Fired So Quickly, Find Out Why Only Certain Emails Only Came Out And Not All Emails.I Hope Jon Gruden and Mark Davis Gets Involved Because This Was Mark Davis Time To Get To The Playoffs So Many When Wrong We Loss Henry Riggs Because He Lost His Security’s Blanket Jon Gruden Tight Ship. He Unravel And Didn’t Know What To Do He Made A Terrible Called Killed Two People Had His Life Over Drinking Alcohol Driving and All Hell Broke Lose All After Gruden Certain Emails That Cause So Much Pains. I hope Mark And Jon Hired The best Attorney To Win And Find All Dirt And 32 Owners and Hater Washingston Redskins Bruce Allen, Synder, ESPN, Mark Davis becomes likes His Father and Goes Ahead And Hires A Good Attorney And Opens up all 650000 Emails and finds out How Many Crooked Head Coaches, Refs, All coaches of every fields How May Workers in ESPN have Dirty Back grounds And Everyone who’s in Those Emails. Go Get Atty Arthuro Gonzalez Out Of San Francisco A Good The Best Attorney In California Takes Jon Gruden and Mark Davis Case So He Can Cleared Gruden Name, His Creditals Back and Hopefully Go Back To Coaching Somewhere, but As Soon As Gruden Was Talking Playoffs Thats When It All Started Coming Out About His Background And Everything Starting To Fall Apart For The Raider Nation Organization Henry Riggs Gets Into Serious Problems He Believed In Gruden Liked A Father Image As Soon He Lost Gruden With All That Money He Didn’t Know what to do He Lost His Father Demands GrudenbDemsndscOfbHis Players He Has Helped Alot Players, In Believing And Demanding Of Themselvrs. Jon Gruden ran a tight Pirate Ship Strictly Rules And All Raiders Players Followed His Rules. If You Looked At Them Now They Have Changed Alot Their Not Believing In Themselves Anymore. The Team Has Tell Aparted SndvNo Is Talking About Them You Know, Because They Matter No More GRUDEN Is Gone His Legacy Has Demolishes. How Can Players Believed in There Playing Now, They Can Fund The Gruden Respected And Demands, The Acts Of Truthfullnress And Honest Hard Grinder Players They Were Doing It And Listening And Believing In Themselves He Was Great Leader And Great Listener And Coaching And True Friend My House IscYour House YourvOroblems ArevMine Tio. Thets What Kind Of Coach Gruden Was With agis Players They Believed In him And Trusted In Him Now AndvNow Its Hard For Them To Be The Hard Grinders They Were Once. They Didnt Care Of What They Heard They Believed In What Kind Of Coach He Was Now, Not From Before. All People Makes Terribles Mistakes Poeple Have Made MISTAKES And ComeBack To A Better Person And AcBetter Listener And A Better Friend And Better Person. Amen Too You Jon Gruden.

    17. Lamar Jackson is a terrible QB. He is a mediocre running back playing the QB position. He can’t read defenses and he can’t throw an accurate pass. In a couple of years, as soon as he can’t scramble for first downs, he will be exposed for the low-tier QB he is. But by then the Ravens will be on the hook for a huge contract that Jackson is not worth (thus, in the same boat as the Raiders with Carr).

      Carr is a quality QB when he is well protected (one of the most accurate passers in the league), however, if a defense gets any pressure on him and knocks him down a couple of times, Carr becomes a scared little bunny, and his ability to make good decisions and accurate passes go into the dumpster.

      1. Obviously you’re not a raiders
        fan obviously you haven’t looked at his stats.. It takes a whole team to win and a whole team to lose.. And our defense sucks

          1. I’m a diehard Raiders fan. I see everything that they are doing on the field. You can’t have disrupted players on this team not making plays. Divine Deablo said what was going on at practice. Those kind of lazy players won’t be a Raiders next year.

