Raiders Owner Mark Davis: No Nostalgia Playing Final Game in Oakland

After a rough few years in limbo between Oakland and Las Vegas, Raiders owner Mark Davis doesn’t seem like he can get out of Oakland quick enough.

Asked on Sunday if there was any nostalgia playing a final game in the Coliseum and Davis didn’t mince words:

“No, you know I went through this in 82, and umm… no,” Davis said before Sunday’s loss to the Jaguars.

Cameron Cleveland on Twitter

Raiders fans deserve more than this from an owner. Sad.

Who knows how much of his statement was affected by local politics, but Davis has always tried to show appreciation for the Raiders’ fan base in Oakland. It sounded like he was thinking about some kind words in the interview (above), but thought better of it.

It’s also possible there was more that Davis expressed about the game that wasn’t shown, but either way, it doesn’t sound like it was a very sentimental departure for the Raiders’ owner who has endured rocky relationships with Oakland politicians for years.

All things considered, it’s fair to say the post-game events on Sunday probably could have gone a lot worse – especially considering the team’s on-field meltdown the fans suffered through (once again) in the second half. As it turned out, it was Derek Carr, not Davis, who took the brunt of the abuse from the fans when all was said and done.

Three years ago who would have guessed that would ever happen?

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8 thoughts on “Raiders Owner Mark Davis: No Nostalgia Playing Final Game in Oakland

  1. Mark Davis has endured a lot BS from Oakland and the league as well as being made fun of in the press, unfortunately nobody acknowledges all the good he has done for the organization’s future .
    I think Mark Davis has demonstrated a fair and balanced approach to many issues and stood for they greater good of the players and his father would be proud , because he has adapted and is making the Raiders relevant again !
    Just Win Baby ! Go Las Vegas Raiders !

  2. Great move financially but you are still a A H. See if you continue to suck think fans will keep coming. Ps. Don’t come back unless you pay for stadium

  3. Officials NEED TO BE FIRED!!! No questions asked! Last year we saw the TRAVISTY of the New Orleans Saints being cheated out of a SECOND SUPERBOWL WIN. I back my statement by the fact that Drew Breese put up more points on the score board last year consistently and with the best percentage of accuracy than any other quarterback in the league. You take that statistic and look at the lowest scored Superbowl game in NFL history. It is a no brainer that the NEW ORLEAN SAINTS WOULD HAVE BEEN THE SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS. Sean Payton (Head Coach) changed the game of football forever. Apparently we thought? By having EVERY PLAY REVIEWED. If this is the case, I beg to ask the question of, “WHY IS THIS NEW RULE THAT WAS APPROVED BY THE NFL NOT BEING IMPLEMENTED?” I am a 50 year old Navy Veteran who served and fought for this country honorably. If football (NFL) is to be played with fairness and integrity by the players, why then are the officials NOT BEING HELD TO THE SAME STANDARDS? We all know that the game of football in the NFL would take longer to play, but what is the alternative? LOST SUPERBOWLS AND DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIPS? The consequences are obviously taking a toll on the way the sport is being played. Players have an experation date on the field as we have seen and can attest to those great hall of famers and many others whom have played the great game with heart and soul, not to mention blood, sweat and tears. Today’s tears of frustration are no longer tolerable or acceptable in today’s era of technology with the instant replay. In summary, implementing the review process of every play that is with question or challenged / contested by either side of the field will cause the game to take longer to finish. l leave you with this question. Are the consequences of speeding on the road ever justifiable? Sure it is going to take you a few minutes longer to make it to your destination. The point is that you would have had to abide by the same rules, laws and regulations that dictate a positive outcome with the least amount of damage or negative and serious consequences to yourself and others. By doing so, you are HELD YO THE SAME STANDARDS as everyone else on the road. Drive Safe! Take the time to enjoy the ride and bask in the joy of a NATIONAL PAST TIME THAT HAS AND CONTINUES TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER EVERY TIME THE GAME IS PLAYED. Let’s keep the accountability factor in the NFL FAIR AD RESPONSIBLE FROM EVERY PERSPECTIVE OF THE GAME. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME IN READING MY PERSPECTIVE ON THE LOVE OF THE GREATEST SPORT ON TURF!!! RESPECTIVELY; A Silver and Black Life Time RAIDER fan. 👍

  4. Mark Davis is a joke n has no business being an owner. Al Davis would by no means have pride towards his son for anything he has done since taking over team. Al would be very disappointed as are much (at least this fan is) of the fan base. Mark is in dire need of a clue n could nit find his way to success if he were given a map with x marking the spot for success. I believe Mark’s delusional infatuation with Gruden has cost Raiders and their fans much heartache n it only appears to be getting worse not better.

  5. I have had time to really think about this whole Raider situation. I honestly blame a bunch of entities. I blame Libby Schaff, the Oakland City Council, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, the Oakland A’s and of course Mark Davis. Libby has allowed two teams to leave on her watch and actually could care less. The city council and the county for bickering all this time. For getting in the bed with the A’s who is trying to buy the Coliseum land so they can ensure that football never comes back to Oakland. With their plan to develop the Coliseum land they will also introduce gentrification to East Oakland. Schaff, the council and the supervisors could care less. Its a sad day in Oakland. If Mark Davis was a billionaire, this would be all for not. He would have money like Arthur Blank and Jerry Jones to build their own stadiums. He got into bed with Las Vegas casinos to bail him out. The whole issue in Vegas will be doomed to fail.

  6. Mark Davis never wanted to stay in Oakland. If he had, he would have stayed and worked out a deal in good faith regardless of obstacles. He had a lot of big names willing to provide support to him but played them and eventually ignored them. Davis see’s team only as Raiders unlike us fans who see them as the Oakland Raiders. I’m a believer that the location and team go hand in hand. It generates an identity and tradition regardless of it being a business. Could you imagine calling the Cowboys something other than Dallas?? The Raiders will never have what they had in Oakland as far as atmosphere and environment goes. That culture cannot be replicated in Vegas. Sorry.

  7. The city of Oakland is NOT financially stable and should have never been asked to front the cost of a new stadium, as Last Vegas did. The NFL should be ashamed of itself, asking cities to pay for new stadiums, which in the end taxpayers absorb. The NFL is a billion dollar corporation. There are more than enough monies to pay for stadiums and allow owners to pay back the monies over a period of years. Greed is what this boils down to, by the NFL.

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