Rich Gannon: “Really Shocking to me” is the Lack of Production from Josh Jacobs

Former Raiders’ quarterback Rich Gannon has witnessed a lot of disappointments from the Raiders this year. At the top of his list, though, is the Raiders’ consistently unproductive running game.

“I think the thing that I’m most disappointed about… is the lack of production from Josh Jacobs,” Gannon said Wednesday on Raider Nation Radio 920 AM’s JT The Brick show. “To me, there are flashes. I know he was battling some injuries there for a couple of weeks. I know there has been some issues with some changes at the line at times, but you look at the lack of production there, that’s what I think is really shocking to me.”

Gannon, however, doesn’t exclusively blame Jacobs for his lack of production. He seems to think there is an element of coaching that is holding back the former first-round running back, as well.

“I think [Jacobs] is really a talented back,” Gannon continued. “Whether it’s an issue of them not sticking to [the run], I just feel like when he gets the opportunities and gets the carries that he can really do some damage, but it’s how you’re utilizing him. I look at the lack of production this year. He’s yet to rush for 100 yards.”

There is something to be said for the way the Raiders have been using Jacobs – and how poorly they have blocked for him. But it’s also noteworthy that he hasn’t averaged 4.0 yards per carry since his rookie year.

When a running back doesn’t get a full load of carries it will (obviously) affect his total yards, but fewer carries typically results in the running back having a little better YPC. That hasn’t been the case with Jacobs.

Looking back to Jacobs’ game film as a rookie, it sometimes looks like he ran a little harder at the start of his career. Maybe there were just more running lanes back then, but there were definitely times where Jacobs looked like one of the best running backs in the league – so much that many believed he should have won the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

That seems like a long time ago now, doesn’t it?

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10 thoughts on “Rich Gannon: “Really Shocking to me” is the Lack of Production from Josh Jacobs

  1. It is clear that the Las Vegas Raiders offensive line has demonstrated that they are not committed to run blocking. Pass blocking has a lot to do with your balance. And you should keep your wait back and your butt tucked. Run blocking has more to do with technique and aggressiveness. If as a offensive lineman you don’t want to go get your man on every play, it does not work out well. So, if you want take plays off you will not be a good run blocking team. That’s the Raiders.

  2. Sadly, the Raiders, along with some other teams, have not evolved in their thinking. The mere thought that one runningback can stand up to the punishment issued out by superior defensive athletes, for an entire seventeen game season, is a work a slave until he’s dead mentality. The Cleveland Browns have no less than four serviceable runningbacks. These guys take numerous hits and therefore the propensity to become injured increases substantially, indeed exponentially, throughout the season. For no one in management to perceive as much says much about the limited mentality of the people at the head or this organization. Should Lucy of the Peanuts cartoon series become part of the NFL, she would discover that Charlie Brown is not the only blockhead that she will ever encounter. Anyone with anything other than a third grade education should realize by looking at the analytics of ANY NFL TEAM that injuries have and will continue in this ultimate contact sport. Has everyone forgotten that CTE is the result of repeated violent contact? Surely, if mental injuries are the results of repeated violent contact then extended physical injuries are equally systemic. Of course, those who are “surprised” by the lack of production by any runningback are those who haven’t and will never play that position. As good as Earl Campbell and Christian McCaffery was/is, respectively, they too has succumbed to and were/have been bitten by the injury bug, through repeated violent contact, Delta T. For those who don’t know what Delta T means, it’s an engineering term that means over time. Of course, NONE of these armchair critics of someone elses’ supposedly “lack of productivity” never have nor ever will be in the position to receive the amount of brutal punishment that these guys routinely do.

    1. But they haven’t they have used a full stable of Running backs and FBs all year , their FB is out for season and so is number 2 back .I think it’s more than running back issues (, offensive line is inconsistent and secondary is dismal every single game penalties and accountability and inconsistent play in all 3 phases is my opinion why they are 6-7 right now .just my thoughts my Brother 🙂

  3. Raiders have lousy coaches. Players can’t perform with these coaches. Raiders suck. Las Vegas can have them. LOL.

    1. He’s from a Alabama of course he’s garbage… Anyone can run when there’s huge holes.. Stay away from Alabama players for Christ sake. Not One has panned out… You can’t evaluate a players true ability when you as an O-linemen are 100 lbs bigger then the guy across from you…Or as WR when you have all day to run routes… Stay the hell away from Alabama, great college team.. Terrible NFL players.

  4. Well Rich Gannon, if your offensive line is not opening up holes or protecting the quarterback, it’s hard for any runningback get down hill when they not blocking up front.

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