      2. Quality qb? Seriously? Numbers can be deceiving. If Carr was so good why are they ALWAYS starting games ice cold…ALWAYS play abysmal the entire 2nd half of seasons…ALWAYS look like crap after a bye…are ALWAYS terrible in the red zone…and godawful in 3rd downs. Don’t those things lay directly at the feet of the qb? Carr plays scared most games(even when he’s had good o-lines). Do you honestly think he is going to ever lead the Raiders to a KC level team?

        1. Because they have no one to stretch the field and refuse to play aggressive. The game plan is ball control and rac yards. Only problem is they can’t run away from any body, can’t pound anyone, and can’t hold the ball long enough to go down field. Carr by no means is hitting all his marks but he can’t play for everyone either. Defense is still below average which doesn’t help matters….

    18. Lamar Jackson has never been in a Super Bowl much less MVP’d in one.
      He was the regular season MVP.

      But I agree that Carr is far from Jackson in quality of play and doesn’t deserve to make more, much less triple.

    19. Lamar is no where near the football intellect of Carr. He is a great athlete but that only takes you so far!! Lamar has limited ability to read defenses and make spontaneous football decisions aside from running. Sorry!

      1. Why hate on a 24 year old, league MVP?
        At 24, how much football IQ, did the greats have?
        Jackson has talent, is coach-able, and an awesome athlete.
        The hypothetical, Jackson at 21-23 years a Playoff Quarterback, ( won a wildcard game) a league MVP
        Stat: Jackson is the only quarterback in at least the last 20 seasons to be ranked in the top 10 in passing and rushing through his team’s first five games. Jackson ranks No. 5 in passing and No. 8 in rushing. Has documented throws of 100 yards, 86%
        Completion rate, ..783 win percentage ..won a wild card game, 24 years old….hmmmm
        Carr, never won a playoff game, .438 cumulative win record over 8 seasons.
        Not a Jackson devotee, but had to look up the Carr stat junkies….
        Carr =
        Fran Tarkenson
        Dan Marino
        Ken Anderson
        Joe Flacco
        Jim Kelly
        Vinnie Testaverde
        Dan Fouts……on and on
        Let’s get him with Tony Romo, in the booth, show off his stats and football IQ.

  2. Davis should rent out his stadium to the NFL, all Bowl Commitees and all college teams that needs an indoor arena as well as entertainment producers. He should move the team back to Oakland and share Levi stadium with 9ers. It’s a win win win situation for all. Las Vegas Raiders sounds and looks lame. Start Mariota.

    1. I don’t care about the city. Sharing a stadium with the 49ers when we already have a stadium? That’s lame.

    2. He should just sit down with Carr, and tell em he is going to have to take a pay cut, he won’t make that money anywhere else. Unless there is someone available out there I am missing.

  3. And get who to quarterback this team? Ryan Fitzpatrick? Fix the offensive line and hire Harbaugh you will see how quickly this will turn around.

      1. Why didnt our New head coach take-out Carr, if he wants to be the New Raiders Coach no way, he left in Carr in the whole game never gave Marriota a chance to compete again the Chief Marriota is our back up Qb, he didnt get the chance to played. Agsinst The Chief it wasnt going to be a good day. Why didnt the idiot coach bring in Marriota instead Mark David Need to sell The Raiders Team Now.

        1. Good point Rey. They should have brought Mariota into the game for the second half when we were down 21/0. Hey what ever happened to Richie Incognito, still on injured reserve or let go ? Last year we had a pretty good O line until theyall got hurt.

          1. Carr has led his team to more 4th qtr comebacks than anyone in the NFL, since he came into the league; so yeah, he’s a quitter, right?! SMH.

        1. Mariota is a bomb ready to go off. He is not intellectually ready to be a top 10 NFL QB. If Raiders were 9-2, you haters would be Carr is the man. Keep watching football from your couch and eat your snacks. Leave football to the pros. Gotta be amused by the haters 🙂

    1. Whats the difference. Were not winning any games anyway. Hes had more than enough time. Start marriota.. couldn’t hurt

  4. Josh jacobs is not a wvery down back. He s good. At times open field. Catch and run. Sometimes. Bust threw. 5 or7 yards. Not every down. I ve watch him. Game day. Films will show you. Look.

    1. It this point Carr needs to go. Hott one week an cold for three weeks. If he can’t do it or get the RAIDERS to the playoffs then I say time to cut him loose he had his run. Time to go Carr sorry RAIDER NATION!! But I agree they need to go back to Oakland to many visiting fans show up we need the RAIDER NATION to represent

      1. Derek Carr deserves to go to a better team maybe he can start winning. With a better offensive line and a better defense to back him up. Just saying. RN4L.

        1. Exactly. So many haters out there! Look at the big picture. It’s not one that wins week in and week out.

          1. You may be right about that. There were 4 winnable games that they should have won. That’s on the defensive side of the ball. Thirteen games in, not any points and takeaways on both sides of the ball. Have been turning the ball over too too many. Can’t win like that. I can imagine the plane ride back to Vegas. Raiders Nation should have been at airport waiting for them to come through and let them have it.

    2. WE New a whole New Offebsuve Kine Tim Canle is abgiid coach, but without s good Players the Akexwood a bad pick in the draft. WE gave hudsom, gave Jackson and we got misfits nobidy good but number 77 ot 76 the ony good good offensive. Carr is good but he didnt have a good kine ti back him up. Its not hid fault on the time. He doesnt have enough time to throw down field he’s to busy running for his life.

  5. Given the disastrous deal he gave to Gruden there’s proof that his possible future “meddling” will be a future impediment to any future sustained Raiders success. Own and get out of the way Mark!!!

  6. What’s to decide 8yrs and you would consider paying the biggest Qb coward in the NFL 100% not a leader unless you Want to be lead to failure do not pay this guy $180Mil. If so just donate the $$ Carr dosent deserve $20Mil I’d rather see
    M.Davis Sell the Team to someone that actually knows how to build a winning system Trade Carr while you can get something for him! Mariota is more Athletic than Carr could ever be, your paying him $10 Mil
    Use him draft his replacement let Mariota be the stop gap common sense dosent need to be a total tear dwn.

    1. No lo pude haber dicho mejor es un cobarde al cien la señorita Carr con el no llegara el equipo a ningún lado siempre lleno de excusas y doblándose cuando más se necesita de el valor y la inteligencia de un líder ojalá quien sea que tome la decisión sea cambiar con cualquier otro qb será mejor que con un blandengue como Carr!

    2. If Carr is the “biggest QB coward in the NFL 100% not a leader,” why would any other franchise want him in a trade?

    3. I wanted us to stay in Oakland myself. Las Vegas does sound lame. And if we keep with the same 8 and 8 seasons were gonna have a Charger stadium capacity with an 80% capacity visiting fan base. I guess what ever sells tickets?

    4. I find it funny that people are blaming the success completely on Carr’s play. You have to have a front line protecting him. You have to have catches. It’s a team not just Carr. Look at the records he is setting in RAIDER NATION!!

    1. Carr has always been a gentleman, a good role model, and charismatic speaker. But the incredible frustration that comes with the inconsistent level of game play is just a heartbreaker. You never know what you are going to get. It’s like Forrest Gump and the box of chocolates.

  7. No mystery. Davis already said he was going to sign Carr before the beginning of next season. Move along folks nothing to see here.

  8. I insist, Tom Cable as a head coach can fix this offense. Get rid of Greg Olsen and try to get Rich Gannon as an O.C., Howie Long to coordinate the defense. Man, the possibilities.

    1. Raider fans don’t need Carr to make fools of them. The comments prove that. Carr plays great when he has protection and his receivers get open. Build a better line and get a couple WRs besides Renfro that can get open and stay out of jail.

  9. Meddles, wow Al Davis had more football knowledge in his pinkie than many coaches and in interviews with the successful coaches like John Madden, Tom Flores they certainly didn’t talk of meddling but of learning and collaboration

    1. Uhh LJ has never been to super bowl. Pretty difficult to be a sper bowl MVP when you’ve never been there.

    2. That was BEFORE Al went in to a visible mental decline and his decisions started being more about his ego than the Raiders. He should have let Ron Wolf run the show back then.

  10. We need W not L if that means boot carr and get somebody that wins as the main man Al Davis said just win baby

    1. Uhh LJ has never been to super bowl. Pretty difficult to be a sper bowl MVP when you’ve never been there.

  11. We need to get rid of Carr & get Deshaun Watson & a better O Line. & Harbaugh as our head coach! Period!!!

  12. The face of our team MUST change. We need a new culture. The one we have lacks resilience and the team is weak! We don’t need another qb who needs the coach to baby sit and teach everything too. Love Carr. Maybe he’ll live up to his word and retire. But I’d also like to see him play for a franchise that has their stuff together and have a chance to play a playoff game. Not like he’ll win but at least let him get one in so he can say he played one.

  13. Season is not over, all these writers like Tafur speculating what’s going to happen or not going to happen! Stories like this get leaked or as I like to say made up because sports writers think they can dictate the narrative! Until the numbers say otherwise I’m going with the Raiders making the playoffs and Bisaccia given the reigns and Carr an extension!! Let’s Go Raiders

  14. Okay so I’m going to go out on a limb here, hire Dani Swinmey as head coach, bring Tim Brown in as OC and Howie Long as DC. Trade apart to the Seahawks and bring Russell Wilson in for the next ten years. Work on the line through draft and free agency. Bringing Wilson will fill the stadium and give them an inspirational leader on the field and true leader for that team in general! Ijs!!!!!

  15. Play mariota , trade Carr for draft stock over the next two years , get a GM & HC that can draft & stay out of the way Mark Davis

  16. It’s about time to kiss Jack Delrio *** and bring him back we need a coach with balls and get rid of those players that don’t believe In winning ,those players that pay their hearts out you keep and those that come to play every week you keep and as for Carr start Mariota if you want to win Mariota is a smart QB , he is mobile and can throw ,but the only reason Mark Davis keeps Carr In is because how is a $1 million dollar QB gonna look out perform a $25 million dollar QB but don’t forget this is a team sport You win with whatever player will win game that week.Mariota is Rich Gannon in the waiting.

  17. I love Carr. But since his Injury in the Colts Game he‘s not a Championship QB anymore. Opposite Defenses don’t respect him anymore. Trade him and start Mariota and look for Longterm Solution.

  18. Lots of ignorant comments on this thread. Anyone who thinks replacing Carr is going to solve this team’s problems needs to take off the blinders and look at the whole team. Carr is NOT the problem.

    1. I completely agree!! It’s like everyone thinks Carr plays every play and makes every mistake. Not just one person makes a loss.

  19. Everyone who is saying Carr is crap must be new fans cuz idk about you but what 9 years ago we were wishing for a QB that could throw the ball for crying out loud now we have one that’s leading the NFL is passing and your bitching now? It’s not his fault. Terrible coaching staff( I believe 5 staffs in his 8 years now) and terrible drafting, dysfunctional from the top down and blame the QB cmon nobody could excell in this place. Oh and you leave your home environment to a stadium where there are more of the other nfl teams jerseys than our own silver and black is a **** joke. Black hole nomore just a stadium shiny and **** but too far away amd too expensive to go to see a game. Man some people

  20. Get rid of the excess baggage that’s not producing and costing u a ton of money. Loyal fans deserve better, and above all…And the most obvious…This is a business!

  21. They need to get rid of their scouting department atrocious over the last five plus years . None worked out if it all . need to get more aggressive in free agency or they will never get any better no matter who the coach is you have to have talented players before coaching kicks in

  22. It’s probably time to move on from Carr. But I’d be into keeping him if we hired Harbaugh, mostly so we can all watch Harbaugh choke slam him every time he comes back to the sideline after throwing it into the dirt on fourth down or playing scared before he even gets touched.

    1. Blow up the whole thing from the
      Top 2 the bottom and just so there are no holdovers blow it up from the bottom 2 the top start over it’s been over 20 years as a loser and today was totally embarrassing
      12/12/21 putting my team gear away
      Until next year feeling like a Chicago Cub fan

  23. I like DC but it’s time to let him see a different scenery. Al Davis knew what he was doing in drafting power and speed. And we have not seen that in the Raiders for years. They don’t need to go back to Oakland. They need to have a coach that calls better plays and is not a coward like Gruden was every game played should be seen as a champion ship game and every win counts. Grow a set Raiders.

  24. We need a coach and GM that understands having an offensive line and a defensive line are even more important than a QB. Carr will be fine if they can fix those two things.

  25. I don’t care if nick foles comes and takes over for carr as long as we get a playoff win. I just want to be excited about what Sunday could bring again!

  26. Come on mark! Hire a president of football operations, POF OPS hires his staff and A GM , THE GM HIRES HIS COACH and so on. Your dad understood X’s and O’s. You on the other hand just need to hire that one guy that knows what he is doing and answers to you only and then you get the hell out of the way!

  27. So true. They need to get rid of carr. He’s not the answer. Start Marriott already…let’s see what he can do. Couldn’t hurt. Were losing with carr anyways

  28. Derrick Carr is and has been an embarrassment.
    His uninspiring play and lack of leadership, is oh so very obvious. His once “Gunslinger, win at all cost attitude” is long gone, his body and injuries , along with probably poor guidance from his also ran brother, has turned Carr into a metrics chasing, number grabbing player.
    On paper this guy is a very capable leader, but look over the last few years, his lack of leadership, poor reads, fumbles, and poor play sacks, horrible interceptions and total lackluster play In the red zone. Being an Elite Quarterback, I believe he has more input than exhibited, that leads to poor play around him. It really appears that he well creates the drama that surrounds him.
    He has been surrounded by talent, at least on the offensive side, Once he had the highest paid and biggest offensive line, great tight ends and awesome deep threats, very capable run game. Squandered, either through poor coaching and poor play and lack of leadership has given the fans a doomed product.
    Mariotta has within his injury prone body, the leadership and old school football desire, and a wealth of talent still available, it is very evident when he plays.
    Carr and many others are so overpaid and logged in the business of football, not of winning or being there for the fans.
    In his early years he suffered the Raiders league bias, he got beat up, targeted, and injured without reprise.
    That said, NFL Icon and moral compass Tony Dungee, has totally, truthfully stated, that the incorporation of the corporation of gambling into the NFL, is very BAD, and has raised some very perplexing ethical issues, Once it was bad to incorporate betting with sports, but now you have the multi million incomes for the league and owners directly from the sponsorship of many of the old school Mafia inspired gambling organizations.
    Curious outcomes and the anomalies of many of the games played alone, the amount of last minute wins/losses, play calling and performance, questionable game changing penalties or non penalties.
    This season has provided weird, almost planned, outcomes of many of the games.
    (Pro and Collegiate, in all sports, it seems)
    It appears that either people/teams are lucky or extremely unlucky.
    Carr still has tremendous potential and worth, but not here in the prosperous land of Silver and Black.
    Time to move on, Enough wasted time, and talent and Fans trust.

  29. I would like to know who the Einstein was to get rid of two pro bowl offense line men and replaced them with three rookies. Not very smart.

  30. BS!!!!! Al Davis was
    Horrible with the handling of Marcus Allen such a shame the way he benched Marcus Allen, but when Allen was in Kansas City he rushed for thousands of yards and caught passes for alot yards and also set the running back touchdown record at Kansas City.. ,😳

  31. But remember lamar Jackson in still under his rookie contract an seriously u think jackson really that good the guy cant read coverages that’s he always runs which gets old. Or and can only throw down the middle because that all he can read seriously lamar jackson is straight trash.
    And yes carr dose have some issues but
    Anytime we getting great people around him and start to do great. Then thing to go down hill from there it’s not his fault what this year with ruggs and gurden.

  32. I have been a die hard Raiders fan since 1986, not much winning from then until now . 1988-1992 maybe , 1999-2002 and 2016 . I will always be a Raiders fan but some you are clueless. Football is a team sport period!

  33. Right now, the focus shouldn’t be on DC. The issues that need to be addressed is the offensive line. Don’t have consistency at backups. They are all horrible. The defense has no inside interior linemen and linebackers that can’t stop the run. As far as the secondary, our safeties are trash. Twenty years of disappointment. It’s not even cold in Kansas City.

  34. Davis making the football decisions is the first problem. How about hiring a GM and let that man build a team?? Just my opinion I don’t think i run football team but Louis Riddick seems like a smart dude & he’s got front office experience. If not him somebody out there. I dont think Mayock is the right guy.

  35. Mark Davis you have sat back and let your coach and general manager destroy your team. You messed up by getting rid of Del Rio. I don’t know what you were thinking of. If you extend Carrs contract you should sell the team because us Raiders fans will be convinced that you are clueless. Right now see if the Texans or Seahawks would be willing to trade QBs straight up. Frustrated as hell.

  36. Mark my words Mr Davis if you signed Derek Carr you are the one that signing the raiders face of Doom the black and silver stands for pride through the United States you should have been in the super bowl long time ago but with Derek Carr we are not going there sign Aaron Rodgers two years

  37. Sign Aaron Rodgers and devonte Adams and they will take you to the super bowl 2-year contract and give DeSean Jackson a chance those three veterans will take the raiders to the super bowl

  38. Derek Carr deserves to go to a better team maybe he can start winning. With a better offensive line and a better defense to back him up. Just saying. RN4L.

  39. Here’s what I think is relevant in the Carr decision:
    1. Can they draft someone better? Answer: of course not. And if you know the Raiders record of drafting QB’s over the last 3 decades, you’d know this.

    2. Can they get someone in free agency who will earn less than Carr and be a better QB? Of course not. Good QB’s don’t hit free agency very often, and when they do they command a huge price, and often disappoint.

    3. Because of all the first (and second, and third) round failures in recent drafts… who would they pay the money to that they’re gonna save by not paying Carr? They really have almost nobody else on their roster that they’re gonna have to pay anytime soon.

    I’ve not bee a huge Carr fan for most of his career, but sheesh, at this point, this decision should be a no-brainer. Pay the man, and have a good draft for once guys.

  40. I can’t wait for Carr to be gone you have had a very mobile Quarterback standing next to whoever is the coach. Then go look for the future GM COACH

  41. It figures. The idiot hasnt learned a thing. He knows absolutely zip about football n he wants to continue with idiotic moves.

    We are never getting back to Raiders of old with this owner.

  42. Carr isn’t in the top tier. But he’s still a very good QB. We have seen non top tier QBs win a SB before. You need to the win the battle in the trenches as they say. And to be able to draft well in the early rounds. It’s really much simpler than many think. Stop blaming Carr and thinking a QB change will do anything..Oline blows..D hasn’t ranked above 20th in years. Now those are problems.

  43. Yo! MARK….8 SEASONS. THAT’S long enough to become proficient in learning a language with just 20 hrs a week 6 days a week, also, Calculus can be MASTERED IN that time frame…Karare can be mastered in that time frame…IF THE DESIRE IS THERE. CARR DOES NOT HAVE IT IN HIM. HE IS AFRAID OF CONTACT. PLEASE FOR GOD’S SAKE move on.

  44. Yo! MARK….8 SEASONS. THAT’S long enough to become proficient in learning a language with just 20 hrs a week 6 days a week, also, Calculus can be MASTERED IN that time frame…Karate can be mastered in that time frame…IF THE DESIRE IS THERE. CARR DOES NOT HAVE IT IN HIM. HE IS AFRAID OF CONTACT. PLEASE FOR GOD’S SAKE move on.
    Raiders deserve a QB that will embrace being a leader.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly I have been a raider fan my entire life and I will never change teams I will always follow my raiders but the bottom line is I don’t care about stats car is afraid he holds on to the ball too long and eventually winds up getting sack every time we need something better we need something new this league has become a running quarterback and scrambling league this is what we need and right now mariota is the answer Until we can get us a good rookie quarterback

  45. Carr and Stafford seems like the same person. Just like Stafford Carr should be gone. Start someplace new and with a team that can win. Try Marriota and see if he can shake things up. Raiders cant score points and the defense is on the field to long. Marriota could extend drives and keep the defense a bit more fresh. Also stop throwing the ball 20 yards sideways and begin to throw the ball downfield at least 7 to 10 yards. Pass to open up the run game because the Oline is not good enough to run on first down

  46. I would be shock if carr goes anywhere, I think Mark Davis has been made the decision on Carr, after JaMarcus Russell.
    Can we afford to get a collegiate quarterback? And take that risk.
    Carr is the guy! He just have to take less money to get some EXPLOSIVE players on all levels..
    KEEP CARR!! he’s not the problem. Nelson said the player don’t play for each other they play for themselves…

  47. I have been a long time follower of the silver/black attack and these past years have been agonizing to watch. There is no leadership on this team or the franchise for that matter. I have come up with a new name for the team, “lost” Vegas Raiders. I will continue to root them on in hopes of turning it around but it’s going to be a long haul

  48. ‘It also feels like it’s only a matter of time before Davis becomes a little more like his father and meddles in football operations more than he has in the past.”

    Nice to see a little passion on Marc’s part, but he simply doesn’t have the football acumen his father possessed in order to do so. Al Davis had a brilliant football mind cultivated under the tutelage of the legendary Sid Gillman. The only way Davis’ meddling would work is if he brought aboard a special assistant/advisor, an ex-executive, coach or player who doesn’t want to be bothered with the mundane day to day duties of GM who will help Davis’ hire and oversee the GM.

  49. If Carr is let go, Belichick will snatch him up in a heartbeat and get 2-3 super bowl wins out of him. Ever Raider that’s gone to New England has become 100 times better. At some point we just have to face the facts – we are fans of a cursed team.

    1. Mac Jones
      Nuff said
      Carr maybe as a back-up
      Doesn’t appear to have the winning attitude. It is clear he wants to retire as the Raiders all time statistical God, but little more

  50. Mark you’d be foolish to let Derek Carr go. If you do my basement will no longer be Silver and Black! I’m 60 years old and been following the Raiders since I was 8! This franchise has to turn it around. Mike Mayock screwed up a whole year worth draft picks along with Gruden by not doing their homework. Oh yeah Mayock did do his homework but thought he’d take a gamble on a few players. Really? So you might as well go down the street and roll the dice and gamble at a Casino then, oh and by the way, he’s using your money! Maybe you should be more involved and see for yourself the locker room without rose colored glasses. Their is a problem in that locker room, there has to be! For crying out loud your Dad would be pissed off can you PLEASE get more involved? You can’t be afraid of this PC culture, you’ve got a football team to look over. It’s really OK to hold players accountable along with Coaches and do it in a timely manner. C’mon man!

  51. Carr sucks. He sucks at scoring td’s sucks in the redzone and the second half of the season and the first half of games and he really sucks on 3rd down. The gm and all the coaching staff sucks. We have lazy players who even practice lazy. According to devine Diablo. Are owner sucks. We need a new QB and gm who can draft and a winning coach who demands discipline execution excellence and winning

  52. I love it when people blame carr,they obviously are complaining so much that they don’t see him at 4000 for the season with4 games 5000 .lames 24 come from behind wins,30000 in career.Not 1 player on our team is in the top ten at anything except renfrow.Did you like rich gannon.didnt win a superbowl and he had tim brown and jerry rice and terry porter.So put us back another 5 yrs on a not proven player.He needs players to do thier job.Mahomes 3-4 to start.players do thier job they are winning.Who do you want another vet maybe 2-10 it .If he won the superbowl you would say its because the sun was in thier eyes.Please go back to your old team.Carr has issues,but they all do.Let tom brady play behind this line and he will it.matt stafford lions suck now rams superstar.Im so done with the drag.Thank God they don’t listen to any of you.We would end up like the lions,every year.They are competitive and only one team wins no matter how far you go.Theres alot of years we were the worst.Im happy that players at least want to play for us now.Dam live or die but you hate about **** thats not worth it.Get behind him and maybe hell get better.I wouldn’t want so many Haters would you.Do this ask players that have played in the past with would be amazed and be embarrassed to say ****.

    1. Oh yeah ive been die hard since I was 8.ive cried.almost burned my house down on the tuck rule b.s.raiders win that they have 2 more superbowls because gruden wouldve won with raiders 2 would be alot different.shut it and be right .dam. covell.

    2. EXACTLY, watch chefs this weekend lose, no kelce, no hill, run whole game, not AFC team, nohome has been luck, keep him in pocket he’s got nothing, brady has cheated at everything , every chance he cud, his Joe Thiesman is coming. Carrs achievements speak for themselves , DJacks a has been, never gonna help until he can part with his gold necklace during gametime, to many pundents who dont understand the fundamentals of football or are jealous and will never be more than on outside looking in, aka nate burleson, skip, eison, Carr just wants his Franchise give it to him spend money saved on quality , integrety, maybe non alcholics, Zero Tolerance

  53. That is hysterical. How many excuses can you make for Carr? He doesn’t have a deep threat. He doesn’t have a line. He doesn’t have the right shoes. Sheesh. We aren’t talking about 13 games this year…we are talking about 8 freaking years of nothing but inconsistent mediocrity. He had a line last year. He had Ruggs and gruden last year and they were an embarrassment the last 8 games of the year(offense included!). Same thing this year. Carr could go to a team like the Rams and probably have more wins because that team is stacked..but he wouldn’t himself make much difference because he is who he is. He’s proven that over 8 torturous years.

    1. You don’t know what you are talking about. If we had a top 15 defense we would be in the playoffs every year. Elite QBs are pedestrian without a defense. That’s a fact.

  54. Carr is a great communicator, good dude, awesome family man and I’m sure a great friend. But let’s not get that entangled with what it takes to have success and be a playoff caliber QB in the NFL.

    Today’s QB, in the NFL, requires more then just a pocket QB. Carr is so predictable and easy for defenses to figure out. He’s like a sitting duck and fails to execute consistency, especially on the deep throw. Short passes only make your stats better but stats don’t always translate to playoff caliber success. We need a QB with an X factor quality to get help get us over the hump. Someone who can create a spark and opportunity, even when opportunity isn’t given to you.

    Quick solution: Sit Carr and start Marriotta.

    Long term: reassess QB options for the future

  55. Carr lovers are blind and delusional. They talk like its his rookie season lmfao. It’s been 8 years and he hasn’t been the same since 2016 and he never will be. Bye bye carrbage

  56. Good thing Mr. Davis signs check and not sports pundents. One quarterback or two doesn’t make for success in NFL. Don’t listen to pundents about Carr, that’s why they get paid, to cause doubt in your team. Do your own research, Carr has been top ten QB since first snap, he ranks with Marino and Peyton, ck the numbers. Coaching has been biggest problem, First GM Mayock goes, Olsen goes Mark take the reigns, its your money whats worse that cud happen, adversity can’t get much worse, resilience from key players have keep hope alive for RAIDERS. Rookies dont bank on any, JaMarcus Russell was mediocre at best, never a top ten, Grudens theory was young players can be shaped, without experience , no leadership , too many young players, why mid season needed experience . Time to lay down the LAW, ZERO TOLERANCE , D Jacks gone don’t need him, can’t run and won’t any faster with gold around his neck, coaching? KURT WARNER, DABO SWINNEY, PEYTON MANNING as QB coach, play calling needs to incorporate creativity , no more second guessing defense will do, controling clock , stick with short yardage until needed, I like Mariota , Carr changing it up, more of, that’s a winning combination, with Mariota dropping bomb to Carr who ain’t being guarded, flea flicker, onside kicks, ..and for christs sakes save some money give Derek his Franchise all he wants, stability, Mariota won’t stay without him, getting close to market cap, time cut overpaid , underwork players, there is no off season for million dollar players, ZERO TOLERANCE specifically for ROOKIES

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